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Letters to the Editor for Saturday, July 13

Letters to the Editor for Saturday, July 13

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Trump not alone in no military service

I’m replying to Walter Wouk’s July 9 letter (“Trump family never served in military”). Just to let you know that there have been 12 presidents who never served in the military.
They are: John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Martin Van Buren, Grover Cleveland, William H. Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert C. Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt, William J. Clinton and Barack H. Obama.
Neither did our governor,  Andy Cuomo.
So do us a favor and stop whining about our president.
William J. Young

Improve ACA rather than get rid of it

The Affordable Care Act has helped me by allowing me to get an affordable healthcare plan that covers me, even with a pre-existing condition.
My healthcare plan also covers preventative care and my prescription drug costs are lower through my Medicare Advantage Plan.
I don’t know what I would do if I could not rely on the benefits of the Affordable Care Act.
I wish they could fix it to make it better instead of the Republicans trying to get rid of it just because it was created under Obama.
Penelope Raco

NY Health Act would be a killer for state

There used to be a cartoon character who said, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” That seems to be the mentality of downstate lawmakers.
We are deeply in debt to China for the new Tappen Zee Bridge.
Now they want a single-payer health plan.
The cost could reach a staggering $225 billion. Evidently, a money tree grows in Brooklyn.
While all New Yorkers deserve good health care, this plan is financial suicide. It would require our state budget to double in size.
Are you prepared to pay twice your tax rate?
The New York Health Act (S.3577/A.5248) mandates you to give up your current health plan, like it or not. Private-sector and government workers alike will find their negotiated health care invalid.
Administration of the system requires records upkeep for 19.5 million New Yorkers. Centralizing this amount of personal information will make it a tempting target for hackers. What will the cost be to secure it?
After Vermont failed to make their single-payer plan work, one would think lesson learned. But no. Instead it’s tax and spend. Please call your representatives and tell them to kill this bill.
George Hebert

Mueller report full of troubling revelations

I downloaded and listened to Audible’s free version of the Mueller report. I did so because I didn’t want to be presumptuous.
The report is a hard read or listen for numerous reasons, including hundreds of redactions due to “harm to ongoing matters.” None the less, Part One was informative in that it clearly showed the massive Russian effort and caused me to reflect on how much of a megalomaniac Putin would need to be to have placed such an operation in place.
Part Two was no surprise. However, I would not believe, should the elected president be incapacitated by death, coma or any other means, that a means for the executive branch to carry on is not provided.
This leads me to question the DOJ’s opinion that a sitting president should not be indicted, for the opinion’s stated reason is anything more than a rationalization for preserving the elected president’s ego.
R. M. Boyer

Grateful for help after diabetic incident

I want to express my thanks to all the people who assisted me through a diabetic incident on July 3 at the checkout line at the Wal-Mart in Glenville. As a result of very low blood sugar, I became disoriented and unable to stand. Two customers caught me and guided me to a bench where I could sit and recover. Thank you to John and Sean. A multitude of Wal-Mart employees looked after my well-being and monitored my recovery until I could respond properly to questions and mobilize without difficulty. My thanks and appreciation to each of you.
Dick Curtis

Trump, GOP threaten future of country

How nice when ethics and economics coincide. Historically, accepting immigrants has been ethical and profitable for our nation.
We value immigrants, but more than ever, we need them. The anti-immigration policies of Trump and Republican xenophobes threaten our society and our economy.
They are unethical and uneconomical.
Nations are powered by their populations. But the U.S. fertility rate for decades has been below the two-child replacement rate. Immigrants provide essential labor, and help balance our age distribution. We are a melting pot of immigrants.
We might meet our demographic needs by promoting increased fertility, but doing so also would increase population, pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions unsustainably.
That would accelerate global climate change. Happily, immigration is a sustainable demographic alternative for us, because people always have wanted to come to our land of opportunity.
In contrast, China is paying the price of its decades-long one-child-left-behind policy. Its fertility rate is well below replacement, about 1.5. Its labor force is falling grievously, with little near-term prospect for augmentation via immigration.
China’s population is aging rapidly, and by 2040 will have fewer average years of schooling than that of Bolivia or Zimbabwe.
Pundits have predicted decline of our economic and military competitiveness and global influence, and ultimately the end of the American-led liberal order.
If we embrace immigration, however, we can maintain primacy over China and over other competitors into the indefinite future. To defend America globally, however, we must repudiate Trump and Republican xenophobes locally.
Dr. Robert A. Michaels

