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Letters to the Editor for Friday, June 7

Letters to the Editor for Friday, June 7

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Character should matter in a president

The people of the United States, by popular vote, elected their choice for president. Enter the Electoral College. Due to redistricting to suit the leaders of one party in this election, the popular vote went down the tubes.
We elected a man who was only interested in being a dictator, abandoning and confusing many of our allies, and much preferring dictators, people who only want to be “hangers on” to the man they believe will be able to rule the world.
He will do this, of course, with his charming personality, kindness to the wealthy and ignoring what he considers the lower “working class.” I was a child during World War II, but I still remember my parents and, by extension, me, always feeling confident after listening to President Franklin Roosevelt speak. Now, 75-plus years later, when the leader of this country tweets, twitters and brags, I feel only discouraged. Party shouldn’t matter—character should!
Pat Bruschetti

Plenty of reasons to re-elect Madigan

After reading the candidates’ submitted rationales for why they should be endorsed and spending several hours reviewing and debating, the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee voted to endorse current Finance Commissioner Michele Madigan for re-election as the more qualified candidate.
While different members had different rationale for selecting Madigan, my rationale included: Madigan has seven years experience running the city’s finances; our taxes haven’t been raised for seven years; our bond ratings by Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s are high and have increased during her tenure in office; Madigan has successfully pushed for expanded trails, balanced growth and increased sustainability; and she’s worked closely with our other Democratic office holders: Mayor Kelly and Commissioners Franck and Martin.
Her good work continues with her recent announcement that the city’s reserves increased by another $1,200,000.
Unfortunately, after losing the committee vote, Patty Morrison decided to run as an unendorsed candidate for our city’s very important and difficult finance job, for which she was found to be the less-qualified individual. 
I hope you’ll join me and the Democratic Committee and vote for Commissioner Michele Madigan in the Democratic primary on June 25. 
Cynthia Corbett
Saratoga Springs

Nisky board justified in extending contract

Thank you, Niskayuna school board, for voting to extend Superintendent Tangorra’s contract. This crucial first step will establish stability in a tumultuous time in our district, a turbulence shamefully stoked by The Gazette. The May 30 editorial (“Nisky board flunks sup’t extension”) and subsequent cartoon mark new lows in a persistent bias against Niskayuna schools.
To The Gazette’s first point: Notification of the contract was done exactly as it has always been. The public knew about the contract vote. The meeting was well attended, and many people spoke, nothing sneaky. To the second point: Yes, we elected two new board members, but the only candidate for school board critical of the superintendent was defeated. Even if the new members opposed the contract, the vote would be 5-2, a moot point. The current board negotiated the contract over the last several months; it makes sense that they would then vote on it. To the last ridiculous point: Extend for just a year or two? Really? We are facing a capital project with the possibility of school reconfigurations, and The Gazette thinks we need a temp at the helm?
The problems between the bargaining units and administration are being addressed. The board didn’t “flunk” the contract vote. 
The Gazette has failed its readership. Perhaps the editorial staff would benefit from a Niskayuna education that teaches its students to think critically and consider a diversity of thought. Reprehensibly, The Gazette focuses only on the viewpoints of malcontents and a disgruntled minority of union members.
Aliza Mesbahi

How would you feel if kids got measles?

With no sense of irony and I suppose substantial amount of snark (or lack of awareness), Karen Cookson asks in her June 2 op-ed if there is a correlation between vaccines and developmental issues. She then writes, “Just asking.”
Ms. Cookson, how would you feel if your children were among those in the areas of New York state where measles were again a concern, after have been wiped out in 2000? Just asking.
Michael Fondacaro

Change the way public schools are financed

I wonder when the taxpayers of the state are going to wake up to the fact that they are being ripped off every year by these oppressive school taxes. Do they realize that their school taxes amount to 66.5 percent of their total property tax? 
I think that many people have given up voting on school budgets because they feel they have little control over anything.
We were told years ago that proceeds from the state lottery would be used for education.
The state has been promoting gambling of all types ever since, with no lowering effect on any of our taxes. School boards throughout the state have an obligation to the taxpayers to petition the state to change its way of allocating state aid.
We must tell our lawmakers that enough is enough, and they need to do something about it. There needs to be change in the way that public schools are financed to give substantial relief to the property owners of this state.
Robert A. Van Vorst

Thanks for including the flag in newspaper

I was very impressed with the addition to the paper on Memorial Day. I refer to the picture of our flag. Someone had the common sense to put the advertisements on the back.
I did read those, but our flag needs to stand alone. And that picture of our flag is now on the door of my home. A great idea.
Beverly J. Oudt

Democrats need new mantra on Trump

Democrats need a new mantra. 
The “Trump derangement syndrome” has sent them and their fake media over the top with stupid accusations. Congressman Paul Tonko has joined the chorus. I like the one sentence Western summary of the Mueller report and Congress now circulating on the Internet: “While we recognize that the subject did not actually steal any horses, he is obviously guilty of trying to resist being hanged for it.”
Gerard F. Havasy
Clifton Park

Late-night TV should seek other targets

It’s interesting that the shows out of New York City, such as The Tonight Show and Saturday Night Live, make a living night after night, week after week, out of roasting Donald Trump. Don’t they realize that Americans love an underdog? 
It’d be refreshing to see what they can do with some other jokers in Washington and Albany for a change. I’d stay up to watch Cuomo and Pelosi being raked over the coals.
Mac Bryant
Saratoga Springs

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