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Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, Dec. 10

Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, Dec. 10

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No excuses for city’s poor snow removal

The excuses for lack of snow removal are lies and a cover-up for not being able to plow the streets in our city. There are 66 miles of roads in the city. Ten plows have just six miles apiece to clear. You make a pass to give people a way to shovel and move their cars. On tight streets, you go down the middle with smaller trucks. First come back after all have been done once and hit the snow removal parts. The employees are hired to be there for the city during emergencies and overtime is expected, not an option. It is their job to clear snow, trees down, flooding, any and all disasters. That’s why employees need to live in the city. They are the first responders to protect and clear our city. When emergency vehicles — fire, ambulance, etc. — can’t make it down the streets, that is unacceptable. No more excuses.
David Keenan

Pay our farmers what they’re worth

I would like to express my opinion about the situation with the farmers. If it wasn’t for farmers, we wouldn’t have fruits and vegetables.
The farmers should be paid more money, as they get up at 4:30 in the morning and they are on the go until approximately 10 p.m.
Steven P. Goldberg

Use excess military funds on healthcare

If you support the military, you should support Medicare for all.
Americans have all agreed long ago that we are willing to pool our money together, in the form of taxes, to contribute to our collective safety, in the form of the military.
I appreciate the vigor with which we the people fund our military. It shows a dedication to collective, mutual, bi-partisan national defense. But enemies abroad are not the only threat to Americans.
Today I am much more concerned about mundane health concerns such as common colds, hypertension, cancer, heart disease etc. than I am about the minuscule militaries of the Middle East. Yet the profit-driven American healthcare system offers minimal solutions to these threats, unless of course you are an investor.
The private, corporate, completely for-profit American healthcare system simply fails at defending Americans from the threats that surround us, and it’s no surprise. It’s why the U.S. military is run by the United States not a few multi-national conglomerates.
Reduce the abhorrent military spending and redirect those “national defense funds” back towards things that Americans actually need defending from.
Americans need healthcare, not more bombs dropping worldwide.
Galen Heins

Impeachment is a scam; shovel walks

All the phony impeachment antics by Socialist/Democrats, and media aside, the constitutional scholars that testified for the Republican side, like Jonathan Turley, really hit the nail on head.
He said you cannot rush to impeachment and accuse the president of doing things that you yourselves are doing.  He made the case that there are no impeachable offenses. Anyone with common sense knew all along this was true. The hatred on the Democratic side has been there before Trump got elected. It is all a sham. Long before Trump asked Ukraine to look into Biden’s son, he was written about and being investigated.
CBS, Channel 13, CNN and others are so hell-bent about helping Democrats and making a name for themselves, it smells. This Schenectady area is so brain-washed about ridding us of Trump instead of having Congress do what they were hired to do — taking care of the people’s business, not a vendetta.
One last thing: It is the duty of all to shovel the sidewalks where you live, not the government’s. What is happening to this nation? Laziness, that’s what is happening. If someone is old, sick, etc., do it for them. Good grief.
Al Marvell

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