Discover the Top 5 Websites to Buy Instagram Followers (Best Vendors)

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When you are attempting to grow an Instagram account, either for your business or personal brand, you may find the process extremely challenging.

There are so many people vying for attention on Instagram, regardless of the niche or target demographic, which makes the process of building a following a lot harder than it was even just a few years ago. Everyone posts frequently, while even the most novice of Instagram users can manage to take high-quality photos with their smartphones.

Unless you have hours to spend on Instagram each day, you may not be able to grow your following at a rapid rate using organic methods. Rather than allowing your following on Insta to stagnate, you may want to invest in Instagram followers.

Below is an explanation of why you should be careful when you buy Instagram followers, along with a list of five reliable and top-rated websites to purchase followers.

Exercise Caution When Buying Instagram Followers

There is a temptation to search for Instagram follower sellers on Google and choose one of the first websites that pops up on the search results page. Such an approach can create more problems than it solves, because you may be buying followers from a disreputable company.

When you want to buy IG followers, you must be wary. There are plenty of sellers that are not offering quality content. They may promise quick delivery and that you will gain followers permanently, but they sell bots and inactive accounts. There are several reasons why these will not be useful to you.

While bots or inactive accounts do temporarily raise your follower count, these bought followers are temporary. If they are bots, Instagram will eventually purge them from the platform. The same can happen to inactive accounts, as they may get deleted if the person who had the account does not log in after a set amount of time.

You may end up paying for followers that are not useful to you beyond a few weeks, which is a waste of money. The better option is to choose a reputable platform where you are getting genuine followers and active accounts.

Another reason to steer clear of platforms that are disreputable is that you may cause problems for your Instagram account. If the Instagram algorithm notices a lot of bots following your account, you may be taken off trending lists and given a lower priority within your organic followers’ feeds.

Below are the five most reputable websites where you can buy Instagram followers. If you buy from any of these platforms, you are guaranteeing a significant and long-lasting improvement to your Instagram account.

1. Twicsy

One of the very best platforms to buy Instagram followers, Twicsy is an affordable place for you to grow your social media following. If you are tired of trying to buy followers from other sites, only to end up with bots that are gone within a week, you should sign up for an account on Twicsy today.

The service does not require you to enter your Instagram account password, as all they need from you is the username. Then you can decide how many high-quality or premium followers you want to buy, checkout with the payment method of your choosing, and enjoy as those followers start rolling onto your account.

You can choose the package with the number of followers you need, while you can also add Instagram likes and Instagram views to your order as well. One of the advantages of buying through Twicsy is their excellent customer support team. If you have any problems while buying real Instagram followers, they will be happy to assist you until your order is to your liking.

Raising your follower count on Instagram is a lot easier when you can use a site like Twicsy. Not only do they offer active followers, which are either high-quality or premium, but they often have discounts as well. This is the best site to buy followers without creating any issues with the Instagram algorithm.

All the followers you buy are real people, and the only choice to make is whether you go with high-quality or premium followers. High-quality followers are real people, but they may not be from your target demographic. With premium followers, you are paying a higher price per follower, but they are from within an audience that would have an interest in what you have to offer. Twicsy has also been featured in the likes of Bronx Times, Dan’s Paper s and US Mag.

Rather than spamming posts with hashtags to try and reach your target audience, you can push your posts towards a large portion of Instagram users by buying followers from Twicsy.

2. Buzzoid

Another outstanding platform to buy Instagram followers, Buzzoid is extremely reputable within the community. If you want to get your posts trending and hope to avoid fake accounts while chasing Instagram growth, you have come to the right place.

Not only do you get access to quality IG followers for a low price, but you only have to provide Buzzoid with your Instagram profile name. You can create an account within a minute, choose the package of Insta followers you like the most, and check out with a credit card, PayPal, or another payment method.

Similar to Twicsy, you can buy high-quality followers or premium followers on Buzzoid. The choice you have to make is whether you want to pay the lowest possible price for organic followers, or if you want to push out the boat and gain even more from the transaction.

Premium followers are the cream of the crop in this space. You are gaining access to a valuable tool for your social media marketing goals. These are not only quality Instagram followers, but they are real people from your target demographic that would be very interested in your posts. The follower packages from premium followers are slightly more expensive, but they are well worth the investment for business owners.

