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Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, Aug. 27

Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, Aug. 27

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Extremists on both sides hurt country

History has proven that our country does better as a centrist nation.
The extremists of each political party have turned us against each other, causing major problems. This was before President Trump ever came to power. Check it out with a reliable source, not just your favorite political site. Look at all sides of the political spectrum.
How can we solve any of our country’s problems if we just dig in? Come on and let’s use some common sense. We have the greatest country in the world. Let’s not give in to the way of socialism, communism or any of the “isms.” Let’s solve our country’s problems together in a reasonable fashion.
Carol Phillips Goldstein

Schenectady rolled out the red carpet

44,000. That is how many people came to our downtown over the past two weeks to see Hamilton at Proctors. Not to mention the thousands who came for other events at Proctors or movies at Bow Tie or the thousands who came to Mohawk Harbor.
Hamilton made them happy. 
So did organized parking done by LAZ; welcoming knowledgeable ambassadors organized by our City Mission; fabulous food by our many restaurants and pubs, security and emergency response by our police and firefighters; clean and beautified streets managed by our city and our Downtown Schenectady Improvement Corporation; a beautifully lit Jay Street and buildings and bridges and all the development that Metroplex makes possible; and hundreds of people who tirelessly volunteer to usher, greet, feed, bartend and basically make Proctors work for its audience and its theatrical guests.
Schenectady has become a visitor place, and based on the results of the past weeks, we do a fabulous job.
Thank you to every person and every business that helped make us all look so good.
Philip Morris
The writer is CEO of Proctors.

Order mental health tests for bicyclists

Here’s a very simple solution to the bicyclists problem, and I used it often as a police officer.
It’s called Section 941 of the Mental Hygiene Law (MHL). If the bicyclists are riding in the middle of the road and coming within inches of cars presumptively traveling at 30 mph, this is indicative of someone who is suicidal or a danger to others.
Take two or three of the ringleaders and bring them to Ellis for a 72-hour evaluation. The parents will have to respond to the hospital, pick the child up and pay all associated medical costs. 
The bicycles would be impounded at the police department and released when an evidence tech is available (and they are pretty busy officer, if you know what I mean).
These teenagers who are not of arrestable age yet think they are untouchable. Nothing could be further from the truth. 
This would only take about an hour or so for the officers to process, and once you did it a few times, problem solved. You may even get to the bottom of what is troubling these poor young disadvantaged youth.
Patrick T. Horan 
The writer is a retired Schenectady Police Department officer and a retired SSGT, USAF.

NRA, politicians put money above lives

Regarding the mass shootings in the United States: The NRA pays off the politicians and gave Trump $30 million for his campaign so they can get more members. They do this because money is more important than lives. There are very few mass shootings in Canada, Ireland, London, Paris or Italy because there’s no NRA in those places.
Concetta Cannizzaro

U.S. forfeits freedom in USMCA trade deal 

Will the Republic known as the United States of America survive, as we know it, if Congress approves the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (trade agreement) and make it the law of the land? 
If we Americans are to preserve our God-given rights and our national sovereignty, we must convince Congress to reject USMCA, which is a stepping-stone toward a European Union-style North American union. 
The USMCA is promoted as a free trade agreement. However, it is anything but free trade. Lowering of tariffs is merely a facade for a managed regional integration scheme, the objective of which is no less than a regional integration toward world government. 
Free trade presupposes the free flow of goods across borders without the intervention by government. However, international organizations and/or agreements such as USMCA, WTO and TPP, to name a few, do not seek to remove government from international trade, but rather empower unelected government bodies to administer regional and global rules and regulations to override the sovereign state. 
USMCA is a dangerous agreement as it further opens us up to international control, which we don’t want or need. 
Please contact your congressional representatives to voice your opposition to USMCA. 
George Van Schaick

New Yorkers have had enough of waste

The Aug. 16 editorial “Another Sign of Waste in NY” reveals that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has ordered recently installed signs for the new “Tappan Zee/Gov. Mario Cuomo” bridge be removed and remade (again) because the former governor’s middle initial is missing. 
At what point do we, the taxpayers of New York state, say enough is enough? At what point do we hold the governor and legislators responsible for their fiduciary abuse and neglect?
Since Cuomo became governor in 2011, New York has been No. 1 in highest overall individual tax burden, yet we suffer statewide crumbling infrastructure, crippling regulations, outlandish Albany corruption, tax rates that continue to soar and are further widened in subtle disguise as licensing, permit, fee, surcharge, service charge, etc.
Since Gov. Andrew has been governor, New York state (including New York City) suffers the greatest exodus of tax-paying residents in our history — tax-paying residents and businesses who escape New York for other friendlier, more stable and less burdensome taxed states. According to the U.S. Census: The population of the United States is growing. However, New York is losing population at a greater rate than any other state in the union. 
In just one year, between  July 1, 2017, and July 1, 2018, New York lost 48,500 in population.
The abuse New York taxpayers endure from Gov. Cuomo’s narcissistic and careless governing, coupled with the neglectful spending approved by our state legislators, is outrageous. The average New York taxpayer cannot continue like this, and our rapid loss of population proves it.  
Don DeMarco

Reimbursement caps have consequences 

Congress is wisely seeking to give patients a break by tackling the problem of unexpected medical bills.
But as with anything in the medical field, the important question is about side effects. 
Proposals that cap rates on reimbursements can create more problems than they solve.
Side effects may include doctor shortages, especially in rural communities, as we have seen in California after that state capped out of network rates. Further side effects may include a shrinking number of “in-network” options as insurance companies lower their costs and maximize their profits thanks to the leverage this system gives them over doctors and hospitals. 
As a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in couple’s therapy, trauma, grief and women’s issues, this is a matter that concerns me greatly — especially in the most unfortunate situations when a woman suffers abuse and needs immediate intervention and treatment.
While such proposals might have good intentions about taking the surprise out of medical billing, they would also make it more difficult for patients to see a doctor or other health care provider. We should look to proven solutions instead of trying to treat a sickness with a cure worse than the disease.
Dr. Mo Therese Hannah, PhD. 

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