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Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, Aug. 20

Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, Aug. 20

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Many words define a single individual

Since the rise of the Trumpists, a number of terms keep appearing in the news, and it seems that many people are unclear or confused about their meanings.
As a public service, I offer the following dictionary definitions, taken in part from my old Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary:
A “xenophobe” is one unduly fearful of anything foreign, especially people of foreign origins (or different skin color).
A “bigot” is not necessarily a “racist.” A bigot is intolerantly devoted to his or her own prejudices, opinions and beliefs. Racism is one of those beliefs, that racial differences (like skin color or national origin) produce an inherent superiority in a particular race (such as in “white supremacy”).
Of course, “narcissism” (love of self) compounds these beliefs.
“Misogyny” and “homophobia” can be thought of as kinds of xenophobia, the former related to a hatred and demeaning of women (by men) and the latter an irrational fear or aversion of homosexuals.
A “fascist” exalts nation and often race above the individual.
He or she is a dictatorial leader who employs forcible suppression of any opposition. “Neo-fascism” just means it’s come around again. (Think Mussolini or John Bolton.)
A “demagogue” is a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain and expand power. (Think Hitler, Assad, Putin.)
Conveniently, there is one word that encapsulates all of these others: Trump.

Richard W. Lewis, Jr.

Nation must lead on protecting wildlife

Regarding the article by Lisa Friedman, “U.S. significantly weakens Endangered Species Act,” I want to thank you, President Trump, for making it harder to protect our wildlife.
Ms. Friedman stated regulators will be allowed to do economical assessments estimating loss revenue when deciding if a “species warrants protection.”
Don’t all species warrant protection? Our oceans are being polluted with plastics and other wastes. Sea life is dying because they are either being caught in our garbage or from eating it. Our air is being polluted from outdated sources of energy.
As stated in the article, we are endangered of losing the polar bears, whooping cranes and whales because of global warming. Why are you not pushing to find more environmentally friendly ways to replace the oil, gas and coal? Instead of rewarding the big oil and gas companies, reward them when they try to change on how they produce that energy
Yes, we aren’t the only country that is polluting our earth. I always thought the United States was a leader in the world. We should be showing the world how we save the planet, not how we destroy it.
We as a nation can make a difference. We can help stall, not reverse, global warming and in return help save and protect our wildlife and plant life.
Oh wait, I forgot Mr. President, you don’t believe in global warming. Shame on you.

Deborah Bender

Obama operation led to many deaths

The number of Mexicans murdered by firearms in the United States pales in comparison with the number of Mexicans murdered with over 1,400 firearms (a majority of them “assault firearms”) provided to a Mexican drug cartel.
While complaining that those firearms have no reason to exist in U.S. citizens’ hands, it seems that the Obama Administration thought there was a good reason to provide them to Mexican criminals to murder Mexican citizens on their own soil.
You can turn a blind eye to this fact, but it doesn’t change the outcome for those Mexicans murdered with the assistance of Eric Holder and his boss.

Michael Sheedy

Gazette is the most complete newspaper

We have read a lot of newspapers all over the country and from other countries. My personal favorite has been the Schenectady Daily Gazette since I moved to the Capital District in 1970.
It is still my favorite. You have the most interesting articles and my neighbor loves your puzzles
Now that I am retired, I cannot afford to buy multiple newspapers, so I only keep The Gazette as long as I can. But with The Gazette, I find myself reading the whole newspapers, not bits and pieces of a paper, which happens with other newspapers. Thank you.

Gayle Hitchcock

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