Best Online Tarot Reading Sites For Accurate Tarot Cards Readings From Top Psychics Of 2022

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Online tarot card reading saves your time and money. It allows you to choose the reader who catches your attention with his rich bio and an incredible reputation. You are the one who makes the decision here.

The online psychic market offers incredible readings and allows you to review the readers’ bios before appointing a session. This makes things easier, allowing you to search for a psychic by your own preferences. 

But, before spending some money on online tarot card readings, you can test the online reader by using the free credits or minutes every website offers.

Online reading sessions are private and discrete, allowing you to decide if you want to show yourself during the live video sessions or stay anonymous and just watch the reader. 

Choosing online tarot readings will allow you to enjoy the session without anyone knowing or asking you about it. So, let’s look at the best platforms on the market. 

5 Best Online Tarot Reading Platforms For Live Tarot Readings:

  1. Purple Garden – Best Tarot Reading Platform To Get Live Tarot Cards Sessions
  2. Kasamba – Recommended Psychic Reading Site For Regular Psychic Readings 
  3. Mysticsense – Renowned Tarot Card Readers With Long Experience In Spiritual Readings
  4. Keen – Popular Psychics & Tarot Deck Readers For Life Guidance
  5. Psychic Oz – Affordable Psychic Readers With Cheap Psychics Online

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Purple Garden – Best Tarot Reading Platform To Get Live Tarot Cards Sessions


Purple Garden is our first choice because it caught our attention the most. The website allows you to set filters and adjust your search to your own preferences. You can also use the mobile app available for Android and iOs software.

The platform offers a lot of options, including astrology, tarot, dream analysis, psychics, mediums, angel insights, love, and career reading forecasts. 

Purple Garden can beat the skepticism and prove to everyone that the psychics there are really gifted people.

You can adjust the filters by psychics’ price, communication methods, reviews, availability status, etc. 

Ensure you set the filters precisely because Purple Garden has an endless list of psychics that might harden your choice.

Love tarot readings are Purple Garden’s specialties, providing most people with satisfactory sessions, which can be told by the positive reviews left on each psychic’s profile. You can find many unique types of tarot readings, such as Nouveau and Egyptian.


You can download the app and make yourself an account for free. The desktop version allows you to join the tarot readings online via chat, while phone and video sessions are available only through the mobile app. You can end the session anytime if you find it inaccurate or go differently.

The session time can not be less than 5 minutes or more than 60. The prices per minute range from $1 to $15, depending on the psychic’s specialties, reputation, and reading type. 

Purple Garden allows you to enter the “Journeys” community where people who used this platform describe their experience, how Purple Garden helped them deal with different situations, and where they are now thanks to Purple Garden.

Once you set the filters, psychic’s profiles will pop up on the screen. You can open their profiles and read their bios, specialties, and reviews left by customers who have had a session with a specific psychic. You can also view the activity status, saying if the psychic reader is online or busy at the moment.

Purple Garden will also allow you to see each psychic’s communication method since not all of them use all three methods (chat, phone, video).


  • Excellent features on the mobile app
  • Highly-reputed tarot reading psychics
  • Availability to see the psychic’s profile
  • Three communication methods
  • Prices as low as $1 per minute
  • Free $10 credits for the first session


  • The desktop version does not support calls and video sessions
  • Setting inaccurate filters might not give you the desired reading satisfaction

Why we recommend this

Purple Garden is a modern and user-friendly psychic platform. It has excellent features and offers incredible services for prices as low as $1. 

You can also find the psychic you search for by managing the filter options. Live video sessions allow you to participate in the reading without turning your camera on.

=> click here to visit the official website of Purple Garden

#2. Kasamba – Recommended Psychic Reading Site For Regular Psychic Readings 


Kasamba is number three on the list. We liked this website because it is one of the most used older psychic platforms. It celebrates 20 years of existence on the market, providing millions of customers with accurate readings.

Initially, we liked the website organization. Every reading category has subcategories, allowing you to be more precise in searching for psychics who specialize in your desired area. 

Kasamba offers classic psychic readings, love readings, tarot card readings, fortune telling, dream analysis, career forecasts, astrology readings, and more.

To use Kasamba, you have to create an account on the website. Enter your email and fill out the required information. It will take only a few minutes. Once you join the Kasamba community, you will be able to use the 70% discount and the 3 free minutes.

You can communicate with the psychic via chat, email, and phone. Video readings are not available on this platform.


Email readings are perfect for busy people who lack time to chat with psychics. Those with more free time can use the call feature and talk with the chosen psychic. All psychics do not offer phone readings. You can filter your research and select the reading method of your choice.

