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Fulton County transactions: October

Real Estate Rundown

Fulton County transactions: October


Here are Fulton County's real estate transactions from October. The Daily Gazette will update if more transactions become available.


  • Jesse Roylance and Danielle Roylance bought Lakeview Road from Dean Holley for $100,000 on 10/03/17.
  • Polly Young bought West Main St. from Joan Mowers for $118,000 on 10/06/17.
  • Thomas Fraumane and Irene Fraumane bought 387 Honeywell Corners Rod from Douglas VanNostrand and Amy VanNostrand for $107,000 on 10/10/17.


  • William Schmidt and Lisa Zibella bought Third Ave. from Scott Moulton for $75,000 on 10/10/17.


  • Stephanie Carle bought 162 NYS Route 67 from Wasfi Alanbaki and Danuta Alanbaki for $67,840 on 10/04/17.


  • Joseph Gurtler and Beth Gurtler bought 89 Sixth Ave. from W. Randy Paul and Janice Paul for $121,900 on 10/02/17.
  • Charis Kakavelos bought 268 South Kingsboro Ave. from Frank Carangelo for $160,000 on 10/06/17.
  • William Guzielek and Kathy Gentile-Guzielek bought East Blvd. from Laurie Cerasia and Jeannine McAllister for $80,000 on 10/06/17.
  • Steven Bruning bought 61 East Blvd. from Richard Szurek, Michael Szurek, Edward Szurek, and Angelina Szurek for $105,000 on 10/10/17.
  • Daniel Rhodes bought 12 North Hollywood Ave. from Susan Raiano, Executrix for $83,000 on 10/11/17.
  • Eric Hayes and Beverly Hayes bought West Fulton St. from Annette Rowback for $78,000 on 10/11/17.
  • Michael Hayner bought Lark St. from David Sammons, Linda Sammons, and James Sammons, Trustees for $93,500 on 10/12/17.
  • Brenda Molano bought 7 Ridge Road from Asah Moore and Anna Kane for $84,800 on 10/13/17.
  • Wayne Akey bought Almond St. from Bethany Nitsky for $57,500 on 10/13/17.


  • Martin Gardner and Robin Jusenius bought 816 NYS Route 29A from Patti Moran for $131,500 on 10/02/17.
  • Thomas Marino bought 133 Hall Ave. from Noreen Collins, Patricia Robinson, Peter Marino, and Andrew Marino for $96,000 on 10/06/17.
  • Justin Przybylowicz and Jennifer Przybylowicz bought 1761 NYS Route 67 from Michael Millias for $168,700 on 10/11/17.
  • Juan Martinez-Ruiz and Liz Santos-Quinones bought 306 West State St. from Michael Goodwill and James Goodwill-Rogers for $150,800 on 10/13/17.
  • Kyle Jones and Amy Jones bought 224 County Route 131A from Joanne Smith and Mary Smith for $244,000 on 10/13/17.


  • Dennis Vunk and Dawn Vunk bought 258 Woods Hollow Road from Wayne Dingman and Nicole Dingman for $238,000 on 10/02/17.
  • Jose Rodriguez, Juana Rodriguez, and Vanessa Halas bought 127 Sunrise Drive from Ronald Marshall and Jeanine Marshall for $324,500 on 10/05/17.
  • Christine Sledziewski bought 108 Cranberry Creek Road from Kevin Terhune and Brenda Nelson for $94,794 on 10/06/17.


  • Dwight Wright and Melissa Wright bought 147 Bunker Hill Road from John Alexander and Cindy Alexander for $150,000 on 10/10/17.
  • Ernest DuPont and Susan DuPont bought 147 Juergen's Point Drive from Larry Smith and Jacalyn Smith for $687,500 on 10/11/17.
  • Linda Melita-Johnson bought McKinley Ave. from Eric Baum, Executor for $70,000 on 10/12/17.


  • Chanin Leo bought 401 South Main St. from Christian Klueg and Megan Klueg for $285,000 on 10/03/17.


  • Jeffrey Kline and Michelle Kline bought 1056 Midline Road from Denise McCarthy and Karen Smith, Trustees for $179,900 on 10/06/17.