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Letters to the Editor for Friday, Oct. 11

Letters to the Editor for Friday, Oct. 11

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No reason for bars to be open at 4 a.m.

There is a proposal before Albany lawmakers to close the bars earlier at 2 a.m. instead of 4 a.m. I believe this is a very good idea.
Currently, more violent alcohol-related instances occur with bars being open until 4 a.m.; for example fights, stabbings, muggings, shootings, auto accidents.
For people who work late and enjoy socializing after their evening shifts, 2 a.m. allows plenty of time to meet with friends. There are no advantages to the local community to have bars open until 4 a.m.
Mitch Walsh
North Greenbush

Paraprofessionals earn their wages

I am writing in response to the Sept. 25 article about the Schenectady paraprofessionals seeking a living wage. I am deeply repulsed by the words of school Superintendent Larry Spring. He stated they have “limited responsibilities” or “fewer daily responsibilities” than teachers. While yes, I will agree a teacher does work far beyond the hours of the school day, it is the paraprofessional who picks up where the teacher stops. Who watches the children before and after the bell rings? Not a teacher. Shall I even bring up the substitute-teacher  shortage in the area? No substitute? Who covers those classes? You guessed it, a paraprofessional. Because they aren’t teaching, they deserve less? Wait, aren’t the paraprofessionals helping re-enforce the lessons? What about the paraprofessionals who sit at the entrance scanning identification of those looking to enter. They keep those who should not have contact with the staff or children from the building. That is a limited responsibility? My sister is said paraprofessional. She has been yelled at, threatened, had to be alert to sex offenders and upheld orders of protection for both students and staff. I challenge you, Mr. Spring, to look her in the face and tell her she only has “limited responsibilities.”
The paraprofessionals in Schenectady are being taken advantage of. They are the backbone of the schools. Mr. Spring, you do not deserve the loyalty they give your district. But they don’t do it for you. They do it for the children. I stand in solidarity. You deserve more.
Ashley Baker

President ignores GM strike in tweets

Regarding the General Motors strike: Isn’t it a little ironic that our president tweets that there is no truth in climate change, about a need for border walls, about a need for tariffs to improve the U.S. economy, about illegal immigration and about our exceptional relationship with North Korea, but no mention of what is currently taking place with GM?
And don’t to forget to mention removing unions from the federal government.
Joseph Rowny
Saratoga Springs

Madigan is the best qualified for finance

I’m a life-long Republican who will vote to re-elect Saratoga Springs Commissioner of Finance Michele Madigan.
She’s been doing a great job keeping our taxes flat for eight years. Her opponent has no financial experience, which should frighten us all. Luckily for me, I can vote to elect Madigan on the Independence line.
Mike O’Brien
Saratoga Springs

Make appointment for mammography

National Mammography Day is celebrated on Oct. 18. On this day, and throughout the month, women are encouraged to make a mammography appointment.
This day serves as a reminder to all women that the best defense is early detection. A mammogram can often detect a problem before there is any outward physical sign.
According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), in 2019, an estimated 271,270 new cases of breast cancer (men and women combined) are expected to be diagnosed in the United States. The estimated new cases of female breast cancer in New York is 17,490. About 2,670 new cases of breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in men in 2019.
The good news is that deaths from breast cancer are decreasing and women are living longer after diagnosis.
According to the ACS and several cancer organizations, it is recommended that all women 40 years of age and older receive yearly screening mammograms. Men can get breast cancer, too, and should be mindful of family history and/or symptoms.
Reduced-cost or free mammograms are available throughout the United States. If you do not have health insurance, the Cancer Services Program offers free breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screenings to women age 40-64 and men age 50-64. Please contact the program at 518-841-3726 to see if you are eligible for these services. Remember to take the time to encourage the women in your life to get their mammogram. Their life is worth it.
Wendy Lucas

Trump’s message similar to Hitler’s

I was interested in the comment of Hitler’s warning of the big lie. His intention was to make Germany great again.
Calvin Moore

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