Use These Services To Maintain Your Health During COVID-19

Use These Services To Maintain Your Health During COVID-19

I remember back in March when my health routine was near perfect. I would gym every second day, eat healthy meals, and go to therapy. Sometimes, I would run or hike nearby. It didn’t seem like much then, but now it feels like a whole other life.

COVID-19 has had an impact even on the health of people who haven’t contracted the virus. It has caused us to spend a lot more time indoors, sitting around, eating takeout, and feeling anxious. I already feel much less healthy than I did four months ago.

To get back into the swing of things and get my health regimen back in order, there are some services I have found particularly helpful. You can find the best of them on and implement routine back into your life.

Online therapy

For the first couple of months, I avoided therapy. My therapist continued doing in-person consultations for those who had no safe space at home but I was too anxious about the virus to go. Doing therapy over video didn’t seem like a good substitute.

However, when I did eventually decide that I needed therapy, even if it was imperfect, I found online therapy to be a pleasantly surprising experience. Yes, it makes it more difficult for my therapist to read my body language, but that puts the impetus on me and I have to be much more aware of myself.

Online therapy can be a very positive experience, and the novelty of it shouldn’t prevent you from giving it a try. It will make a huge difference to your mental health.

Meal kit delivery services

It’s strange, but I was much more likely to cook after a long day at work than after a quarantine day at home. It is hard to find the motivation to get things done in the middle of a pandemic. I have eaten far too many unhealthy takeout’s to count.

Meal kit delivery services provide a healthy compromise. They send all the ingredients for a meal chopped and prepared. All you need to do is follow a simple recipe and apply the finishing touches. You land up with a delicious and healthy meal with hardly any work.

You can get meal kits that suit every diet and your particular health needs. What’s more is that they reduce the amount of food in the fridge that you let go to waste.

Fitness apps

The fact that you can’t see your personal trainer or use your gym’s equipment does not mean you can’t work out effectively. There are a number of fitness apps that provide a wealth of workouts, constructed to help people of every level.

With an app like Sworkit, you can choose workouts that require no equipment. If you buy a simple resistance band, your options really open up. Alternatively, if you enjoy running or walking, you can download an app like Runkeeper or Nike+ which will motivate you while tracking how fast you are running, your distance, and more.

Staying healthy requires a different kind of commitment this year. Motivation is hard to come by, but hopefully the above services will help you build some momentum.