Kasamba has excellent articles that might help you understand how the readings go and what to ask your chosen psychic during the session. They are quite helpful, so keep in mind to check them before making a reading appointment.

Psychics’ profiles are public and available for everyone, whether registered on the website or just visiting. The bios will tell you more about the psychic and its specialties, as well as let you check the real reviews from customers who had a session with that advisor.

The sessions are priced per minute, and they might be from $2 to $30. Master advisors are pricey and might not be affordable for everyone, but you can use the 70% discount and pay less for the session with a master advisor.

Kasamba is now available for smartphones. Download the free app on your phone or tablet and enjoy the readings wherever you are.


  • Kasamba has existed for over 20 years
  • New customers receive up to 70% discount and 3 free minutes
  • Chat, phone, and video sessions
  • The most extensive reading topic list
  • Accurate readings and customer reviews
  • Publicly available advisors’ profiles


  • Highly reputed psychics have full schedules
  • Master advisors are too pricey and charge up to $30 per minute

Why we recommend this

Kasamba is a trustworthy psychic platform with decades of existence. It uses strict methods and tests while choosing psychics, ensuring the customers get accurate readings and advice. 

Kasamba also offers welcome discounts and free minutes. It is available for both mobile and desktop use.

=> click here to visit the official website of  Kasamba

#3. Mysticsense – Renowned Tarot Card Readers With Long Experience In Spiritual Readings


Once you open Mysticsense’s website, you will be plenished with mysticism. The good tarot reading site design gives incredible spiritual energy and allows you to focus on searching for the most matching advisor there.

The platform says that everyone can get a quality reading from the best worldwide advisors. Because Mysticsense believes in its quality readings, it offers a satisfaction guarantee. 

You will be able to get a refund if you are not satisfied with the reading. The refunds are in the form of credits, and you can use them for another reading.

So, you can get the 5 free minutes and continue the session as much as you can. Every following minute is paid, and the price is displayed on the lender’s profile. 

If you are unhappy with the first reading, ask for a refund and reuse the money for another advisor’s reading. Keep in mind to set precise filters and read the advisor’s specialties to get the most accurate reading.


Mysticsense has a vast psychic pool. Each advisor undergoes an extensive testing and checking to ensure his legitimacy and specialties. 

The community is built up of worldwide psychics with real gifts and specialties. Mysticsense guarantees satisfaction and instant refunds if the customer is unhappy.

Psychics’ profiles are fully described and informative to help the customers find the best match and make an appointment with a psychic that matches the desired reading topic. 

In the psychics’ profile cards, you can find the reviews of previous customers who have had a session and the communication methods.

Each psychic has a different price, so ensure you choose wisely and avoid paying overwhelming amounts. You can manage the filters so the platform can select the most matching advisors for you.

You will be able to select the availability status, reading topic, tools that the psychic uses, and the reading style. 

Among the topics, you can find love, divorce, new love, LGBTQ, toxic relationships, soulmates, friends, pet psychics, money, career, life path, spirituality, destiny, energy, intuition, and many other types of readings.

Among the tools used during the reading sessions, you can choose tarot decks, crystal balls, angel cards, auras, chakras, numerology, dream signs, etc.


  • Strict testing for the new psychics
  • Wide list of topics and tools
  • Public reviews and advisors’ bios
  • Live chat, video, and phone call readings
  • Prices as low as $1 per minute
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee and fast refunds


  • Not all psychics provide live video sessions
  • Some popular advisors are overbooked, and it’s hard to make an appointment

Why we recommend this

The first thing that caught our attention was the free minutes and fast refunds if not satisfied. So, you have nothing to lose if you have chosen the wrong psychic. 

The tool and reading topic offered are pretty rich and allow you to be more precise during your research.

=> click here to visit the official website of Mysticsense

#4. Keen – Popular Psychics & Tarot Deck Readers For Life Guidance


Keen is a modern platform offering different types of readings. Whether you prefer classic psychic readings, life questions, love readings, spiritual readings, or tarot spread readings, Keen will try its best to connect you with the best advisor at the moment that matches your searching filters.

You can get deeper in setting your filters by choosing a subcategory. For example, the love readings include break up and divorce, parenting, cheating, affairs, single, dating, mutual life, soulmates, marital life, LGBT, and friends readings. Being more precise during your research will result in excellent matching psychics connection.

Keen’s services and accurate tarot card readings are available for all people worldwide. The psychics are also from different parts of the world, allowing you to see a wider choice of advisors. 

