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Letters to the Editor for Saturday, Feb. 29

Letters to the Editor for Saturday, Feb. 29

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Sen. Joseph McCarthy was absolutely right

I write regarding Mr. Shapiro’s attack on Sen. McCarthy in his Feb. 22 letter (“Trump acts similar to Sen. McCarthy.”)

A little background: the House Un-American Activities Committee was a reaction to the national paranoia regarding Communism (the Catholic Church shared the same paranoia). Its main focus was “Hollywood” and writers, directors, actors, etc. It managed to cripple several careers.

Sen. McCarthy went after Communist spies in the State Department. His tactics were condemned, and he was forced out of office. Ironically, the subsequently released records of the Soviet Union showed that Sen. McCarthy was absolutely right.

That being said, I point to an attack on Sen. McCarthy contained in the letter which is repeated in almost every article I see on Sen. McCarthy, “Sen. Joseph McCarthy, who chaired [HUAC] (House on Un-American Activities Committee) …” Again, “Sen. Joseph McCarthy, who chaired [HUAC] (House on Un-American Activities Committee) …” Once more for emphasis, “Sen. Joseph McCarthy, who chaired [HUAC] (House on Un-American Activities Committee) …”

Nuff said.

Solar can’t replace Indian Point

The New York Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) recently announced the installation of 2GW (gigawatts) of solar capacity in 2019 which is a significant accomplishment in the state of New York. Interestingly that capacity is the same as the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant’s capacity.

So how will this solar installation compare to what Indian Point can produce. Annually 2GW of solar is expected to produce about 2,452 Gwh (gigawatt hours) of carbon free electric energy. In New York assume solar energy produces over time about 14 percent of the rated capacity of the installed solar cells.

The sun produces capacity during full sunlight directed on the solar cells and falls off to zero at night. Indian Point in 2019 produced 16,695 Gwh of carbon free electric energy because it operated at full capacity 95 percent of the year. The nuclear production is many times more than the solar.

For some of the readers the term gigawatts may be unfamiliar. We all receive electric bills which give our home’s electric use in kilowatt hours. One gigawatt hour is one million kilowatt hours. Even though they have the same capacity, solar will be unable to replace Indian Point when the plant is permanently shut down. Therefore, the release of carbon dioxide will increase significantly which is contrary to the objectives of this state.
The writer is a former Consolidated Edison Indian Point 2 Plant Manager and Chief Mechanical, Fossil Power and Distribution Engineer.


Kids are disrespectful

I’m tired of all the soliloquies about the importance of integrating culture and diversity and social injustice into the next generation. I don’t read enough about the importance of teaching our history and the sacrifices made for this country.

To my point: I recently stopped at a fast-food restaurant. I sat next to two older gentlemen. As they talked, I noticed they were both wearing Iwo Jima Survivor hats. That battle was 75 years ago this month which puts these men in their 90s. Admittedly they were a little loud (allowing for age or injury). Two tables away sat three high school kids. One turned towards them to tell these veterans “to turn it down old man.” The second time they demanded, I got up and suggested that they show some respect, that these men had fought in WWII and had earned it. There was no response or apology while they buried their heads back into their phones.

I returned and spoke with the two men and thanked them for their service. We shook hands. It was an extraordinary honor.

I sat back down absolutely furious. The blatant disrespect shown by those kids was inexcusable. Not understanding the notion of “all gave some and some gave all” means their education has been sorely neglected. Somewhere they should have been taught that because veterans have bravely served that even ingrates like them are free to act so stupidly.

It is indefensible. This is real injustice. Try integrating that.

Thank you Gazette

With “Last Letter” on the Gazette’s Feb. 23 front page, plus the ensuing article on the late Dr. Malebranche, the paper brought pride and great pleasure; you could not have recognized a more deserving person.

That Sunday Gazette will be saved in the antique clock Roger faithfully maintained for me for twenty years. Until reading his obituary and your several tributes, I just never realized how privileged I had been to be his friend. Thanks, Gazette.


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