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Letters to the Editor for Saturday, Feb. 8

Letters to the Editor for Saturday, Feb. 8

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Beware of Stefanik and Trump policies

It is apparent that Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (with the blessings of her dark lord) enjoys roiling in the sewage of lies and falsehoods.
Beware of a person who received money from Pharma and votes on your health care.
Beware of a silvery tongued harpy shrill that gleefully caters to the self-interests of the wealthy and connected.
Beware of someone with presidential aspirations that endorses on national TV that breaking the law is OK for elected officials.
Beware of the philosophy of right wing white nationalist, climate-change deniers, racists, war mongers, isolationist, xenophobic  haters of equally applied law.
These are the tenets of President Trump and his religious sect that is the present Republican Party.
There is nothing in their world ideology that protects those who are not them.
Beware of the hypocrisy of a representative who exploits veterans by pinning medals on them while doing nothing for their health or their families’ health.
Their mantra is: I got mine...You get yours. Exactly the same thing Cain said to God:” Am I my brother’s keeper?” Apparently not to Elise and her ilk.
Robert Jewell

New Yorkers need a right to fix products

We agree with your Jan. 28 editorial; New Yorkers want the right to repair their electronics.
The typical American household has 24 electronic devices, like cell phones, laptops, desktop computers and gaming consoles. In 2020, U.S. consumers will spend more than $150 billion buying electronic products. When they break, which they inevitably do, we’re forced to pay the manufacturer a lot for repairs, or more likely toss them and buy a new one.
This lack of choice means that New Yorkers spend more than we need to on costly repairs or replacements. And we create a lot of toxic electronic waste that ends up in landfills and incinerators or shipped to poor countries for “recycling.”
But New Yorkers prefer to fix their electronics. A study released by the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) shows that 4.3 million unique visitors from New York went to the do-it-yourself website iFixit.com in 2018 to get information on how to fix things like cell phones and laptops.
The problem is manufacturers don’t want to give up product information and parts to let consumers or local repair shops do the work, they want monopoly, not competition.
Legislation sponsored by Senator Neil Breslin (S.6309) and Assembly member Donna Lupardo (A.7416-A) would break manufacturers’ stranglehold by requiring that they make available diagnostic equipment, repair information and spare parts for electronic devices on a fair basis. This will give consumers a choice, save them money and protect the environment.
That’s a right we can all get behind and the right thing to do.
Karen Bedoya
The writer is a NYPIRG policy associate.


Reasons for leaving state are obvious

Sen. Jim Tedisco and Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara are interested in finding out why so many New Yorkers are leaving.
Why bother with a survey or forming committees to find the causes?
Rather, step back, look at the overall picture and use some common sense.
The reasons are obvious-high taxes, loads of regulations, out-of-control spending on social benefit programs and education that produces disappointing results at best. So, in summary, what we have are the people that are filling the money pot leaving and those taking from the money pot staying.
Common sense tells us that if spending, taxes and regulations are not reined in quickly, the money pot will soon be empty.
Will the last person to leave turn the lights off.
Gerald DeAngelus

Bloomberg is best chance to beat Trump

Like many people, I initially dismissed the idea of just another rich white guy entering the presidential race.
However, in the meantime, it has become crystal clear that the Trump dictatorship has got to be defeated if we have any hope of saving the Constitution, the environment and the America the world used to admire.
My sister posted a link to mikebloomberg.com and I was amazed at how many of his intelligent proposals aligned with my thinking.
Is Bloomberg the perfect candidate? Of course not; there isn’t one.
The bottom line is he can win, even if he becomes only a transitional, pivotal historical chess piece that can end the chaos and restore common sense, truth and dignity to our leadership.
Trump both hates and fears Mike Bloomberg. Enough said.
Virginia Newton
Burnt Hills

Democrats prove they’re unfit to lead

I would like to thank the Democratic Party for proving to each and every American why they cannot be trusted to lead, run, facilitate, be in charge of or have the responsibility of taking control of our money to equally distribute. How did they prove that? They can’t even facilitate their own caucus. They are the ones hiding in the shadows, using progressive companies that are back by powerful Democrats.
If nothing else that the ‘do nothing’ Democrats have done or not done so far does not shake you, this should.
Denise Crisci

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