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Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, August 7

Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, August 7

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Santabarbara not who he says he is 

Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
In public view, he helps families with disabled children, but away from the public, he supports the Reproductive Health Act and denies medical care to babies who survive abortion. For unwanted babies who survive abortion, Santabarbara removes their legal rights. He takes away their right to a doctor. He takes away their right to an advocate. He takes away their right to a witness. He leaves these babies alone with an abortionist who tried to kill the baby and with a mother who paid to have the baby killed. 
In private, these babies were stripped of their legal rights and they have no one to protect them. 
I’m sure Assemblyman Santabarbara provides his family with great doctors and superior medical care, but for unwanted babies, he takes their only doctor away. 
In public view, Santabarbara turns to our local churches to legitimize his position and his political career. He participates in important services and gives awards to our pastors. He then plasters pictures and videos of these events all over social media, creating a huge spectacle for himself. Santabarbara, a “Catholic” who passed intrinsically evil legislation, tries to portray himself as having church approval. 
Santabarbara takes advantage of our pastors and the congregation, and he uses the church to get exactly what he wants: a public slate wiped clean, while the innocent victims of his policy pile up in private.
Jennifer Richards
Burnt Hills

Grateful to workers for storm efforts

We are writing to offer our expression of gratitude to the workers in the Schenectady city Department of Public Works and the fire department for their outstanding efforts on our behalf.
On July 29, a very short but powerful storm came through our neighborhood. It brought down a tree across the street and tore off limbs on the trees in front of our house. That evening, a representative of the fire department came to the house to warn us about conditions on the street. The following morning, workers for National Grid came through and trimmed the trees so our wires would be safe. The result was that our front lawn and trash barrels were covered with broken limbs. 
The trash collectors were not able to do their job in our part of the street. However, they came back later in the day and completed their task. They even delivered our barrels to our front steps so we would not have to struggle to retrieve them.
Later in the day, another crew came to the street and removed all of the downed limbs. They were incredibly efficient and friendly in going about their work. Not only was the street cleared and usable, but they did not leave a leaf on our front lawn.
They did an excellent job and the citizens of Schenectady should be proud of their service. Certainly we are most grateful for their excellent work.
William and Susan Schultz

People need to be more considerate

I was drawn to my neighborhood because it had so many beautiful trees. Cars are constantly speeding down our street. Once they turn onto St. David’s, you hear the gas pedal hit the floor. 
This is evidenced by telephone poles being run into, mailboxes being damaged and the numerous tire tracks across many lawns, as these idiots cannot even stay in their own lane. They never stop to remediate the damage they cause. On their way through, they throw their litter out of their car windows. God forbid, they just throw it away when they get home.
This brings me to my next point: The garbage caused by negligent homeowners who fail to pick up leaflets, telephone directories, flyers and other random advertisements left under the flag or beneath their own mailbox.
When the neighborhood was developing, it might have been ideal to have an extra box on the same side of the road. But, some of these posts hold up to 3-4 mailboxes and are not part of an apartment complex. The burden of unwanted junk mail sits on my lawn. Do you know who I can contact to have all mailboxes on this road placed on the homeowner’s property? I can certainly assure you that I’m not the only homeowner who is tired of picking up everyone else’s garbage.
Gloria Dickinson

Many alternatives to declawing cats

This is in reply to Lorraine VanDerWerken’s August 2 letter (“Cat-clawing bill was not well thought out”). As someone who has had multiple cats in my home (usually three or more at a time) since the late 1950s, I have never had to have a cat declawed. 
Since the 1970s I have kept the majority of my cats as indoor only. If you outfit your home with climbers, if possible two or more depending upon the number of cats, and scratching posts (spray catnip on them), you will usually not have a problem. If you still have a problem with scratching, there are products on the market that are nail caps for cats that are adhered to each claw. These caps are a painless, non-surgical cover for each claw. The cat’s claws are clipped short and the cap is filled with some adhesive and slid on each claw. The caps last for approximately 4 to 8 weeks, depending on how fast the claws grow. You can either apply them yourself or have your vet or vet tech do this for you. Since these products exist in the marketplace, there is no need to declaw or have anyone surrender their pets.
Carol DeMeola

Stop diverting from our military needs

The U.S. Air Force recently announced that the number of its mission-capable aircraft is at an all-time low. Perhaps this fact was missed by the president, who chose to have a “flyover” on July 4th, stating that “we own the planes.” More serious is the recent Supreme Court decision to permit the president to divert billions of dollars from the Pentagon budget to build his wall. Our country has always prided itself in its commitment to defense and security. In fact, the Republican Party has always championed national defense. We have lost our way. Spending any money on a wall and diverting soldiers to build it is blatantly wrong. People must speak up now.
Bruce Castka

Event designed to help kids at border

Like many of your readers, I was very disturbed to learn about children being held in cages at the Texas border. It is disgusting that our political process is so broken that we have to resort to this type of behavior, which is directed against the poorest and most needy of our neighbors. It’s racist and wrong.
I was also frustrated that it seemed like there was nothing that I could do to help. That all changed when we decided to organize a fundraiser. We are holding a “close the camp” event at Great Flats Brewery in Schenectady on Tuesday, Aug. 13, from 6 to 8:30 p.m. We will have several speakers who have first-hand experience with the detention camps and helping immigrants. 
Come join the fun and learn more about what you can do to help, and participate in a great cause.
Please reserve your spot by making a donation directly to the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES), a non-profit which provides legal services for immigrant children and adults at the Texas border: www.classy.org/fundraiser/2192657. Or you can make a donation at the door.
Jon Lemelin

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