The communication language is English, while you can find an advisor from your nation speaking your language. The platform allows you to communicate via chat or phone while live video sessions are still unavailable.


As a welcome offer, Keen gives free 3 minutes or a chance to get 10 minutes for $2, which is a way better offer. Instead of paying the total price for a session, you can use the promotional offer of $2 and enjoy a session with any psychic.

The psychics themselves set the price for a minute. It is determined by the psychic’s specialties, skills, reputation, and communication method. 

The price range goes from $2 to $30 per minute. You can set the price in the filters and see only the advisors that match your budget.

Chat readings can be done immediately by choosing available psychics at the time of your research. Phone sessions should be scheduled upfront since many psychics have a lot of appointments.

The reviews and ratings are Keen’s stronger side since they are user-generated and accurate. The reviews are available on each psychic profile separately, so you can check them and ensure that most people get accurate readings.

Once you have created a profile on Keen, you will be able to schedule a session, read daily horoscopes and articles, and get notifications when your favorite psychic is online.


  • Ten minutes for a $2 package
  • Three free minutes as a welcome offer
  • Accurate reviews and readings
  • Publicly available psychic profiles and bios
  • A vast list of reading categories
  • Live chat and phone sessions


  • Keen does not support live video readings
  • Paying $30 per minute might be too pricey

Why we recommend this

Keen allows you to find a psychic that matches your needs easily. The filters can match you with the most accurate advisor based on your budget and reading topic. 

It also allows you to enjoy a session of 3 minutes for free. You decide if you want to continue the session by paying it or quitting.

=> click here to visit the official website of Keen

#5. Psychic Oz – Affordable Psychic Readers With Cheap Psychics Online


Psychic Oz is the oldest psychic reading platform on the list. It has provided customers worldwide with accurate readings since 1989. 

Its long experience helped Psychic Oz to manage the psychic selection, providing most people with accurate and helpful readings and advice.

The advisors who are part of the Psychic Oz community specialize in different fields, including love, family, career, and other sectors. 

Psychics receive high ratings consistently, which is an excellent sign to choose Psychic Oz as the best online psychic platform.

All psychics undergo screening and testing. The testing process is more expanded than the competitor’s, claims the platform. 

The advisors who have passed the tests and screenings are authentic and gifted people who have earned their place among the professionals of Psychic Oz.

All new clients receive 3 free minutes for the first session, while all other sessions come with a 1-minute free. The prices per minute for a session are much lower than other websites and go up to $10.


Psychic Oz has a vast selection of reading topics and tools, making your research precise. You can select the topic from the offered categories: love, relationships, money, breakups, friendships, affairs, astrology, career, past life, etc. Then, you can select the tools that the psychic uses during the reading.

The tools include various cards and crystals, including tarot cards, angel cards, crystal balls, numerology, astrology, runes, etc. You can also check psychics’ specialties by opening their profiles and reading the descriptions.

Each advisor is different-priced. You can see two prices on their profiles, one for email readings and another for calls. The advisor’s reputation and specialties set the price, and it might vary from $2 to $10.

Psychic Oz is popular for tarot card readings. Most customers choose tarot readings for love, money, health, family, fertility, future spouse, marriage, and friendships. Tarot reading psychics are highly reputed and recommended by many customers.

Psychic Oz is available for both desktop and mobile apps, allowing you to participate in the session from anywhere. Your phone number is required for the phone readings and is never shared with third parties outside the Psychic Oz platform.


  • The oldest and most experienced psychic platform
  • Strict criteria for hiring advisors
  • Free minutes for the first session
  • Email and phone call sessions
  • Affordable prices of up to $10 per minute
  • Vast reading topic and tools selection


  • There is no satisfaction guarantee
  • Psychic Oz has no live video session option

Why we recommend this

Firstly, we were triggered by the low prices that are no higher than $10 per minute. Customers can book a phone reading and pay relatively low for it. And secondly, we liked the customers’ reviews’ accuracy. 

We have researched the internet and found hundreds of positive reviews on various forums and websites.

=> click here to visit the official website of Psychic Oz

How We Made the List Of Top Tarot Deck Readers For Real Readings:

Welcome discounts

We were triggered by the welcome offer each platform gives. The owners understand that many people might be skeptical about appointing an online reading session, and they might refuse online services. So, to prove the psychic services work accurately, they give free minutes or credits to try them.

If you like how the sessions go, you can continue by paying for them. The platforms also offer excellent packages that are money-saving options. 

