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Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, Sept. 4

Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, Sept. 4

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Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, Sept. 4

New plates are not wanted or needed

This letter is in regards to Gov. Andrew Cuomo wanting new license plates. It’s my opinion and the opinions of many other New York drivers that we do not need these plates. It’s you, Mr. Cuomo, who wants these new plates, not the New York residents. So therefore it needs to be you paying for these plates, not us.
Why should we have to pay for something that we don’t want or need?  
Valerie Fredenburg

Trump’s not a racist, serves country well

In response to Thomas Comparin’s Aug. 28 letter that President Trump is a racist, I say bologna.
Webster defines “racist” as a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race or a doctrine or political program based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles. 
Where, in fact, has this president done either of these things? 
The Democrats have turned the term racist into as anyone that disagrees with their ideas or principals, regardless of the subject. 
This president has delivered on jobs and has lowered unemployment in the African American and Hispanic populations. He moved the U.S. Embassy to its rightful place in Jerusalem, Israel. But liberals see the wall as separating Mexican and Central American children from their families, not curbing illegal immigration or drugs or MS13 members coming into the country. How can a president that has done more for minorities than Obama, Bush and Clinton combined be considered racist?
Stop listening to the liberal Democrats who have done absolutely nothing to help this country since Trump took office and see all the good that has been accomplished. 
Craig Foote

Trump is a national embarrassment 

In comments at the recent G-7 conference, President Trump revealed his ignorance, incompetence and racism for the whole world to see. I am paraphrasing, but he said Russia had taken “a little piece of the Ukraine” from President Obama. That’s the same as saying that Germany took France from President Roosevelt during World War II. 
He didn’t remember that little piece is called Crimea until a reporter referred to it in a later question. He said it was important to the Russian Navy and that they have big ships, but not to worry because ours are bigger.
He stated that President Obama could have prevented this by doing the “right whatever.” 
Beyond the outrageous ignorance revealed in this statement, it’s the defamation of a former president, who happens to be a person of color Trump never stops trying to discredit, while the most corrupt person ever to occupy the Oval Office (He suggested next year’s G-7 be held at his Doral, Fla.,  property, bragging about its amenities like a used car salesman) was in a foreign country on an international stage. When will our national embarrassment end?
Anthony J. Santo

Try re-scanning to restore lost channels

The Aug. 17 letter from Robert Dufek about lost TV signals stated, “We were originally told to rescan our TVs on August 3.” 
I never received any such advice, and also lost several TV channels. So upon reading Mr. Dufek’s letter, I immediately did a re-scan. Presto. All my lost channels were restored, plus two new ones added that I never had.
I wonder where Mr. Dufek got this advice, but I thank him for making it known. I’m sorry it didn’t work for him, but perhaps it will work for others as it did for me. If a station changes its frequency, that would certainly call for a re-scan.
Stations that “are still not up to full power,” as reported by Edith Kliman on Aug, 26, might not benefit from re-scanning until after they increased their power.
Paul Kirchner

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