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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, March 1

Letters to the Editor for Sunday, March 1

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What happened to farmers’ $25B?

This is an open letter to American farmers; I want to know what you did with the $25 billion plus of U.S. taxpayer’s money that President Trump stole from us through an obscure 1940’s law without congressional approval? Sure must be nice.

When I have a bad year at work no one bails me out. When the CEO of my company does stupid stuff like start a trade war and mess with tariffs, the company doesn’t give every employee a check for $100,000.

Our national deficit is now at record levels and the Congressional Budget Office estimates that the national debt will surpass the size of our economy in 13 years. Will I get my Medicaid? My Social Security?

I want to know what you did with our money, farmers of America. Maybe most of it went to corporate factory farms? If it went to large corporate factory farms, isn’t that just stealing from the poor and giving to the rich? We just don’t know, there needs to be an accounting. I’m looking forward to hearing from farmers, so we know where the money went and how you are going to pay the rest of us back.
Saratoga Springs

Pence not fit for czar position

Ah, so VP Pence, another science-denier, is now in charge of handling the Covid-19 virus and possible pandemic. After all, he did such a bang-up job on healthcare in Indiana allowing HIV to become an epidemic due to his ideological blindness.

He was also a proponent of gay conversion “therapy,” since debunked, and also stated that cigarettes don’t kill, a half-century after the Surgeon General placed warnings on cigarette packages. What a guy.

This just makes me feel so much better, knowing that incompetent, ignorant and unqualified fools are in charge, which pretty much describes this entire administration.

Please pay attention to the genuine professionals from the CDC and other doctors and scientists who know whereof they speak. And, wash your hands.

Tonko was wrong to vote for ERA

Congressman Paul Tonko betrayed women when he voted for the Equality Act allowing biological males access to women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, dorm rooms, women’s shelters, as well as the right to compete against women in women’s sports.

A recent case illustrates how Tonko’s policy violates women: At Crossgates, a man stalked and imprisoned women inside the woman’s bathroom. The man was charged with stalking and unlawful imprisonment and was released without bail. He was not charged with entering the woman’s bathroom, because that’s legal thanks to Democrats like Paul Tonko. Because of laws supported by Tonko, the predator legally entered the woman’s bathroom with intent to harm women. Tonko’s policy gives men the right to enter private spaces previously reserved for women. Women are most vulnerable and least capable of defending themselves in public bathrooms and locker rooms. Tonko’s policy empowers predators and victimizes women.

While all people deserve to be treated with respect, that respect should not come at the expense of respect for women, and their rights to safety, privacy, and livelihood. We need a woman in Congress who will truly protect women, and that’s Liz Lemery-Joy.
Burnt Hills


Surgical center closure a travesty

Having just begun my twenty-fourth year as a weekly volunteer at the McClellan Campus at Ellis Hospital, I must speak out. I have walked alongside the most caring, dedicated, and professional employees during my time there. The closure of this surgical center at McClellan Campus is such a travesty. These people have provided our community with much needed services in a most caring manner. The loss of their retirement benefits is devastating and disgraceful. Their daily quality of life is affected in a very serious manner. The state of New York and the Albany Catholic diocese must step up and do the right and honest thing for these fine people.

More retail tax breaks needed

As a life-long resident of Schenectady, I would like to thank the Metroplex board, Mayor and City/County Council, past and present for doing a great job at bringing back Downtown Schenectady. Downtown has not looked this good for the past 30 to 40 years. There are now many great eateries and luxury apartments. The streets and walkways are nice, clean, and well maintained.

I think moving forward, to keep a growing momentum, and increase positive cash flow, we need higher end retail stores. Why can’t the Metroplex, along with city and county officials, give a tax break to all retail business and outlet companies to move into the nice new retail store fronts?

I’m sure that with all the new businesses and people coming into town, the retailers moving into the new spaces with the incentive of tax breaks, would pay off in the long run.

Again, thank you for a job well done on all improvements to downtown Schenectady.

Stefanik unclear on health care

I have just visited Representative Elise Stefanik’s office with several other people to discuss Health Care. Despite having supplied the meeting agenda one month previous for review, the office was unable to provide much information on Representative Stefanik’s positions. I had a follow up with a legislative aide in Washington and again Congresswoman Stefanik’s positions were not clear. At what point do we conclude that whether it is Medicare, Medicare for all, The Chips Program or The High Cost of Prescription Drugs, that Congresswoman Stefanik has little or no concern for the health care needs of the seniors, adults and children of the NY21 Congressional District? We as people can no longer send a person to Washington who does not see Health Care as an important issue.

Hatred manifests from ignorance

‘Supremacy’ as defined in Webster’s dictionary is a condition of power above all.

It is quite a contradiction then that any person/s claiming supremacy would display such a cowardly act as to make terrorist threats against Jewish community centers across New York State. This anti-Semitic act, as well as any racist, cultural actions will not be tolerated. It is a hatred which manifested from some very ignorant people and perpetuates itself through ignorance, fear and hatred. As usual, the cowards hide behind masks, emails, phones or hoards and spreads its tentacles as far as they can reach.

It is my hope that these persons will soon come to learn that they destroy any or all of the ideals one may strive to impose to better serve mankind.

GOP needs to stand up to Trump

The impeachment trial and fall out since is complete and utter truth that the Republican Party has failed in their one true job of protecting the Constitution of the United States. Only one Republican, Romney, after undisputed evidence and getting worse every day, with more and more evidence of an assault of the Laws of the Constitution, voted to impeach. Here are the choices we are left. Stop and limit this president’s power or impeach. The last is that since the king reigns we no longer need the Senate, or House, or Justice Departments. We can save a lot of money in paychecks and benefits. Mrs. Stefanik and all who chose to turn their backs and destroy our Constitution that all others fought the Revolutionary War for in Saratoga, New York, and turned the war for freedom. As your King Trump said in his only money-making job he had “You’re fired.”


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