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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, August 8

Letters to the Editor for Thursday, August 8

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Turn in guns to build the wall

All the God-fearing, gun-toting folks attending vigils for slain victims of gun violence, instead of burning candles, floating balloons, tying ribbons and offering thoughts and prayers after the fact, bring your guns and deposit them in recycling bins. The guns can be melted down and formed into fencing being erected at our southern border. The tremendous, tallest, biggest, most beautiful southern border wall is being constructed as we speak. Just saying.
Chris Moore
Greenville, S.C.
The writer is a former resident of Glenville.


Root out causes of hate and violence

We must find the causes of hate and violence. My heart is heavy for those who lost their lives in recent shootings. Our society needs to teach the golden rule “Do onto others as you would have them do unto you.” When respect for life and property was taught through the Ten Commandments, we didn’t have this violence.
A society cannot allow a newborn infant to be left to die and then say a life taken by other means is wrong. What is driving these young men to be so filled with hate and rage? Violent video games and radical ideas online are factors that must be addressed along with mental illness.
Arlene Shako 

Be ready to farm the old-fashioned way

The Ogallala aquifer in the Great Plains area of the United States, which is used for irrigation for a large percentage of America’s crops, is expected to dry up within the next century.
Many blame excessive meat consumption on this problem, and it’s not expected to end any time soon.
It’s claimed we’re running out of sand and gravel. China has used up a huge amount of sand in the past decade.
Farmers are struggling today and have been for decades now. But if either of these causes a major crisis (along with the many other problems), you’re going to have to farm by hand again. It’s part of our past and will be part of our future. For any human who cares about our future, I’d say learn about farming by hand. You can start tomorrow.
Colin Yunick

Metroplex zombie deal raises red flags

The Gazette’s “Your Niskayuna” of Aug. 2-8 reports, “Niskayuna could get help from Metroplex to deal with “zombie’ houses.” The accompanying story makes it clear Metroplex wants the Town Board to vote on Aug. 27 to allow Metroplex to conduct business anywhere in the town, which it cannot do now.
But nowhere is Ray Gillen, chair of Metroplex, cited as saying Metroplex funds would be committed to addressing zombie houses in the town, only that it could provide such funding.
The new authority Metroplex is seeking to operate anywhere in the town of Niskayuna is authority it already has in the city of Schenectady, where its direct funding for the removal of zombie houses can only be described as modest. Is Niskayuna being offered a pig in a poke?
Elmer F. Bertsch

Nonprofits provide invaluable services

Recently the state comptroller released a report on the role and value of nonprofit organizations in New York.
Comptroller Tom DiNapoli stated nonprofit organizations, large and small, provide a multitude of essential services on behalf of the state, county and other governmental entities, including health care, social welfare, care for the disabled, education and more.
Nonprofits provide over 1.4 million jobs and comprised nearly 18 percent of private employment in the state as of 2017. Wages for these workers totaled just over $78 billion. 
From 2007 through 2017, non-profits added more than 175,000 jobs in New York, a gain of 14 percent. 
Today, over 400 Northern Rivers Family of Services staff work in Schenectady County providing educational, early head start, family services, counseling, foster care and mental health services to over 4000 families, children and youth. We depend on trained staff to support our clients.
We will continue to serve our communities and their residents and look forward to being a vital part of the safety net for families, adults and children.
William Gettman
The writer is CEO of Northern Rivers Family of Services.

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