Five Advantages Of Investing In Bitcoin

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When the Bitcoin White Paper appeared in 2008, signed by Satoshi Nakamoto, surely no one could have imagined that, just over ten years later, this cryptocurrency would lead an increasingly large and attractive market for all. Today there are several platforms, including automated robot trading applications like bitcoin-evolution, that allow anyone, both the most experienced and the novice, to embark on the adventure of investing and making money with bitcoins. 

A first advantage of investing in Bitcoin is that this is still the leading cryptocurrency, not only because it was the first that existed, but above all, because it was the one with the highest price in the market. The number of bitcoins is not infinite, just 21 million, but it will only arrive there around 2030. Currently, the vast majority of virtual stores that accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment include, in the first place, Bitcoin. 

The fact that it is not controlled by any Central Bank or government is typical of cryptocurrencies and of course Bitcoin benefits from this decentralization since its value is not affected by traditional economic standards. It is true that the price of Bitcoin has fluctuated, since the boom of December 2017 where it was quoted at almost 20 thousand dollars to the present, with a price that has reached 50 thousand dollars! This fact is the main reason why more and more investors are deciding to buy bitcoins from trusted sources such as Coinjournal. 

Completing a bitcoin transaction on the blockchain is a quick process since it can be done in a matter of seconds, from anywhere in the world; It is safe because it is impossible to falsify or duplicate a bitcoin, from the cryptographic techniques that accompany the process and everything can be done under a semi-anonymity unthinkable with traditional money. Each transaction carried out on the blockchain does not show who carried it out, only the address of the electronic wallet at the beginning and end of the transaction, as well as the amount of the operation. 

Also, the cost of making a bitcoin transfer, no matter the amount, is very low. The person always has control over their bitcoins, since there is no one who can prevent a transaction from taking place or block an account. 

Another distinctive and very advantageous element of Bitcoin is that it opened the possibility for anyone to invest. For a long time, not a few saw the process of investing as an activity limited only to specialists and people with great capital. This has been left behind since in a certain way digital platforms have come to democratize investment. 

These platforms have very modern software that allows users of said platform to carry out transactions automatically. It is not necessary to have great knowledge about the world of investments, just let the software make the decisions and make money. 

An investment is never totally safe and Bitcoin’s price volatility raises logical doubts, but despite this, it is still a profitable investment for those who bet long term. Cryptocurrencies have transformed the economy and traditional currencies will definitely have to update and adapt to change or they risk disappearing.