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Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, Oct. 30

Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, Oct. 30

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Writer has no right to discuss abortion

Dear Mr. Wendell Neugebauer, regarding your Oct. 21 letter (“Abortion in U.S. is its own holocaust”), until a baby can come out of a man’s body, an opinion on abortion shouldn’t come out of his mouth.
Diane Sanders Hombach

Stefanik will be left with Trump’s stain

Elise Stefanik, R, NY-21, is probably looking forward to many years of public service.
These dreams, however, may be destroyed by the stain of Donald Trump.
Since Ms. Stefanik supports Donald Trump, it is reasonable to ask if Donald Trump’s values are also her values.
Does Ms. Stefanik believe that the Western alliance that has protected us for the past 64 years should be broken up to appease Vladimir Putin?
Does she believe it is “disgusting” that we have a free press, or that our president should use X-rated language that is not suitable for children to hear, or encourage supporters to violently attack people who do not agree with him, or lie so often that it is impossible to tell when he might be telling the truth, or make domestic and foreign policy based on what is best for his own financial or political interest rather than the best interests of the country, or withhold aid to a foreign country if they do not agree to fabricate evidence on his political opponents, or show favoritism to people who stay at his hotels?
Does Ms. Stefanik believe that members of her own party who question the behavior of Mr. Trump are “human scum?”
These are the values that the voters will associate with Ms. Stefanik long past the time when Donald Trump leaves office, unless she demonstrates that her values are not the values of the immoral person she continues to support.
Victor Roberts
Burnt Hills

Motorists must be considerate of others

There are two letters to the editor that I feel I must address. The first was an angry diatribe about cyclists on the road written by Brian Pelletier on Oct. 19 (“Cyclists don’t belong on roads with cars”) and the second a prosy rebuttal written by John Murphy on Oct. 24 (“Cyclists are entitled to share in freedom.”)
Way back when I was in school, we were taught how to share the roads with cars, bicycles, walkers and joggers. And currently, there is a New York state initiative to “Share the road.”
I was taught that cyclists have a narrow and oftentimes hazardous shoulder to ride on and that cyclists must ride with traffic.
This was done so that in the event of an accident, the injuries could be less, as the impact was less if they were going in the same direction as motor vehicles.
And I was taught that depending on a municipality’s vehicle and traffic code, only cyclists under the age of 15 could ride their bikes on a sidewalk.
I was also taught that walkers and joggers should be going in a direction opposite to vehicle traffic so that they could see a potential crash and quickly get out of the way.
In any case, we must share the road. Sure, sometimes there are inconsiderate cyclists and walkers, but roads have been here long before automobiles, so I believe they have more rights to them than motorists do.
Patricia Pytlovany

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