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Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, July 16

Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, July 16

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Show sensitivity to dementia caregivers

Dementia is a terrible disease. It attacks all parts of the brain, but seems to affect each in its own way. It robs us of those we love long before they die.
Please understand, before you comment to caregivers, that no one knows what we experience except us. We tried to keep Mom at home, but she was up day and night trying to go outside, became combative at times, drove away anyone we hired to help and developed anxiety only slightly controlled by medication.
We were heartbroken to admit her to a Memory Unit, but she settled in and loved the structure and the staff. She became very anxious if we took her out, and it took days for her to return to normal. I visited her each day, and the family came for holidays and celebrations.
Know that when you say your aunt was able to keep grandma home until she died and why didn’t I bring mom home for Thanksgiving, it only adds to the pain we were already experiencing.
Lois Mills

Putin is doing well carrying out agenda

Vladimir Putin’s wish list.
• Weaken the bonds between the United States and Europe. Dismantle NATO.
• Withdraw U.S. troops from Syria and Afghanistan.
• U.S. withdrawal from the INF (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces) pact with Russia to prohibit the development of intermediate nuclear weapons rather than pressuring Russia to live up to its half of the agreement.
• U.S. withdrawal from the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership), which would have been a platform for engagement in the Asia-Pacific region and solidified relationships with our allies and firmly established the United States as a leader in the Pacific.  
• U.S. withdrawal from the international treaty with Iran aimed at retarding its development of nuclear weapons.
• Ease U.S. sanctions on Russian oligarchs.
• Sow dissent and confusion among U.S. citizens.
• Undermine critical U.S. democratic institutions like a free press, independent intelligence agencies and an independent judiciary.
It scares me how well he’s doing.
Arnold Factor

GOP conduct shows need for term limits

In William Malec’s July 4 letter (“Base immigration on merit, the law”), he notes “The Democrats choose to do nothing to end this crisis.” From the tone of his letter, I would have to assume he’s a Republican. And based on this assumption, I would like to ask why he and so many anti-Democrat opinions submitted about some of the issues facing our country blame the Democrats.
They all seem to develop selective amnesia remembering that from 2016 to 2018, the presidency, Senate and House of Representatives were controlled by the Republicans.
Why didn’t they pass legislation fixing our immigration crisis, healthcare, etc. during this time frame? For instance, why didn’t the wall get built?
Why do they all now blame the Democrats?
Why isn’t he mentioning references to Republican Mitch McConnell, the self-proclaimed nuclear veto leader of all legislation coming out of our now Democrat-controlled House?
There’s absolutely no effort of bi-partisanship at all on his part.
All of this just illustrates the need for term limits for senators and House members.
It’s time to stop the blaming a particular party and try to be constructive. I myself am now considering changing my Republican registration to independent.
Mike Norris

Sick day pay helps in attracting teachers

Regarding the July 11 Gazette editorial (“A sick deal for taxpayers”), Schenectady schools rank among systems in the area with the lowest teaching salaries.
What would induce a new teacher, possibly with a lot of college debt, to consider working there? The promise of a deferred bonus at the end of a teaching career, based on sick days not used.
The several thousands of dollars that are a ‘carrot at the end of the stick’ don’t equal what someone would earn during a lifetime in another school system, but they surely do sweeten the pot.
Sally Magid

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