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Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, Jan. 14

Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, Jan. 14

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Do friendships reflect acceptance?

I don’t know whether this still applies today, but a basic Google search shows George W. Bush and Bill Clinton were close friends. Another search shows the Clintons attended one of Donald Trump’s weddings.
Some questions: Was Bush OK with Clinton’s many bad qualities? Was Clinton OK with Bush’s many bad qualities?
Did the Clintons know about Trump’s many bad qualities, and were they not bothered by them too much? Was Trump OK with the Clintons’ many bad qualities?
It’s hard to say anything positive about either of these.
Colin Yunick

Money for old canal, but not pensioners?

Three hundred million dollars for an imagined tourist attraction through the state (“Cuomo rolls out $300M plan to ‘reimagine’ Erie Canal” Jan. 10 Your Clifton Park and Your Niskayuna).
Once again, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has gone out on a limb in an attempt to bring tourism to New York state in the form of $300 million to improve and draw people to what is basically an abandoned ditch, running across the state —the New York State Canal System.
By the governor’s own words, he is appointing a reimagine task force to try to turn this ditch into something useful.
Three hundred million dollars for the benefit of a few pleasure boaters. Wouldn’t it be nice if our governor could see past this expensive and dubiously successful tourism idea and address the real problems of this state?
First and foremost, the state’s responsibility to the pensioners of St. Clare’s Hospital in Schenectady, who have lost all or part of their pensions due to the erroneous, state-mandated closing of this much-needed and respected hospital.
These people just need a small part of that $300 million to return the money to them that they are owed. These people need this money now; the canal can wait.
I hope everyone who was ever treated at St. Clare’s Hospital will contact the governor’s office and express their outrage at his failure to use his resources and influence to resolve this ongoing, state-caused problem.
Kenneth Benson

Lazarus poem not part of local Liberty

I keep reading letters about the siting of Schenectady’s Statue of Liberty, hoping to find somebody who claims that his or her own thoughts and beliefs about “liberty” came while they were driving past a statue. But it seems that only other people are supposed to acquire their convictions in this ultra-efficient way.
I also look, so far in vain, for some mention of the Emma Lazarus poem, attached to the statue in New York Harbor, but by some oversight omitted from our replica, welcoming “tired” and “poor” immigrants.
Wayne Somers

Turning right on red is too dangerous

Regarding Louise Farnum’s Jan. 12 letter (“Right on red isn’t mandatory, so chill”), I have to say that this law in particular is one of the worst laws in the state.
I sympathize with her plight of dealing with too many people being in such a hurry that they harass other drivers with their inconsideration.
Every single day of driving since that law was enacted, I’ve been cut off, given the finger, and mouthed profanities by people turning right on red without stopping. I’ve had to hit my own brakes in order to evade these idiots, which by the way, come in all shapes, sizes and styles of vehicle. I believe road rage on city streets is worse than that on the highways.
As Ms. Farnum’s letter stated, turning on red isn’t mandatory.
It’s a convenience but should only be done after a thorough look-see to the left. The general public isn’t trained to gauge the speed of oncoming vehicles. This also includes yielding to cyclists approaching the intersection.
People also forget to look for oncoming left turning vehicles that have been given the green arrow. I especially hate those drivers turning right on red out of Mohawk Commons.
I don’t claim to be the best driver at all times. There have been instances where I’ve made serious mistakes. Having lost a parent at a young age to a car crash has affected my view. Right on red is one law I wish could be rescinded.
Patricia Pytlovany

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