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Letters to the Editor for Monday, July 8

Letters to the Editor for Monday, July 8

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Child-obesity needs lifestyle changes

It’s not often an article sends me over the edge from lifelong living experience on the subject.
Regarding the article in the June 9 Gazette, “Fat-shaming during childhood leads to long-term risk of obesity,” someone has too much time on their hands. “Childhood and youth over-weight and obesity are at epidemic proportions.” That’s been said for decades and will not change without massive amounts of education on the subject, and the family having some continuity in upbringing.
This nation is not the same as it was when going out to dinner or buying takeout was a rare treat. Today, it’s routine. A big difference from home-cooked.
Growing up as an obese kid and not really conquering the problem until age 21 left me with memories both happy and sad, including an unnecessary bi-lateral mastectomy in 1973.
My actions in the past, like grabbing a kid that made fun of me, sitting on him and slapping him silly are probably not acceptable, but they worked.
Name calling did not make me continue having a weight problem. I went through a major lifestyle change to lose my 100 pounds and keep it off. Not all kids are overweight and obese, but the ones that are most assuredly are not happy about it. The ability to change has to come from within. Name calling didn’t make them fat, nor will it keep them fat. The only solution is lifestyle change, which falls into many categories. Sometimes a good name calling, or teasing can spark the change.
Bob Believe

Schoharie’s solar project right for all

The Schoharie Town Board received a request for a solar farm project at its June 12 meeting.
The developer, Borrego Solar, presented maps and photos of the proposed 7 mw solar farm to be sited on our land, well off state Route 30 and screened from the highway and adjoining property owners. It’s a community solar project sized to supply locally produced solar-generated power for up to 2,000 typical residences.
Residents in Middleburgh, Cobleskill, Esperance, Gallupville, Berne, Duanesburg and others throughout the National Grid distribution district can purchase their electricity from this project, at a discount.
It will allow those who live in apartments, mobile homes and other residences, who don’t have the option or means to install their own rooftop or on-premises solar panels, to purchase solar-generated power. This project is for those who want a more environmentally friendly power source. It will signal that Schoharie County residents care about the environment and are actually doing something about it.
Likewise, businesses, particularly tourist- and hospitality enterprises, that want to thrive need to be supportive of environmental stewardship and sustainability.
This project’s location was chosen to preserve the valley viewshed; the visual impact is minimized on adjoining properties through topography and tree screening.  It has an environmentally friendly design that is supportive of wildlife corridors, promotes pollinators and bee habitat; and is the right size in the right place and at the right time.
Len and Meg Berdan

Want change? Stop being complacent

There are those people who believe that pointing to the problems in the country is un-American. That is incredibly idiotic.
Only a fool does not seek to understand and improve his or her own weaknesses.
Also, I really don’t want to hear how it’s the fault of liberal politicians and policies.
Since 1980, conservatism has been the predominant policy.
That is why so few Americans are protected by a union, the wealth and wage gaps have exploded, poverty is looked at punitively, and healthcare is so expensive and covers less and less.
We all need to own it. It’s so much easier to ignore or blame than it is to actually do something to fix the problems, because doing something means to re-examine the fundamental policy assumptions by which we have been guided for 40 years.
We also will have to change how we do some things in our daily lives. Americans do hate to change their daily habits. We are so reluctant to change that we have allowed actual information — you know, actual facts based on best available information — to become unimportant, even antithetical to beliefs and practices.
So, let’s stop pretending that the moat isn’t leaking and figure out how to repair it. Let’s stop blaming everyone else and look at ourselves, as we are the ones whose complacency helped to leak to become a deluge.
James Cimino

Democratic clowns belong in a circus

I hope that you who voted for the Democratic Party are happy the way our taxes are being wasted [millions] on them trying to impeach our president. They are stupid. All that money could be used on our teachers for better education and the schools. But no, they are so intent on making America the laughing stock of our allies. When it comes time to vote, don’t forget the way they are being idiots.
They are putting on a better circus than Barnum & Bailey with so many wanting to be president. I think Ringling Bros. would be glad to have 20 or so more clowns. What’s that song? Send in the clowns?
James Maxfield

Vote for what we need in next election

The New York Times’ June 13 article, “Social Security Faces Shortfall,” spends 800 words pushing cuts to our basic food and shelter retirement fund.
Not one single word was written about simply repealing the millionaire-written exemption on all unearned income above $133,000. If they just paid the same rate as us regular people, Social Security would be solid for generations.
Imagine if “We The People” took control of our country, how fair, secure and great America would be. Heck, we could have complete Medicare for all, saving us thousands of dollars per person and tens of thousands of lives a year.
Let’s vote for what we want and need this time.
Peter Looker

Consider disabled at next fireworks show

I’d like to thank the Rivers casino for hosting a great 4th of July celebration in Schenectady.
I’m not sure what organization is responsible for the safety of the patrons, but care and oversight must occur when people are allowed to set up chairs blocking entire sidewalks.
Individuals with disabilities and mobility issues had problems navigating at this event.
They were required to roll their wheelchairs or use their canes or crutches in gravel.
Please consider placing restrictions on where people can place their chairs so that those with mobility issues can navigate the surroundings safely.
Disclaimer: I am a person with a handicap/mobility issue.
Kevin Thompson

Media too anxious to trash Trump’s 4th

I don’t agree with everything President Trump does. I surely don’t like everything he says.
However the mainstream media spends more than 90 percent of their coverage of the president in the negative area.
Case in point: The media spent a great deal of time prior to July 4 telling Americans how bad the Washington parade would be.
Additionally, they decried the self-serving political speech Mr. Trump was going to give. Funny how they critique a speech prior to it being given.
The celebration was fabulous. The speech honored America and outstanding Americans while showcasing and thanking the military of the United States.
The same media that bashed the events prior to them being held, for the most part, went silent after they were completed.
Why? Because there was nothing negative to say.
John Metallo

July 4th is not for honoring veterans

It seems the Gazette Classified section led its advertisers astray last week. The July 4 edition included an insert dressed in the American flag but carrying several ads that recognized the service of military veterans.
While as a veteran I always appreciate the recognition, the Fourth of July, Independence Day, is intended to celebrate the birth of this great nation.
We have other holidays — namely Veterans Day and Memorial Day — on which to recognize the contributions of our veterans, both living and dead.
Jerry Boehm

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