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Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, Nov. 5

Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, Nov. 5

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Even women don’t have a right to kill babies

I liked Wendell Neugebauer’s Oct. 21 letter “Abortion is its own holocaust,” but not Diane Sanders Hombach’s Oct. 30 letter “Writer has no right to discuss abortion” unless the person is a woman.
When a woman becomes pregnant, she is carrying another human being. Yes, she has a right to her own body, but not to the body of the human being she is carrying. Hence, she has no right to kill the body she is carrying.
In many areas of the country, a homicide of a pregnant woman is considered a double homicide.
Everyone knows a pregnant woman is carrying another person in her womb. They also know we have no right to kill that innocent person.
Geraldine M Havasy
Clifton Park

Founding Fathers didn’t predict Trump

Shira Lurie’s op-ed “Constitution isn’t the Cure for Trump. It’s the Cause,” presents some insightful thoughts.
Whether the document protects democracy and individual freedoms depends on whether the Constitution is interpreted by Federalist Society jurists or by more moderate or liberal judges.
The infusion of dark money into campaigns is product of a Federalist Society reading of the First Amendment that somehow gave corporations individual rights.
A liberal majority wouldn’t enable states to blatantly suppress votes on the basis of race and party affiliation.
A more liberal majority wouldn’t have ceded individual freedoms to a corporate takeover of America.
Ironically, the Founders created the Electoral College intending to prevent the election of a lying, narcissistic despot and fake populist like Trump.
It was an accident and hopefully an anomaly. The Founders did not anticipate the emergence of Fox News and foreign disinformation campaigns with their wacky conspiracy theories and bold-faced lies.
The Founders envisioned leaders with principles and courage to rule the country, not feckless men who put party over country and hold their noses to support a charlatan who saves them millions in tax dollars or appoints conservative judges who give corporations hegemony over individual freedoms, science and other values. Perhaps if people shut off Fox News, stop getting Facebook disinformation and pay attention to the teachings of their spiritual leader, Jesus, they’d realize the Constitution gives them the mechanism to restore this country back to the people.
Heed the words of The Who, and don’t get fooled again.
Al Singer

Some trying to stop voter participation

The Oct. 30 article “N.Y. Dems push to marginalize 3rd parties” indicates politicians want to increase the number of eligible signatures required for candidates to qualify for statewide government positions.
It seems to be a political campaign to hinder our neighbors from qualifying for statewide government office and disrespectful toward our representative democracy and government.
It reminds me of individuals in Albany County attempting to increase the number of residents within each county legislative district in order to decrease the number of legislators, thereby decreasing representative government.
Also, it reminds me of how politicians, such as those in Rensselaer County, who used fraudulent signatures to qualify their candidates for election to government office in an attempt to undermine representative democracy.
I understand individuals seeking political power question ethical standards in order to win.
But, I think, to improve voters’ participation in elections and government, an Ethical Advisory Committee, similar to the New York State Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics ( judiciary law, Section 212) governing candidates for judicial office, needs to be established in each county board of elections.
It seems there are individuals in society willing to take power and prestige by hindering our neighbors’ right to participate in elections and obstructing representative democracy and government.
Michael McGlynn

Photo of lake in park was stunning

Thank you to Peter Barber, Gazette photographer, for an absolutely stunning fall photo of Iroquois Lake in Central Park in the Oct. 26 Gazette. What a great way to start off a Saturday.
Marie Drislane

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