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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Oct. 6

Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Oct. 6

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Surveys becoming a big intrusion in life

Recently I was “selected” by a major political party to answer a survey questioning what their election strategy should be.
Don’t they have paid consultants for this? Surveys of my feelings about a recent visit to my doctor; a hotel that I stayed at; from my car dealer’s service department about a recent repair they performed on my automobile. And now watch out. We’ve arrived at the season of political surveying.
Recently in a weak moment, I began to check off the answers to an email survey from a nearby chain supermarket where we regularly shop. Halfway through, my progress was interrupted by a pop-up stating that my replies to the first half of the survey didn’t qualify me to take the second half. I’m trying to help them improve their services and now my opinions are being suppressed?
One survey that I’d enthusiastically answer would be regarding impeachment of that person in the White House masquerading as our president.
And now comes the ultimate intrusion in my life: Nielsen, the professional research company, has sent a consumer survey containing 227 questions. One dollar bill attached for my consideration, and the munificent sum of $10 to fill out the survey. I’ll take a pass on that one.    
Feedback is valuable in any business or service that caters to the public, but I’ve got other fish to fry while the survey requests mercilessly keep rolling in. Maybe I should hire a secretary.
Dan Riley
Clifton Park

Control of Glenville should stay in town

Town of Glenville residents should note that on the Nov. 5 ballot are two candidates for Glenville Town Council that are village of Scotia residents.
The residents of the village have the opportunity to vote on Glenville town issues and offices, however the reverse is not applicable. Village residents also have the ability to run for town office, but again the reverse is not allowed. Seems inappropriate.
This inequality should be rectified for future election cycles. However, that is the operating procedure. As a town of Glenville resident for 35 years, I do not want village residents deciding my future for elected offices or town issues.
Furthermore, one of the candidates is a village employee and manages the village Highway Department. I would assume that he would need to recuse himself in any town vote that addressed highway or own infrastructure issues. That would not be in the best interest of the town or village.
On the ballot there are two candidates, Jim Martin and Gina Wierzbowski, that are town of Glenville residents that have served the town well for many years and deserve to be re-elected to the Town Council position.
W. Thomas Bird

Don’t risk chance of second Trump term

I am of the seemingly unique position that I despise Donald Trump but don’t think the Democrats should try to impeach him, for the reasons that it has no chance of getting through the Senate and could help Trump’s chances of reelection.
When I’ve discussed this with people, one thing a lot of them have said to me is (something to the degree of) that the risk is worth it for the sake of upholding the law and/or doing the moral thing.
If nothing else was at stake I would fully be on board. But would it be worth a second Trump term?
Would it be worth the suffering of those who will suffer if Trump’s policies at the border or foreign policy in Yemen and Palestine continue into his second term?
Would it be worth a very possible recession from his economic policies? Would it be worth the blood of American soldiers and foreign civilians that will spill if Trump continues our countless wars in his second term? Would it be worth putting ourselves at even further risk of climate catastrophe with Trump’s terrible climate policies? Would it be worth it for a legal action that will likely ultimately amount to very little, and really has lost much of its meaning since Lyndon Johnson got away with the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, and George W. Bush got away with the Patriot Act, and etc.?
As I hope that Trump doesn’t get reelected, I urge the Democrats to tread cautiously.
Matt Oill

Literacy group helps out the entire region

September, National Literacy Month, is over, but the work of Literacy New York: Fulton, Montgomery and Schoharie Counties continues all year.
Our volunteer tutors teach adult students reading and math skills for free. It’s difficult work but highly rewarding. Many of our students go on to get a high school equivalency diploma, a job or a better job than they already have. I consider our organization an economic engine for upstate New York.
I became a board member of our three-county group in 2007. I joined because I thought it would be wonderful if adults could read a newspaper or the latest best seller.
Quickly I learned we’re not about that at all. When they start our courses, many students can’t read a medicine label, simple directions or a job application. When they complete our program, they can do all that and more.
I’m writing to urge support for our three-county group, which has offices in Gloversville and Cobleskill. I’m proud that our dedicated tutors do so much for the Capital Region and its people.
Jim Poole

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