Buying from Buzzoid means there is no chance of getting fake Instagram followers. While this platform does not offer a growth service, their followers are genuine, which means your engagement rate on Insta will improve in the coming days and weeks.

You can request fast delivery of followers, which means they come through within several hours or days, depending on the quantity requested. There is also the option of instant t delivery, where all the followers arrive within minutes. Such an option is helpful if you are buying a few followers, but may raise suspicions if your follower count grows by 100,000 within an hour.


3. Rushmax

If you are chasing Instagram followers for social proof, but do not want to pay much money, then Rushmax is a suitable option. They do offer premium followers, and you have the advantage of choosing a package with precisely the number of followers you need.

The service not only assists you in establishing brand awareness for your company, but ensures that your Instagram explore page is a lot more popular. Your photos will show up in trending lists, and all your organic followers will see your posts higher up in their feeds as well.

Rushmax offers quality services for a very reasonable price. Those who have concerns about price can gain further discounts by buying in larger quantities. When you buy a bundle of many followers, such as 10,000 or 20,000, then you have access to a lower per follower price, compared to only buying a few hundred followers in one transaction.

4. Social Buddy

Another place where you can get affordable Instagram services is Social Buddy. The platform delivers purchased followers instantly or in a staggered manner, depending on your preferences. You do not have to worry about a mass unfollow from these bought followers, as they are all genuine.

You can quickly checkout on Social Buddy using your preferred payment method, ensuring you have easy access to the best quality followers available. These followers will boost your metrics on Instagram, ensuring that you have a very popular account within your niche.

Social Buddy may not have the top tier reputation of Twicsy or Buzzoid, but you are still getting a very good service for the money. None of the followers from this platform are bots or inactive, which is a huge relief for business owners and prospective influencers.

5. Audience Gain

Those who are chasing genuine followers for their Instagram account will be very happy with the Audience gain service. They sell cheap Instagram followers, along with views and likes. You can choose the package of real users that best fits your budget, but you will gain a bigger per follower discount if you buy in bulk.

Audience Gain is an excellent site for Instagram influencers to use. You can choose to have your followers delivered instantly, or you can specify a different delivery time if you want them to stagger onto your account in the coming days.

Another reason to use this service is because they have a very good support team. You can use the live chat feature on their website, or email them, if there are any issues with the account creation or checkout process.

How to Organically Grow an Instagram Following

Even if you use one of the above websites to buy active Instagram followers, it does not mean you can ignore the quality of your account. When you get real followers from within your demographic, they will eventually check out your posts and decide if they want to continue following you or not.

Accounts that are putting up quality content are the ones that will keep their followers for the long term. That is why you must pay attention to your account, and improve the quality of your posts. What you can do is take a series of photos one or two times a week, and then stagger your posting so that you develop some consistency.

Studies show that if you are posting at the same time on social media each day, you are likely to get people more engaged. A lot of time, people will go online around the same time each day, and if they expect you to post a new photo or video each day, checking your account can become part of their Instagram routine.

Another step you can take is to incorporate Instagram stories into your routine on this platform. Stories are a great way to give a behind the scenes glimpse into what is going on with your day, if you are a content creator, or the running of your business if you are an entrepreneur.

If you are serious about having a huge following on Instagram, then you must also improve the way you are engaging with your audience. People like it when you like their comments, or you reply to them on Instagram. Such interactions make them feel as though you care about their input, even if you have hundreds of thousands of followers.

Such work is time-consuming. You will have to decide if you can do it on your own, or if you want to offload the work to a marketer or someone else at your business. Most small business owners find they can handle the challenge of posting regularly on Instagram, provided they create a plan of when they will take photos and how often they will post them throughout the week.

Last Thoughts

Those who are attempting to grow an influencer brand, or run a small business, must have an Instagram page with a high follower count. Unless you have 100,000 or more followers, you cannot successfully use the platform to make your digital marketing strategy a success.

The above websites are some of the best options for buying Instagram followers for affordable prices. Platforms such as Twicsy and Buzzoid have a long history of providing active Instagram followers in packages that are accessible within any price range.