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Letters to the Editor for Saturday, Nov. 16

Letters to the Editor for Saturday, Nov. 16

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Ridding city of Riggi not a worthy goal

“We worked really hard and took out Vince Riggi how about that?” That’s Councilman John Polimeni’s quote. So he feels the election was all about beating Riggi, the one of maybe two council persons that doesn’t rubber stamp all of Mayor Gary McCarthy’s items.
The people of Schenectady have lost a good voice and it will come around to bite them. I don’t vote strict party lines, but I won’t vote for anyone that lacks common sense and feels it’s more important to beat Vince Riggi than help the people of this city. I can see some dirty dealings between the Democrats and Republicans here.
Albert DeMarco

Praise for reporter, Galway historian

A big thanks to Stephen Williams for his wonderful article in the Nov. 10 Gazette, “Historian marks 50 years.” Stephen Williams has consistently written articles that dive beneath the surface, getting to the heart of whatever or whomever he is writing about, especially when the subject relates to local history.
Phyllis Keeler is a treasure to the Galway community. Her work as historian for the town of Galway truly deserves to be honored. She has shown, over the years, a joy and enthusiasm for preserving and celebrating the town’s history and has encouraged and helped others to do the same.
Stephen Williams captured this dedication. His article is not just a tribute to Phyllis Keeler, but to Galway. I hope The Gazette and its readers appreciate this fine writer’s commitment to excellence and his genuine interest in the subjects he writes about.
Mary Cuffe Perez

Climate change will hurt homeowners

The response to climate change is going to hit homeowners in ways they neither know or suspect.
Banks may not allow homeowners to get mortgages if their property lies in a region of natural disasters like wildfires and flooding. If homeowners cannot get mortgages, they may not be able to sell their current homes and, as a result, they will see property values plummet.
If property owners cannot get mortgages and property values plummet, this will have a direct impact on taxes, as homeowners seek to reduce the assessed value of their homes. This just means that entire neighborhoods will see a massive loss of taxable properties.
For banks to mortgage at-risk properties, they will have to charge exorbitant rates.
We may even see the end of 30-year mortgages, as banks will not want to lend money if the mortgages they loan out are at rates that homeowners cannot afford.
Richard Moody

Voters should get chance to fix ballots

As it was for me, and many Schenectady residents, waking up and seeing Vince Riggi lost his seat on the City Council was shocking. I must tell what I saw at my polling place. As I waited for my husband to vote, I saw several people being told their ballots were kicked out due to them voting for more than four City Council people. I was concerned that they were not made to fill another ballot out, but were told if they wanted to let it go through, they could, but it would register the first four on the ballot. I’m going to register a complaint with the Board of Elections. The correct thing to do is tell the voter, whose ballot kicks out due to it being filled out incorrectly, is that they need to complete a new ballot. I believe this is the reason Vince Riggi lost the election.
Joanne Hwaszcz


Blaming business doesn’t work

The state and the federal governments are now considering laws that would charge a tax for carbon pollution with no regard for how companies would transition to carbon-free energy. The government seems to think climate change is not their problem, but the companies’ responsibility to solve.
The number of carbon-free options is extremely limited. The solar option is limited in its ability to generate substantial amounts of electricity. The new Mohanasen solar farm is a drop in the bucket in terms of total energy needs. Based on the projected generation of 1,918 MWH per year, 2,450 solar plants would be needed to equal one Ginna nuclear plant. The Ginna plant generates electricity on demand not dependent on the sun shining.
There is a business-friendly country that is building more hydroelectric dams and 12 new nuclear plants. Once these facilities are built, they will supply carbon free energy for decades to businesses and people. This country is China.
Corporations and businesses are not the enemy. Businesses supply the jobs and the things we buy and the services we want. If these laws are passed, doing business will be more expensive and the added expenses will be passed on to us as they pay fees or forced to use more expensive energy. Why is Exxon/Mobil seemingly backing these bills? Is it because Exxon/Mobil knows this approach will not work?
It’s time for voters and the government to realize that big problems require big government-sponsored solutions.
John Dworak

Everyone may discuss any issue

Diane Sanders Hombach’s Oct. 30 letter (“Writer has no right to discuss abortion”) seems to hold to the idea that unless one is able to have a baby, one has no right to discuss abortion.
If that is her criterion for inclusion in the discussion, then she must also accept that as the criterion for discussion of issues that pertain to individuals possessing male reproductive parts.
By her logic, toxic masculinity, “mansplaining,” and “manspreading” are out of bounds for her. If she is not disabled, then she has no voice on any issue regarding the acceptance or treatment of individuals who need special services.
If she is not Catholic, then she has no voice about child sexual abuse in a religion she does not share. By her own rule, if she does not participate in any “group,” then she has no right to voice any opinions about said group should she find something egregious happening.
When the surgeon general says that drinking while pregnant harms a developing fetus, does Ms. Hombach pass this off as none of his business because he doesn’t have a womb? Her opinion on the matter does not affect medical knowledge. If drinking harms the developing fetus, abortion certainly does, too.  
Dave Hart

Thanks for Polish festival support

The Church of St. Adalbert would like to thank everyone in the Capital Region who attended our festival (Dozyniki), which was a huge success. All our Polish food is homemade and delicious. The Polish dancers, raffles, gift baskets, genealogy, baked goods, crafts, kids’ room and Polish music help keep the Polish tradition and heritage alive. Thanks to all of our talented volunteers and donors. Thank you, St. Gabriel, for the use of the parish center. See you next year. God bless and thank you (dziekuje).
George Sykala
Carolyn Kozubal
The writers are Polish festival co-chairs.

Shot at executive wasn’t necessary

Although Pete Demola’s Nov. 8 piece was well written on the DEC develop plans for the High Peaks, I could not see the reason for describing a person that had a skirmish with Keene Supervisor Joe Pete Wilson as a “BMW-driving Canadian bank executive.” Was that really necessary to the article?
Rita Murtagh

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