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Tri-County Trivia contest next Tuesday

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Tri-County Trivia contest next Tuesday

Ten Broeck Mansion in Albany
Ten Broeck Mansion in Albany


How well do you know your local history?

If you think you know it pretty well, you might want to see how you do against other Capital Region history buffs when the inaugural Tri-County Trivia event takes place Tuesday, June 5, at 6:30 at the American Legion Post #1520 on Everett Road in Albany.

The competition is a joint venture of the Albany County Historical Association, Rensselaer County Historical Society and the Schenectady County Historical Society. Samantha Hall-Saladino, executive director of the ACHA at Ten Broeck Mansion in Albany, is organizing the event.

"We're hoping to get at least 10 teams, and if we have a few couples who want to play we will make up teams," said Hall-Saladino. "People shouldn't be afraid to sign up by themselves. We will put teams together."

Teams are limited to six people, and the cost is $25 per person or $125 per team. The entry deadline is Monday, June 4.

"We will focus on history questions from each county, as well as some general New York and American history questions," said Hall-Saladino. "We won't make it too tricky, but we may also throw in some bonus questions about pop culture."

The event is a fundraiser for the three historical associations. The public is also invited to attend and root on their favorite teams for $10. For more information contact the Albany County Historical Society at (518) 436-9826 or visit www.tenbroeckmansion.org.


Mabee Farm coming under fire

Despite its status as an outpost on the western frontier of New York for much of the 18th century, the Mabee Farm never came under Indian attack, at least as far as we know.

This Saturday and Sunday, however, you will be able to see and hear guns blazing and cannons firing when the Schenectady County Historical Society presents its "Dangerous Frontier" living history weekend.

The idea is to take visitors back to 1759 when during the French and Indian War you might have expected the Mabee Farm to be attacked. Along with the boom of cannons and musket fire, they'll be plenty of militiamen on site, bateau sailing on the Mohawk River, and skilled artisans practicing their Colonial-era crafts. Cost of the event is $10 per automobile. For more information visit www.schenectadyhistorical.org.