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Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, March 31

Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, March 31

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Cuomo updates are best at giving facts

In these uncertain times, the news we choose to consume may have a profound impact on our outlook and mental health.
I would suggest that any news program that leaves one feeling a grievance against any large group of people might not be the best choice. Instead, look around for programs where you are given clearly stated factual information.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s updates are what I have found to be the best.
Katie Finnegan
Middle Grove

No evidence Spring ‘bailed’ on district

I read the paper every morning as thoroughly as possible. I love Sarah Foss and agree with her almost 100% of the time.
However, I must take issue with her March 27 column (“Larry Spring bailed on Schenectady”) regarding Larry Spring’s resignation. I’m retired and have been “around the block” more than a few times. In my experience, when someone in high levels of any organization leaves abruptly, it is almost a result of their being fired or asked to resign.
The fact that Mr. Spring had expressed an intent to stay for several more years and the existence of rather detailed non-disclosure agreements makes me think that is likely the case here, as well. So, unless Ms. Foss has inside information or knows something the rest of us don’t, please let’s not jump to conclusions about Mr. Spring’s character. There is really no proof or evidence that he “bailed.”
Angela Marczewski

Thunberg is trying to save the planet

This teenage climate activist is inspiring young people (and old people like me) around the world to take action against our climate crisis, unlike the president and the Republican Party.
In his March 26 letter (“Who cares about Thunberg’s illness?”), Art Teale called her possible contacting this horrible virus “tripe” as she is trying to save your butt and our world tells us who you are and it’s not much.
Diane Sanders Hombach

Churches should  do drive-in service

We need prayer in this challenging time. Why don’t churches or other religious organizations offer drive-in services, a religious variation on the drive-in movie. A church leader offers service, preaches or leads prayers in a parking lot with the congregation sitting in their cars.
Mary Brusoe

Outbreaks spread fast. Do the math

Consider a hypothetical pond containing one lily pad. That pad and all its future progeny will reproduce once every day.
The next day there will be two pads, the next four pads and so on. It takes 20 days for the pads to cover one half the area of a pond. How many more days will it take for the pads to completely cover the pond surface? A) 20 days?  B) 10 days? C) 5 days? D) 1 day?
At the beginning, say day three or four, it would be easy to assume it might take quite a few more days to cover the last half of the pond, maybe 10 or more.
But the answer is (D), one day. This is the nature of exponential growth. Populations grow that way, as do epidemics. One infected person infects two others. Those two infect two each, or four others. Then eight, 16, etc. The first confirmed corona case in New York was on March 1. Twenty-four days later, New York has over 30,000. Not all those came from that single primary case, but you get my point.
At the beginning of the corona outbreak in the United States when it could have been controlled, the confirmed number of cases was small. Epidemiologists and a few others raised an alarm, but they were dismissed as alarmists. It turns out they were not alarmists; they simply knew the math. That should be a lesson for us all, and I hope we’ve learned it.
Peter Tobiessen

Thanks for the Fun and Games section

Thank you for making us happy. The Fun and Games section is wonderful. We do the puzzle page every morning, but now we have something to do all day. Thanks so much.
Linnea D’Andrea

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