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The Struts party with crowd at Upstate Concert Hall

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The Struts party with crowd at Upstate Concert Hall

The Struts at Upstate Concert Hall Sunday
The Struts at Upstate Concert Hall Sunday

From the first song, it was clear that The Struts weren’t there Sunday at Upstate Concert Hall to perform for the crowd, but to party with them.

“Hey you, don’t you know who you think I am?” sang lead vocalist Luke Spiller. He was met with more than a few answers from the hall crowd; most were screamed in admiration.

After just over a week of shows on their U.S. tour, the British glam-rock band sounds fresh and ready to, as Spiller says, “make rock and roll fun again.”

Their sound is infectious, a mix of classic rock and shined-up grunge. Since forming in 2010, they’ve won the approval of rockers like Dave Grohl and Kesha - the latter joined them on the single “Body Talks.”

Spiller was really the star of the show on Sunday night, changing from one fringe-lined jacket to a cape-like shirt paired with a hat that sparkled more than a disco ball. He got the crowd to join the band in singing nearly every song and even pulled one young woman from the crowd on stage during a cover of “Dancing In The Dark.”

Towards the end of the night, Spiller huddled with Jed Elliot on bass guitar, Gethin Davies on drums and Adam Slack on guitar to turn the crowd into fireworks. He ordered the crowd to crouch down on the ground and shoot up on his command. Nearly everyone (there’s always that one guy isn’t there?) shot up into a frenzy at his mark and of course, the night went out with a bang. Sure, it sounds a bit weird, but it fit with Spiller's mad musical musician persona.

White Reaper opened, as they did not too long ago when Spoon came to Upstate Concert Hall. The garage punk band played an exhaustingly fast set, taking minimal breaks between each song if any at all. Yet, it somehow felt like the perfect lead into the non-stop party that The Struts threw.