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Letters to the Editor for Saturday, July 6

Letters to the Editor for Saturday, July 6

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Hoping McCarthy got message of vote

I live in an impoverished neighborhood. I own my home, but most in my area do not. I have a car, but most in my area do not.
I have a college education and a job that pays above minimum wage. I have healthy children who are on track to graduate.
My life is like a lot of the Democrats who support Mayor Gary McCarthy. But I also see my neighbors and friends who are the majority of this city.
Our neighborhood doesn’t have nice pothole-free streets like downtown. We have limited choices for jobs, groceries or laundromats within walking distance. The things that make our neighborhood great? The Boys and Girls Club, local houses of worship, SICM, the library, SCAP, our public schools and a few local businesses that have not abandoned us.
The casino, downtown revitalization, building condos that few in the city can afford — they are a kind of progress. I just don’t know who it is for.
Regardless of the primary results, I hope that Mayor McCarthy hears the people of this city. 
There’s a reason this primary was not a landslide. Those of us who voted for Ms. McCalmon are joining her in asking for all of Schenectady to be elevated, not just the parts that the tourists see.
Danielle O’Brien

Fracking makes natural gas dirty fuel

Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, but it’s really as dirty as coal because of fracking, which releases large amounts of methane during removal.
In fracking, toxic chemicals are forced into cracks in shale, releasing methane, which is then tapped for use, releasing a lot of it into the atmosphere.
Some methane, plus the toxic chemicals, end up in rivers, streams and the local aquifers, causing respiratory illnesses, rashes and allergic reactions in people living nearby, making their tap water unsafe to drink, or even use. People have actually been able to set their tap water on fire.
Fracking uses a lot more energy to obtain natural gas than traditional methods do. The ratio of energy-spent to energy-obtained is quite high, making it costly and inefficient. Fracking wells don’t last long before giving out. In an area where fracking is going on, 100 wells might be driven, creating a moonscape effect. A couple of years later, they give out and are abandoned, but the toxins remain. About 20 percent of these wells leak, destroying local aquifers and the lives of the people. 
This is insupportable.
So please, if you heat with gas, conserve. Turn down the heat and the water temperature if you have gas hot water.
Jahnn Swanker-Gibson

Proctors works hard to avoid resellers

Hats off to Proctors. I know that some people were upset when Proctors’ ticket website crashed. 
But it was very refreshing that they were trying to get the tickets to individuals rather than secondary sellers.
They also have a good system in place to eliminate the scams. I’m sick of being closed out of tickets to an event, only to find I have to pay two to three times more from a reseller.
Bob Kennedy
Ballston Lake

Democrats’ ideas pose biggest threat

After reviewing recent Democratic positions and carefully listening to the recent debates I have come to a conclusion.
The answer to the question of “What is the greatest political threat facing the United States?” is simply, the Democrats.
Let’s briefly examine some of the platforms that they are presently promoting: Free Medicare for all, including all illegal immigrants; to decriminalize illegal border crossings and reducing it to only a civil offense; proposals to confiscate guns, allowing abortion-on-demand paid for by taxpayers; insisting that climate change is a 12-year existential threat; to pay reparations; to offer free college for all (again) to include undocumented immigrants; to forgive all college debt and to tax some at a rate of 70 percent or higher.
The implementation of even part of this agenda would fundamentally alter our way of life.
All ideas packaged as “free” merely redistribute assets by taking from some and giving to others. 
Many of these ideas are clearly irresponsible, giving non-citizens equal or even preferred access to limited resources — often without necessarily contributing a thing. 
Other ideas are unconstitutional. Some are reckless. Some are ridiculous. Some are dangerous to the safety and sovereignty of the nation.
Limited space does not allow me to expound any further, but you should ask yourself one question: Is this the America you want?
John Myers
Lower Rotterdam Junction

Republicans support socialism for the rich

Tony Monte’s June 20 letter (Trump not getting the credit he deserves) denounced Democrats as being socialists. But the writer never defines socialism.
Did he mean Social Security, Medicare, public education, public roads and bridges?
I suspect he didn’t mean the invisible socialism that has become the bedrock of the Republican party: socialism for the rich.
The Trump-fueled tax cuts are a good example of this version of socialism.
While New York’s homeowners now have to pay more federal taxes because of the cap on property tax deductions, the wealthy are pocketing billions from this cut.
In fact, about 83 percent of the cuts’ benefits go to those earning $421,000 or more annually. Corporations are raking in big bucks, too. 
Amazon, for instance, made over $11 billion in profits without paying a penny in federal income taxes.
Fifty-nine other super profitable corporations also didn’t pay one cent in federal income taxes. 
On top of that, they got $4.3 billion back, paid for by taxpayers like you and me. Tax giveaways to the rich and powerful take other forms. 
Exxon-Mobile alone, according to CNN, received a non-cash tax gift of close to $6 billion. These giveaways have blown a huge hole in the federal budget.
So, once again, the advocates of socialism for the rich are turning to us to foot the bill. They plan to reduce the budget by cutting our Social Security, our Medicare and those other programs that benefit working and middle class people. 
How will they get public support to cut these popular programs? By calling their supporters socialists. 
Bill Scheuerman

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