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Letters to the Editor for Monday, Oct. 14

Letters to the Editor for Monday, Oct. 14

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How did garbage issue go so wrong?

From the moment I started my investigation into the Montgomery County garbage issue, I made one thing clear to County Executive Matt Ossenfort: Amsterdam taxpayers should not be forced to pay for a contract violation that he was responsible for, and Mayor Michael Villa agreed with me.
So what happened since then?
All of my requests for information on this matter have been completely ignored and Montgomery County went ahead and passed a budget that hits Amsterdam even harder with an 8.7 percent tax hike.
Now Amsterdam residents will not only be paying $67,000 more to the county in garbage fees for this debacle, but they will also pay them $534,000 more in taxes.
In fact, in the approved county budget, taxes are going up more in Amsterdam than in any other part of Montgomery County.
I’ve asked our state comptroller to help look into this further and I would hope the county executive will be more cooperative in providing information about how this all went wrong.
Angelo Santabarbara
The writer represents the 111th Assembly District in the state Legislature.

Scotia residents also Glenville residents

As a resident of the village of Scotia for 50 years, I would like to respond to W. Thomas Bird’s Oct. 6 letter “Control of Glenville should stay in town” complaining about village of Scotia residents voting and running for election in the town of Glenville. The village of Scotia is in the town of Glenville, which makes us residents of the town. Maybe I can make this a little bit clearer; the village of Scotia is in the town of Glenville, which is in the county of Schenectady, in the state of New York in the United States of America, which affords us the privilege of paying taxes on all these levels.
The residents of the village of Scotia pay town of Glenville taxes and are residents of the town of Glenville, therefore, affording us these rights.
Mr. Bird is welcome to attain property and pay taxes in the village, which would give him the opportunity to vote in village elections. In addition to my long tenure as a resident, I have a long family history of Scotia residents and retired after 26 years working for the town of Glenville. The thing I will never understand is the snarkiness towards the village of Scotia. Mr. Bird has proved that long-time attitudes still exist. How unfortunate. Mr. Bird, Village of Scotia residents are town of Glenville residents and we are entitled to vote and run for office in our town.
Donna J. Moran

Kelly is an asset to Spa City as mayor

We are writing to endorse Meg Kelly for mayor of Saratoga Springs. She’s a wonderful asset to the area and acts to benefit a wide range of constituents.
Whether you are a businessperson, an environmentalist or an advocate for the homeless she takes actions to benefit your concerns.
The Geyser Road Trail project is scheduled for groundbreaking.
New funding totaling more than $3 million has been added to the budget for sidewalk repair, the Geyser Road Trail project and smaller projects. In addition more than $3 million in grants is being managed for clean transportation, open space, etc. Sustainable initiatives are underway, such as recycling, EV chargers etc. Mayor Kelly and the city of Saratoga have partnered with Saratoga County to find solutions for “Code Blue” and other homelessness options.
One of Meg’s strengths is her desire and ability to work with all segments of the constituency in an intelligent and respectful manner. Civil discourse on the council is now the norm. We both feel that many of the things Mayor Kelly has done, or that she is working on, impact not only the citizens of Saratoga Springs but its neighboring communities and Saratoga County at large.
Gail Capobianco
John-Michael Caldaro
Ballston Spa

Liberal bias comes from Times, Post

I’m pretty old. A member of the Silent Generation. I’ve always lived in this area and The Gazette has always been my source for print news.
I remember seeing national and world news articles attributed to the AP or UPI (Associated Press and United Press International). My recollection is that these articles followed the age-old journalism guideline that the story answers the questions who, what, when, where, why and how. What I might call the Joe Friday method, “just the facts, ma’am.”
Mike Eplite’s Oct. 4 letter (“Paper has shifted too far to the left”) bemoans The Gazette’s current left=leaning bias.
He asks, “Where did the days go of down-the-middle reporting?” The answer, Mr. Eplite, is that The Gazette’s primary source of national and world news is no longer UPI or the AP, but it is now The New York Times Service, followed by The Washington Post. My totally non-scientific “research” regarding the political bias of these four news services finds The Times the furthest to the left, WaPo slightly to the right of The Times and both the AP and UPI ranked neutral.  QED, Mr. Eplite.
George Nigriny

Woerner, Fahy failed on new abortion law

Patricia Fahy and Carrie Woerner co-sponsored the Reproductive Health Act, which legalizes abortion through birth and denies medical care to newborns who survive abortion.
Many women and mothers find this extremely offensive.
In the third trimester of my pregnancy, I communicated with my daughter in utero. I would tap my stomach three times and she would kick back twice. She responded this way consistently.
My daughter has always been extremely perceptive and very in-tune to me. She exhibited these traits before birth.
Science and human experience show us that babies in utero can distinguish voices and benefit from having their mothers sing to them and read to them.
All mothers relate stories of feeling their babies hiccup, feeling their babies stretch, and feeling them jump in surprise when startled.
Because of the Reproductive Health Act and its “health” exception for the mother, it’s legal to take a healthy, fully-formed, highly intelligent pre-born baby and end her life with lethal injection. These babies know they’re being attacked. They will struggle for their lives.
Fahy and Woerner bear responsibility for bringing this living nightmare to New York. They celebrate the murder of innocent pre-born and just-born babies in the name of women’s rights.
As a woman and a mother, I proudly say that Fahy and Woerner do not speak for me. They do not represent me, my female friends and family or my children.
Jennifer Richards
Burnt Hills

O’Conor has earned Wilton council seat

Both of us had long tenures as Wilton’s town supervisor.
We achieved much during our years of service, but you seldom achieve success alone.
We were fortunate to have Ray O’Conor serve as a councilman and our deputy supervisor.
Ray’s involvement with many projects was critical to their success. He chaired our Master Plan Committee, was the principal author of Wilton’s Open Space Plan, served on the board of the Wilton Wildlife Preserve and was liaison to our Recreation Department.
To enhance public safety, Ray accepted the challenge to bring a State Police station to Wilton.
He also served as liaison to the Wilton Emergency Squad.
Ray was chairman of the Wilton Water & Sewer Authority and drafted the Wilton Ethics and Financial Disclosure Law.
When the Wilton Developmental Center closed, he led the reutilization task force. It’s now the headquarters of the D.A. Collins Cos. There’s even more to tell about his involvement with community not-for-profit organizations, but we think you get the point. We strongly encourage residents of Wilton to vote for Ray O’Conor for councilman.
Art Johnson
The writer is the Wilton town supervisor.
Roy McDonald
The writer is a former state senator and retired Wilton town supervisor.

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