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Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, Oct. 29

Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, Oct. 29

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McCarthy pay hike request not too high

Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy requested a 16% raise, an extremely shocking increase. Or is it? For all those who feel this is an exorbitant increase, let’s look at this more closely. A 16% raise over 12 years is a less than 1.3% per year. The figure is far below our 2 % inflation rate per year.
I wonder how many of us would be accepting of a 1.3% raise in our employment salary or Social Security benefits. Is that how little you value your city’s chief executive? My suggestion is that you look for something else to complain about: $16,000 over 12 years is hardly worth your effort and makes us look like we are living in a third-class city.
Joseph Kaczynski

A treat for America: another Trump term

It seems like Halloween has been a three-year adventure for the assassins in Congress ever since The Donald won the presidential election fair and square.
The ghouls, ghosts and demons have been working overtime to cheat the good folks of this great nation out of a duly-elected president.
The assassins are the Muellers, Nadlers and Schiffs, whose purpose is not to work for the betterment of the nation, but to protect a corrupt deep state and bring down our president. Their latest witch hunt is he committed “quid pro quo” i.e. “a favor for a favor.“
What a laughable joke. The only crime here is their shameful attempt at yet another coup.
It seems that every time the ghouls in Congress come with another phony ploy to bring our nation down, a spate of unfounded lying hate letters by the local vampires follows.
What is their purpose or intent? Act like a monster and put an RIP sign on this great nation.
What’s more is the underlying reason for their charade is the Democrats have not one person who can beat Trump, thus, “If we can’t beat him, we’ll cheat him.”
I agree, he’s done and said some stupid things. So what.
So, for all you trick or treaters out there, get a life, throw your goofy face masks away, buy your own candy and celebrate five more years of prosperity and safety.
John Osterlitz

Jaquith will be very good for Niskayuna

I am writing in support of Rosemarie Perez Jaquith for Niskayuna Town Board. Rosemarie has lived in Niskayuna with her family for 20 years. She has a long history of service to the community and believes very strongly in making necessary changes as she has shown during her lengthy service on the Niskayuna school board.
Rosemarie comes from a law enforcement family and is well versed in the challenges and changes that are facing the Niskayuna Police Department and its hard-working police officers. Not only does she support veterans such as her husband Grant, Rosemarie voted to support the disabled veteran property tax exemption when it was before the Niskayuna school board several years ago.
She is kind, friendly and smart, and has supported the education of our children and the needs of our neighbors for years. I believe Rosemarie Perez Jaquith would be an exemplary addition to the Niskayuna Town Board.
Mathew B. Tully

Scotia’s leadership has a proven record

Every day, I pass campaign signs for Maria Peterson for village of Scotia trustee. They say, “Revitalize Scotia.” As a 40-year resident, I’ve seen politicians and slogans come and go. I question her message because it’s unclear and hope she doesn’t mean the village lacks vitality. Scotia lives up to the definition of vitality; it has the capacity to live, grow, and develop, and shows itself to have life. Collins Park is beautiful; Freedom Park thrives; Jumpin’ Jacks attracts thousands; the Glen Sanders Mansion seems lively; businesses continue to open on Mohawk Avenue; and we have our own fire, police, and department of public works. The 1st National Bank of Scotia continues to invest in the village. There’s a dog park; Flint House; our streets are clean and winterized; and crime is low.
There’s quality of life here, and the village is looking good. I’ve looked at Peterson’s website and Facebook and haven’t found what she means by “revitalize.” I saw a brief mention of lowering taxes. I’d be curious where the cuts would occur. Privatization? That always results in lower quality service and no savings. I think the village has vitality, and I appreciate the present leadership of the village.
Richard Moran Jr.

Julie Garcia is a candidate running for NYS Supreme Court judge in the 4th judicial district. A search on the internet reveals that Ms. Garcia has a past that includes flawed judgement and irresponsible behavior. These actions speak to her moral aptitude and credibility. How will she be able to preside over cases impartially, and judge others, for the conduct that she herself is guilty of? Ms. Garcia’s decisions will always be biased in matters that have touched her personally, including substance abuse issues. This flawed judgement will cast a shadow on her future decisions. Ms. Garcia also uses where she lives as a reason to vote for her. We should vote for the most qualified and impartial candidate. This year voters are to choose four candidates from a pool of six. Before we invest over $3.5 million in a person (14 years’ salary and benefits) let’s make sure they are up to the standards of the position. Ms. Garcia served one term as the Essex County DA years ago, after which she could not get re-elected. If the voters of Essex county did not want her after four years, why do we want her in office for 14 years?
Cindy Converse
Lake George

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