You can buy a 10-minute package by paying a few dollars, which might make the reading cheaper than regular. 

The offers are excellent and beat the skepticism of many new customers who are here for the first time.

Real gifted readers

All five tarot reading platforms make a strict selection of their psychics. Whether they do screening, testing, or both, it showed up that the hiring process is effective. 

All five tarot reading websites note in their description that they are hiring worldwide advisors that can show their specialties and quality.

The accuracy is visible in the reviews, too. Many customers who have chosen a psychic on these websites are pretty satisfied with the result and advice the chosen advisor has given. This fact triggered us and made us set the psychics’ authenticity as a criterion for our article.

Quality tarot readings

No matter the reading topic you choose, tarot reading psychics online can give you the best advice. They might not predict your future but might help you reveal some present situations and make your future better by making good decisions.

The video and phone call sessions are best for psychic readings. You can talk with the psychic and ask everything you want to get informed about. From the reviews, we found out that these five online tarot reading platform are the best in tarot readings.

Publicly available psychics bios

This was the best part of our criteria selection. It is always best to find out more about the chosen psychic before paying for the reading. 

That way, you can see his specialties, reputation, and price and determine if the price matches its readings. Choosing psychic readers randomly might lead to dissatisfaction.

The websites will allow you to set filters and find an advisor specializing in the topic you need to increase your satisfaction.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Trusted Tarot Sites: 

Check the reader’s bio

Ensure that the chosen top astrologers specializes in your desired topic. Use the filters and check the bios. 

Every psychic has different specialties and uses different tools. So, to get the most accurate readings, you have to manage the filters correctly.

What other customers have experienced

In the advisor’s bio, you can see customers’ reviews who have already been in a session. That way, you can ensure that your chosen psychic gives accurate (or inaccurate) readings. 

From the customers’ reviews, you can also learn more about the reading process and tools of the specific psychic. Keep in mind to check the reviews to avoid wasting money on unsatisfactory readings.

Communication method and availability

Because everyone has different preferences, many psychics offer various communication methods. 

Almost all psychics offer live chat readings and phone call sessions. A small number of advisors offer live video readings. Choose the way you feel most comfortable and enjoy the tarot reading.

The price per minute

As a new customer, you will receive a few free minutes. Watch the time and price that chosen psychic charges for the reading. 

Sometimes, the session might be interesting and make you forget about the time passed, resulting in spending a lot of money. The price is displayed in the psychic’s bio.

Online Tarot Readers vs Tarot Readers Near Me:

Saves time

Online tarot readings are much better because they save you time. You don’t have to leave your home to enjoy a tarot reading session. Open your smartphone and book a session wherever you are.

Better privacy and discretion

Online readings will allow you to enjoy complete privacy. No one will see you entering a psychic store and ask you annoying questions that you kind of do not want to explain to everyone.

The choice is yours

The best thing about online tarot sessions is that you choose the psychic you want to have a session with. 

Offline tarot card spread readers do not have public bios, and you would not know anything about the accuracy and specialties they give.

You decide how much to spend

Before starting the session, you can select the price that matches your budget. Online reading allows you to quit the conversation anytime and pay as much as you want. 

On the other hand, offline readings do not give you a satisfaction guarantee or an option to choose how much you want to pay.

FAQs Regarding Live Tarot Reading Sessions: 

#1. How accurate are tarot card readings?

Tarot card readings might be very accurate if you choose the right psychic. But, the psychics can’t know everything about you and your life. 

Whether experienced or new in tarot readings, no psychic can give you a 100% guarantee of accuracy. The cards are just popping out, pointing to something related to the life events happening in the present.

#2. What questions can I ask during the tarot reading session?

You can ask everything about your life, whether love, family, finances, career, or spirituality. Ensure that your questions are general and stick to the topic. Ensure that the questions are not uncovering important details about you and your life.

#3. What can I expect from a tarot reading session the first time?

The first session might look like a conversation. The psychic might tell about something or someone present in your life that spreads good or bad energy and affects your mood and living. 

The psychic can give you advice and warn you about possible dangerous steps in life. You should not expect the psychic to tell you the winning lotto numbers or predict your future.

Get Online Tarot Readings Now From Top Tarot Cards Experts Of 2022: 

Choosing online tarot reading over in-store ones is a way better idea. Keep it private, save money and time, and fulfill your free time with some good readings.

The psychics might help you find an obstacle that stops you from being you, help you invest in yourself, and reach your success.

The choice is yours. You select the psychic, and you determine the price.

Open your tarot cards today.