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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Sept. 22

Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Sept. 22

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State has a double standard on vaping

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the New York state Democrats are the biggest hypocrites I know.
How come electronic-flavored cigarettes are being banned, yet when it comes to marijuana Democrats want it legalized.
The smoke from marijuana is inhaled and is harmful to people’s lungs, just like what we are told about e-flavored cigarettes.
Also, the purchase of marijuana supports drug cartels, while the purchase of e-flavored cigarettes benefits legitimate businesses.
Stop the double-standard of demonizing the vaping industry and its smokers but promoting marijuana.
Mark Brockbank

Cuomo, Democrats are taking our rights

Gov. Andrew Cuomo overstepped his authority on his red flag law.
Anyone can make allegations about your mental state, but without documented proof and a court order, no one can seize your firearms.
If the allegation is a lie, that’s called perjury which means jail time. Every rod and gun club has to join this fight.
Why does a licensed hunter or a pistol permit holder have to wait 30 days to buy a firearm or ammo, when the criminal can buy them in 10 minutes?
Who is Cuomo hurting — the law-abiding citizen. If disaster strikes, you might survive the disaster, but will you and your family survive the looters who rape, steal and kill because you have no defense?
Cuomo and his Democratic Assembly and Senate are working on your emotions. Don’t blame the shooter, blame the gun. Don’t blame the drug dealer for some kid’s death, blame the user for the overdose or blame it all on Trump.
They’re trying to unseat our president and get our guns. Every state or city under Democratic control has high crime. Why? To invoke more laws against law-abiding citizens. The Department of Justice has to get involved in these states that defy the president and the people of the United States.
New York should be first to stop a revolt, which is soon to come.
Claude Rizzicone, Jr.

People in detention centers need help too

I’m glad to see that the Schenectady Maple Avenue Animal Shelter received a big donation to expand facilities for the care and comfort of helpless, lost cats and kittens.
It’s wonderful.
I hope we are also concerned with improving the living conditions of the detention camps that house the helpless, lost migrant adults and children in our country.
Ultimately, we should work towards getting them out and reunited with family.
Meanwhile, we need to insist on more humane conditions while they are being held in these places.
A good organization that has been working for migrant rights for 30 years or more is located at the Texas border and does various tasks to help these victims of poverty, violence and oppression.  
It’s called Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES).
I know that most of us are compassionate and generous and want to do what we can whenever we see suffering among animals and people. There is so much need in so many places.
But I hope some of you reading this will be interested enough to look into this or other organizations that are helping these people in concrete and effective ways.
The website for this proven organization is www.raicestexas.org.
Terri Roben

Grateful for joy from going apple picking

For 8 years my granddaughter and I were involved in the horse world.
In the fall we would go to the apple orchard and pick such beautiful apples and then go straight to the stables.
When a horse bit into the apple with a big crunch, juice would squirt every which way. What fun. It was $5 to enter the orchard. It’s a bargain from the horse’s mouth.
Thank you, Mr. Apple Farmer, for all your hard work. You and your apples are the best.
Jana Harris

Kids on bikes should always wear helmets

Once again (I think this is the third time) I’m writing to point out the picture in the local section of the child learning to ride a bike. He is young, very cute but he is riding a bike without wearing a helmet. One of my biggest pet peeves is anyone riding a bike without a helmet but especially a child clearly under the age of 14. It is against the law in the first place and the caption says the child is learning to ride. Really? Please don’t publish photos of children riding bikes without helmets. Furthermore, adults need to make sure kids wear helmets. There are organizations that will provide helmets for free. A brain injury is serious.
Christine Feeney

Less reading of GPS, more watching signs

I think the main reason so many trucks get stuck under the Glenville-Clifton Park railroad bridge is because the drivers are following their GPS and not paying any attention to road signs.
Linnea D’Andrea

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