Five Great Korean Dishes You Must Eat When You go To Korea

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Have you ever wanted to try the delicious, mouth watering dishes you see when you watch K-drama? Or you’ve fantasized about going to Seoul, or Damyang to enjoy the scenery, lifestyle? Have you thought of getting a hotel booking and spending days in any of the country’s beautiful cities filled with lights just to feel the warmth and communal life of South Korea while drinking any of the delicious soups they give? 

If South Korean dishes have always fascinated you, then this is the right place to be. Whether you’re going to South Korea for the first time and staying at any of hotels, or you’ve visited this gorgeous Asian country before and loved your experience, this article will give you five of the Great Korean dishes you should try. 

It is important to note, before we wet our tongue with the plethora of rice meals, soups and local Korean cuisines that will get you salivating, that South Korean meals are more than just the taste of the food. 

Korean foods taste great, for sure. However, the experience of drinking a Gingseng Chicken soup when you’re there for a vacation is worth it. The rich history behind every meal makes Korean foods more than the foods’ taste. Eating Korean meals is an experience that should be savored to the fullest. 



Korean dishes have histories behind them, stories that explain their origin and how Koreans perceive them. In Korea, food is how history is shared and love expressed. If a Korean offers you food, it’s a sign that they accept you into their family, whether you’re a tourist or someone there on vacation. 

 Having said that, here are 5 tantalizing Korean Dishes you should be trying. 

  • Bimbimbap: Rice is a staple in Korea. There are several finger-licking dishes in Korea that are made from rice. Bimbimbap is a wholesome meal made from rice and vegetables. Go to any restaurant in Korea, you’re sure to find this meal on their menu, and most importantly served with either meat or seafood. 

If you’re a seafood type, you’d prefer the one served with raw seafood, which is called hoedeopbap. 


But should you be a big fan of chicken (just like me), the Bimbimbap served with egg, chicken, soy sauce and dollop chili pepper will be your pick. 

Like most Korean meals, Bimbimbap is best eaten when with family and friends. 

So, if you’re a lover of spicy foods, or you like trying new meals with some level of safety, the Bimbimbap is your best choice. 

  • Tteokguk (Korean rice soup): Because of the love for rice Koreans have, it is not out of place that some of the country’s tastiest meals are made from rice, either cooled directly or used to make soup and other delicacies.  

Tteokguk is made from Garea Tteok. Garea Tteok is a cake dough that is made with rice. Like I said before, the rice cake is a representation, in Korean culture, of long life. 

After cutting the rice dough, you boil and eat with different veggies and other spices and ingredients. 

The rice soup is eaten most times during the new year. Because it represents long life, it is a perfect dish for birthday celebrations and the celebration of new life or new accomplishments. 

  • Ginseng Chicken soup (Samgyetang): There are only a few things in this world better than chicken. 

What are they? 

Honestly, they don’t exist in my books!  

Chicken is the best food in the world, and having a hot bowl of chicken soup, especially during hot summer or winter seasons feels like taking a giant step into heaven. 

Samgyetang isn’t just chicken and soup. 

Far from it! 

The chicken is packed full with gingko nuts — a soft and chewy outer layer that feels like roasted chestnut, ginseng, garlic, chestnuts, glutinous rice, dried jujubes and tiny drops of water. 

You slow-cook the chicken and its accompanying condiments in a pot until the chicken is soft and tender, and the broth has a thick and inviting fragrance, usually slightly bitter because of the nuts and garlic. 

Korean Chicken soup is a perfect meal to serve people visiting Korea for the first time, or those who aren’t as adventurous to try new meals. 

Hey, it is chicken, and chicken can never go wrong! 

Samgyetang can never go wrong! 

You should get yourself a bowl of Samgyetang the next time you’re holidaying in Korea and staying in a hotel you booked using Karda.  

  •  Japchae (Glass Noodle Stir Fry): This list would be incomplete without noodles. 

Who goes to Korea for a holiday or relocates to Korea and doesn’t see people in restaurants eating noodles? 

Or if you’re a big fan of Korean movies, then noodles is something you’ve seen a lot. 

So, it is only ideal that I introduce you to the ‘noodles carefully mixed with a lot of vegetables’, Japchae. 

Japchae is said to have been presented to a King during the Joseon Dynasty. The meal wasn’t originally Korean, the legends says, but after the civil official gave the King the sizzling plate of Japchae, the aroma and color enticed the king. 

However, not one to praise the taste of food by mere sight and aroma, the king ate the food, and declared the Japchae his favorite meal. 

Sweet potato starch noodles mixed and fried with crispy carrots, fresh spinach, onions and mushroom and flavored with sit sauce gives a delicious food, don’t you think? 

  • Gamjatang (Pork BackBone Soup): If you’re a fan of pork, then the Gamjatang is a meal that will get you licking your fingers and ordering for more in whatever restaurant you go to. 

Here is the amazing part of the Gamjatang, it is used as a cure for hangovers. 

So, having booked your hotel with Karta, drank out all night with your friends, a pot of Back-Bone Soup will do just about good for you. 

Gamjatang is made from pork boiled with sweet potatoes, perilla seed, vegetables and many other things. 

Because of its amazing taste and effectiveness, Gamjatang ranks as one of the best meals for foreigners when they come to Korea. 


Korea is rich in delicious, healthy meals. From the soups to the noodles, and even to the rice delicacies, Korean cuisines will give anyone visiting Korea for holidays.