Trump disrespectful of democratic values

We are appalled at the militaristic tone of this year’s Fourth of July observance in Washington, D.C. Democracies don’t normally deploy tanks and fighter aircraft at public gatherings. The Pyongyang/Tienanmen Square look doesn’t really suit American cities. But then, our commander-in-chief regularly drools over dictators and hasn’t the faintest regard for democratic values.
There’s also the matter of what this extravaganza cost, reportedly in the neighborhood of $92 million.
How much clean water, how much hot food, how many diapers had to be withheld from inmates in our southern border prison camps to fund what was nothing more than a campaign rally?
Trump tried to disguise his narcissistic bash as a salute to the Armed Forces. All he accomplished was to demonstrate to the world that America is in a position to hurt tremendous numbers of people. Was this what the founders of our Republic had in mind?
Kathleen  and Rudolf Petersen

Protest targets the racists, not the flag

Surely you’re aware that the Betsy Ross flag has been co-opted as a symbol by hate groups, and that opposition to that symbol signals opposition to racial hatred.
Multiple hate groups, including III% and the KKK, have used the Betsy Ross flag as a logo or as letterheads. It isn’t Betsy Ross, but the skinheads, that Colin Kaepernick is speaking out against. I’m embarrassed for you that you don’t know the difference.
Anne Weadon

No time to waste on climate impacts

Most news informs us that the reason people are leaving Central America and seeking refuge in the United States is the political unrest and the fear of violence.
However, I just read the following article about climate refugees on ClimateReality.com that presents another reason I hadn’t considered because it isn’t in the daily news.
How the Climate Crisis Is Driving Central American Migration.
The climate crisis is making life even harder for residents of Central America’s “Dry Corridor,” forcing farmers and other rural residents to leave their homes and livelihoods.
Something needs to be done for all the valid reasons that force people to flee their homes and home countries.
And it’s time to understand and accept that climate change is the biggest challenge right now. It extends into many facets of the lives of everyone on the planet.
It’s an issue that will effect future generations. We need to stand up with the young people in our nation and around the world who are asking our governments to protect their future in the face of the dramatic challenges of climate change.
The United States has been good at finding solutions in the past. History gives us some idea of what might work.
To ignore our history is to make the same mistake. And in this era of extreme climate challenge, we don’t have much time to do something important and meaningful about how people are affected.
Florence Carnahan

Do we want a repeat of Obama’s tenure?

Do we really want to bring back to the White House the second in command to an administration with the following record:
Lied to the American people that they could keep their health insurance and their doctor under Obamacare if they wanted to; drew a red line in Syria and then ignored it when poison gas was used; invited Russia into Syria where it stayed and saved the Assad regime; bypassed the Senate to make the Iran deal that gave billions of dollars to the world’s most dangerous terrorist state; blatantly lied to us about the cause of the Benghazi attack that killed many Americans, including our Ambassador; told us the new norm for GDP growth was 1.5 to 2 percent; supported its reckless secretary of state’s use of a private server that exposed top secrets to our enemies; cozied up to Putin with a reset button and a promise to “have more flexibility” after being reelected; conducted apology tours across the globe for our historic sins; made unconstitutional use of executive orders; was feckless in dealing with our illegal immigration crisis; created a vacuum in Iraq that the ISIS caliphate filled with war; increased our debt by $9 trillion; and presided over eight years of deteriorating race relations between black and whites?
Do we? According to the polls, the answer is yes.
What did Churchill say about those who do not learn from history?
Joseph Nial
Clifton Park

Thanks for helpers in freeing of wheelchair

On July 6, my electric wheelchair got hung up between the sidewalk and dirt in front of Brookdale, on Union Street. Two gentlemen helped me out of my chair and got me going again. I would like to say thanks to both of these fine people again.
James Bubniak
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