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Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Feb. 6

Letters to the Editor for Thursday, Feb. 6

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Halftime show sent the wrong message

The Super Bowl’s halftime show was a disgrace and not family friendly.
So many parents were watching it with their children. Is this what has become of entertainment? Would we say that parents watching pornography with their children or taking them to strip clubs is acceptable? Of course not. We would call that sexual abuse and exploitation.
So why, then, is this acceptable? Why must our children be exposed to material that is inappropriate for their age and is a danger to their well-being? This halftime show proves again the hypocrisy of the women’s empowerment movement within the entertainment industry.
Talented celebrities have degraded their God-given human worth, value and dignity. The entertainment industry promotes sexual exploitation and uses individuals as a tool.
They’re told that if they want to succeed, they need to be sexy, which means performing in lingerie and dancing like a stripper.
The entertainment industry is nothing more than a well-known, high-class pimp.
Children are being taught that their worth and value lies in their bodies, appearance and sexuality.
These false beliefs are leading to their de-empowerment, causing them to be vulnerable to sex trafficking, prostitution, sexual assault, domestic violence, unhealthy relationships, etc.
In response to this, more people need to voice their concerns, disgust and disapproval to the entertainment industry, government and social media. The sexualization in entertainment is a deception sweeping over our nation.
It’s not empowering in the least, and it’s destroying many lives.
Torey Splittgerber

Dems kept Trump from achieving more

No one is flawless…he may be a bit “scruffy” at times, but impeachment? Bah.
Since President Trump took office, many significant record-breaking improvements have occurred regarding our economy, employment, the stock market and our military.
Now, imagine how much it would have been even better if he did not have to be wasting time dodging and ducking those Democratic darts.
Also, consider which of these Democratic presidential contenders would be able to keep American as great as President Trump has.
Impeachment, a joke. Think about it. Amen.
John Gerutis

Trump conduct more than inappropriate

About the only coherent rationale for denying witness participation in the Trump impeachment trial came from Lamar Alexander, who acknowledged that the House had met its burden by proving the president bribed a foreign leader solely for his own purposes.
Many Republicans adopted Alexander’s rationale. One problem with it though. He called Trump’s behavior “inappropriate.”
It was a clever word game to justify his final conclusion of no removal from office. Inappropriate is an adjective that would characterize Trump’s language, his insults, his insolence, his lies (the ones that aren’t purely blasphemous) and his constant boasting.
Trump’s extortion of a foreign leader to get dirt on a political rival, withholding aid to get this favor, was dishonest, dishonorable, corrupt, despicable, deceitful, scandalous and self-serving, as well as a further demonstration of his incorrigible behavior.
Had Alexander used a more apt adjective, he could not have justified the conclusion that what Trump did is not impeachable conduct.
At least Alexander put to shame the other gaslighting and fallacious defenses that tried to sell the public that Fox News talking points had more credibility than sworn testimony.
It’s sad that dark money donations, McConnell’s leverage over straying Republicans, have replaced the Constitution.
Al Singer

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