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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Sep. 5

Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Sep. 5

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Assault weapons not for sport or defense

The headlines scream about yet another mass shooting, but nothing of substance is being done to stop the carnage. The Daily Gazette has published several recent letters on gun control that seem to be blind to the facts.
It’s an inarguable fact that assault weapons are specifically designed to kill as many people as quickly as possible. They should never, ever be legally owned by private citizens, whether mentally stable or not. These are not sport weapons, nor are they for home defense. They should be classified as weapons of mass destruction and, like New Zealand, should have been outlawed after the very first incidence of mass murder. The definition of criminally insane? The politicians who bow down to the NRA and facilitate the slaughter.
Virginia Newton
Burnt Hills

Limit when trains must sound horns

For the last 16 months, CSX trains have been traveling through our residential areas, loudly and repeatedly discharging their horns 24 hours a day.
We are awakened repeatedly during the nights. They engage their horns at all crossings, including farm crossings. There is no way to clearly describe the intense, blaring disruptions experienced by so many residents in the area.
For decades, all railroad companies have engaged train horns only at public crossings.  Recently, however, it has become evident to some that the state law governing trains, written decades ago, does not employ the word, “public.”
Consequently, CSX maintains the need to engage train horns at all crossings in the state, including farm crossings. The state Department of Transportation recently announced that it agrees and shares the same opinion.
Adults as well as children are awakened during the night. Some of the younger kids are confused and immediately break down into tears. We are all so tired of this. It can actually affect our health.
A meeting held recently at Sen. George Amedore’s office concluded with attending constituents leaving with confidence and enthusiasm. The senator has introduced legislation in the New York State Senate which, if passed, will positively affect residents.
If you are affected by 24-hour-per-day CSX train horns, contact your state senators and assemblymen in an effort to work together in changing the law.
Vic Sgambato
Fort Plain

Life today is full of puzzling questions

Ah, the paradox of modern life. It is puzzling, in the light of the growing number of deaths due to overdosing on opioids, that we should encourage the legalization of marijuana. It’s an enigma that we warn our youth about the dangerous results of smoking tobacco and, at the same time, glorify the very trendy vaping.
Even more disturbing to me is the fact that we have over 40,000 homeless American veterans. Yet with open arms and colorful signs, we encourage undocumented aliens to cross our borders and then provide them with living places, food and health care. What might even be worse, though I hardly think so, is the astronomically high cost of a university education, which often leads to joblessness. Ah, but we are in the second decade of the 21st century, where diversity is the watchword. Is change really that important? Could be. Time will tell, but the message might turn out to be an oxymoron.
Allen R. Remaley
Saratoga Springs

Fly the flag high and celebrate America

I looked at my calendar today and I noticed that it was not the 4th of July. The reason why I associated the 4th of July with today is because as I travel around Schenectady and I see a beautiful display of the American flag, or “Old Glory.” It seems that all of a sudden, people are flying the flag from their homes and business places more than previous years.
Maybe we are getting more patriotic and thinking that it is time to display their feelings about our great country. The flag is a display of beautiful colors — red, white and blue. Those colors blend in with any color of paint on our homes.
The next great holiday that we should display the flag is Patriot Day on Sept. 11. Constitution Day is Sept. 17. Sept. 20 is POW/MIA Day, when we honor our service members that are still not accounted for from all wars.
Veterans Day on Nov. 11 is a day to remember all Americans who served in the military and still do.
Another great day on the calendar is the “forgotten day” of July 4th, and the day that the Statue of Liberty replica was to return home at Gateway Park in Schenectady.  She has been in storage for years and we received the message that ‘’Lady Liberty was coming back on July 4th.” We are all waiting. Fly your flags and salute the Statue of Liberty for all the great moments of freedom that she has inspired us with.
James A. Wilson

Re-scan to recover lost TV channels

This is in response to the frustrated articles about the change in over-the-air television reception. The channels aren’t gone, just changed. You need to rescan the channels. Perhaps someone who knows computers could help.
Elsie Heller

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