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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Dec. 26

Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Dec. 26

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Don’t discount love in assisted suicides

After reading Wendell Neugebauer’s Dec. 6 letter “Assisted suicide laws do more harm,” I feel compelled to speak for many who face a situation similar to the one my family is facing.
Please reference Eleanor Aronstein’s fact-filled letter on Dec. 13 (“Allow New Yorkers to die with dignity”).
My ex-husband no longer has a voice to express his fears and wishes. My grown children’s father is diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia (FTD). His children lovingly took him into their homes and fully supported him, physically, emotionally and financially, until it became impossible.
He is now in an assisted living facility, but as his condition continues to deteriorate, his quality of life diminishes. He has lost his ability to laugh, smile, communicate or control his body.
A proud and meticulous man, he would never have chosen to end his life like this. I cannot say what choice he would have made between this slow and painful way, or to “die peacefully’’, but he would not have opted to have his children see him tied into a wheelchair to keep him safe and have his loved ones witness such a demise.
Mr. Neugebauer’s cutting paragraph about “greedy relatives” not wanting to see their inheritance “frittered away” changed my anger to tears. I’m sad for him and anyone who fears that that’s how their relatives would treat their end days. But unless you have walked in the moccasins of those who live this nightmare, you know not of what you speak.  
Jill McGrath
Howes Cave

If Joe Biden gets in, he must impeached

In 2013, Harry Reid (D-NV) changed Senate rules to use the so-called “nuclear option” to allow the Senate to basically approve any candidate for a federal judge position with a simple majority versus two-thirds rule.
Using the same rules Reid implemented in 2013, the Republican Senate has approved a record number of judges to the bench.
Unfortunately for Democrats, all of them are conservative. This will impact the Supreme Court and all federal courts for years.
Now we have an impeachment passed by the Democrats in a totally partisan process.
The bar on the impeachment has reached a new low. The articles of impeachment don’t identify a “high crime or misdemeanor” by any definition. No bribery, no quid pro quo.  
Strictly as a non-professional in law, I would suggest that Hunter Biden and his dad, Joe Biden, should be investigated in the hiring of Hunter by Burisma as a member of its board. He had no experience on the job. He landed a spot on a corrupt Ukraine oil company’s board of directors and got paid an obscene monthly payment. It’s obvious to the most casual observer that his last name got him the job.
If Joe Biden gets the job of president of the United States and the Republicans get control of the House, the first order of the House of Representatives should be his impeachment. If not, every Democrat should be asked if they are comfortable with what Hunter and Joe did in Ukraine. What goes around, comes around.
Mark Sampson

Ellen’s generosity worthy of giddiness

This is in response to Rick Splawnik’s Dec. 18 letter (“Ellen audience a bit too giddy over gifts.”): If you have ever watched the Ellen DeGeneres Show, you would know that she has 12 days of giveaways during Christmas season. No, they are not just a free toaster or whatever. They are gifts that are worth thousands of dollars. They are trips, gift cards, etc. So yes, I would be just as giddy as them. In fact, I have been to the bonus days of giveaways at the Ellen Show years ago and there were gifts that totaled more than $2,000, and the show even paid the taxes on what we were given. I had donated everything I received to a family who needed it more.
Ellen is not only generous, she is funny. So maybe next time you can sit down and actually watch her show.
Judy Young

Poorly chosen words promote stereotypes

The Dec. 18 article, “Official: ‘Gang-related’ fight breaks out in Schenectady High hallway” includes a quote from district spokesperson Karen Corona, “Kids (are) bringing issues from the community into the school…sometimes the kids just show up and they start fighting.” Both Corona’s comment and the headline of this article support stereotypes that Schenectady students know only violence. They also highlight a larger lack of understanding for how external factors affect student performance.
Issues of the community cannot be detached from school, for they are both apart of a larger community. Rather than perpetuating the idea that students should detach school life from their community, they should be supported in figuring out the interconnections.
Superintendent Larry Spring’s comment on focusing on solutions rather than blaming students would have made for a less divisive heading.
By solely relegating the high school’s issues into being gang-related, the community becomes scared off. And it is only through engagement that we can hope to grow.
Intent does not negate impact, and the impact of this headline and Corona’s comment perpetuate longstanding racist and classist stereotypes. Thus, Schenectady students have been failed support and are owed a great apology.
I call upon readers to think reflexively over the words you use in relation to Schenectady High and the assumptions they make.
If your words smuggle in gross stereotypes, then you halt progress and bolster discrimination.
Grace Herrmann

Impeachment is a hollow win for Dems

Congratulations Democrats for a tremendous win for our country. The impeachment of Donald Trump is an enormous victory.
I think the leadership of Schumer, Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, among others is very commendable. They have successfully and, might I add, finally accomplished something in the nearly three years of Trump’s presidency. May you all be very proud. Stand tall, shout “impeachment” from the rooftops. Why? Because at the end of the day, that’s all you will have. He won’t be removed from office. And even if he were to be removed, he could simply run again. Oh yes, it’s true. He would win also, again, because clearly, there is no one who can beat him. Joe Biden? I don`t think we want to have his abuse of power exposed like that, do we? How else could his son get on the Burisma board with no experience or knowledge in that field making $50,000 a month? Well, I’m happy for you Dems, to be honest. You finally got this done. Congratulations.
Brian Baldwin
Burnt Hills

Allow secret ballots in Senate trial

I urge Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who will serve as judge for the impeachment trial in the Senate, to take politics out of the trial.
Senators serve as the jury. Allow them to have a secret ballot. All other jury trials are secret ballot, and the Constitution doesn’t prohibit this. Remove the threat of Trump’s attacks against those who vote for impeachment.
I suggest this will make the trial fair and impartial.
Herb Dieck

Bring the Stockade’s roads up to standard

The Stockade is one of Schenectady’s jewels, with its long history, many important structures and some small businesses.
The condition of its streets is deplorable.
When does the city expect to address this? Union Street from Erie to Washington is an adventure in pothole-dodging, and it’s only December. This would seem like a good place to invest.
Perhaps before we make the city Smart, we can bring its streets up to 20th century standards.
Mark Vermilyea

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