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Letters to the Editor for Sunday, March 29

Letters to the Editor for Sunday, March 29

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Thanks for putting off firehouse vote

Thank you to Schenectady County Manager Rory Fluman for declaring an emergency order to postpone the referendum vote regarding the new firehouse in Scotia due to the current coronavirus situation.
It appears that the village board declined to voluntarily postpone the vote, requiring him to step in. Apparently, he is more concerned about the health and safety of village residents than our elected village officials.
Dave Lindsay

Low expectations from a Biden election

Two moderate candidates leave the race early shortly before Super Tuesday (supporting Joe Biden in the process) while progressive Elizabeth Warren stays in. Regardless of what I think about Bernie Sanders, this is suspicious.
I don’t recall the polls saying Biden would win easily. Are the polls wrong again?
I recall books and calendars about George W. Bush quotes. Do we see them about Biden’s mistakes if he wins?
From what I can tell, Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have received the most money from Wall Street in the last three elections. Don’t be surprised if Joe Biden is their biggest recipient next election, and that’s not a positive.
Barack Obama restarted the Cold War between two nuclear powers, putting all life at greater risk. Should we expect Biden to do the same?
For entertainment, this could be a great election. For policies that help the world, I’d keep my expectations extremely low.
Colin Yunick

Trump and McConnell serve nation poorly

Donald J. Trump’s presidency has been a reign of terror, one catastrophe after another. He lies as naturally as he breathes.
I wish he’d shut up. His minimizing the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic is frightening. He’s claiming now that the cure is worse than the problem.
Several doctors have announced that we’re at least three months behind where we should be. Then he claims he knew three months ago that it was coming. If that’s true, why didn’t he get off his plump derriere and do something about it? Another lie.
Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell is busy encouraging the oldest federal judges to retire so that younger ones can be appointed.
This would ensure that should the Democrats win in November, there will be no opportunity to appoint one of their own. Let’s hope that judges aren’t as partisan as the Senate is now.
There are many really good people in this world, and one lives here in Schenectady. Patty Soules is her name. She’s busy making face masks for medical personnel and local hospitals. Thank you, Patty, and God bless you.
I noticed a sign recently, “America is the home of the free because of the brave.” How true.
Jane Reisenger

Cuomo’s cure worse than the disease

The draconian measures that shut down “non-essential” businesses and schools must end quickly. The cure has become worse than the disease.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo likes to talk about compassion for those who will be sick. But what about those whose lives, incomes, businesses and retirements are being destroyed? Don’t they deserve compassion, too?
Is there any limit in the governor’s mind to the damage he would cause to the economy to reduce the infection? This is a reasonable question.
And don’t argue that a government program could possibly replace shuttered factories and stores.
How many times can Washington pass multi-trillion-dollar relief bills?
That is just not workable.
Claiming that these actions are worth it if they save “just one life” ignores the future deaths that will occur due to depression, addiction and suicide. Countless studies have proven for years that job loss increases these occurrences, and it’s not even open for debate.
Taking “just one life” to its extreme, swimming pools (3,500 a year per CDC website) and countless other everyday objects and activities would be outlawed.
Focus efforts on testing and treating at-risk populations. Build on the hygiene practices that slow the disease spread.
Realize that nothing will reduce the illnesses and deaths to zero. But we must stop the rush to impose the sweeping restrictions in every area of our economy before they incur greater hardship.
Edward Nieters
Burnt Hills

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