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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Sep. 19

Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Sep. 19

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Politicians should pass sensible laws

The math is simple.
There are nominally 8,760 hours in a calendar year.
Our wonderful politicians are proposing limiting flavors in vaping products because five individuals this year died from the assumed use of those products.
This amounts to one person dying from a self-inflicted addiction every 0.0006 hours. On the flip side 14,542 people were murdered in 2018 with guns. This amounts to 1.7 murders per hour from guns where the victims often had little say about their unfortunate demise.
Ignoring a cause of one of death being 180,000 times greater than the other shows the pols have taken the easy way out claiming the crisis they are solving for us is vaping while keeping contentious gun regulations at a distance.
I support the Second Amendment, but it was written when the state of the art was muzzle-loading flint locks, and we did not have a permanent standing army.
The state of the art has evolved beyond what our forefathers could have imagined and needs to be revisited.
We did not require registrations and insurance for a horse and buggy, but we now do for an automobile. Now that might be appropriate to firearms given their proliferation. Wouldn’t it be nice if the politicians could use their thinking ends instead of worrying about their legislative seating end and do something meaningful? The foundation of a democracy is the ability to compromise, which seems to be fading.
R. Jeffrey Warrick


Tell officials to vote no on 5G wireless

Everyone is concerned about climate change, which I think is a hoax. The Bible says there will always be the sunrise and sunset.
People will continue to go on living as usual until God decides to come back to Earth and make changes.
A 5G crisis summit was held recently and free online from Aug. 26 through Sept. 1. It had many knowledgeable speakers. 5G stands for fifth generation cellular wireless, which is very harmful to people, animals, insects, plants, etc. There are thousands of independent studies concluding that wireless radiation causes biological harm.
According to these professional scientists, physicians and engineers, we should be very worried about the placing of 20,000 high-frequency radiation-emitting satellites, starting with Space X’s newly FCC-approved 4,425 they want to put into orbit over the next few years. This means we will have more cell installations near our homes and in every neighborhood.
Meteorologists issued a statement in June of this year. They are worried 5G will disrupt their ability to sense the weather.
So don’t worry about the climate change hoax, but do worry about 5G radiation. Call your elected officials and tell them we do not want this. What we have now is bad enough.
Audrey Saltsman


Gazette should not endorse in elections

As the upcoming political elections draw near, I would like to request that The Daily Gazette refrain from endorsing any candidate or issue that is on the ballot.
In our country, the news media, including The Gazette, is under extreme pressure to justify its existence as a legitimate and unbiased news source.
In many cases, it fails to make that justification. While any newspaper has every right to express its opinion, endorsing any candidate or issue reinforces the perception that it backs one candidate or political party over another and reduces the credibility of The Gazette as an unbiased reporter of the news.
Rather, I would encourage The Gazette to identify the candidates and initiatives on the ballot, provide their positions on each of the major issues, provide the strengths and weaknesses of any initiative, and let the voter or reader decide for him or herself.
Ken Moore


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