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Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, July 24

Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, July 24

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Council goes too far in liquor store role

In an unprecedented move, the Schenectady City Council has drafted a letter to the State Liquor Authority, urging the Authority to deny a liquor license to the couple proposing a liquor store at 844 Albany Street.
They have promised to do the same for a liquor store proposed at 837 Eastern Ave.
In both of these cases, the property’s zoning allows a liquor store, and both applicants have applied for approval from the Planning Commission and received it, having committed to perform every piece of property improvement and maintenance put before them.
While it’s true that many people from a church neighboring 844 Albany St. have voiced strong objection, the right way to address their concerns is to change the zoning regulations, not blatantly undermine a business owner’s right to have a legal business.
We say that we want to support small business, but apparently the City Council gets to decide who gets support and who doesn’t. 
This should be considered a restraint of trade and open the city to a lawsuit. 
Richard Ferro
The writer is a member of the Schenectady Planning Commission.

Replace Trump and his dangerous acts

When will we all as American citizens stand up and stop this man who holds the highest office from further dividing and inflaming hatred in this country? C’mon people, we are better than he is. 
Some political strategists believe he’s purposely saying these racist remarks to fire up his base. 
So, if that is true, and it may be, will we finally come out and blame him when there’s another church, mosque or synagogue shooting? I will. Or, find a black man hanged in a tree? I will. To make these statements for political reasons by a president is unheard of and, in my opinion, is extremely dangerous. 
This president, and I hesitate when I say that, wants nothing more than to rule this country as a dictator. He’d love to get rid of any news media that is not favorable to him, just as Putin, Kim Jung Un and the rest of them do. He says whatever he wants, he lies, and calls people names. 
When did a president ever do that daily? Never. He’s dangerous to this country, people. He’s got to go. Let’s make that crystal clear in November 2020 and bring in someone, anyone, (male or female) that will represent this country with respect, dignity and diplomacy and most of all not lie to us every single day. Stop calling the news ”fake” when he doesn’t like the reporting. Thank you to the framers of the Constitution for freedom of the press and God bless this great country that was built by many people from many countries. 
Mary Baker

Schenectady dog park is appreciated

With great appreciation, I wish to recognize the Schenectady Dog Park at Central Park. It’s a joyful place for our dog, Tessie, and the many friends she has made there. 
She particularly loves wading in the little pool on a hot day. Just saying the word “park” at home brings her to the door with a leap. 
Once there, our young border collie/shepherd romps and plays with abandon, getting the exercise and socialization she needs to be happy and healthy. Thank you to the city of Schenectady and the Parks Department.
Russ Fritz

Pro-lifers hypocrites on women’s rights

There was another excellent letter from Mary Jane Valachovic on July 15 (“U.S. helped destroy democracy in Iran”), someone who obviously subscribes to genuine history, not to conservative revisionist history.
Speaking of conservatives, conservative Christian crusaders have declared holy war on abortion. You conservatives trumpet your love of liberty and freedom, but would compel a woman impregnated by a rapist to go to term. What about her freedom? Can you say hypocrisy?
Right-to-lifers, you march to protest the killing of innocent human life in the womb. I marched to protest the killing of innocent human life in Vietnam and Iraq. Did you?
Here’s an idea. Anyone who would force a woman to give birth should be forced to adopt a child. Catholic priests, for obvious reasons, would be exempt. 
Fair enough?
Paul Sator


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