Games that went from Hero to ZERO in 2021

Guest Post


We all know that 2021 hasn’t been great for us gamers in terms of new and updated games, as many titles have already been delayed due to a number of reasons, pandemics being the show breaker. But we still managed to grab a few interesting ones to get us through the waiting period. 


However, some of the games that were previously looked up to as champions in the gaming world, have been turned upside down. Now, don’t get me wrong, these games are still good to play and they do offer a lot to the players but compared to the original title, they don’t really stand up to players’ expectations. 


Here is a list of some of the new games that went from hero to zero in 2021. 

Taxi Chaos 

Taxi Chaos is apparently the successor of the ultimate banger of a game Crazy Taxi. It was one of my personal favorite games to play in my childhood, it was fast, it was fun and best of all, it was straight out crazy. I mean, for a fairly simple concept of picking up NPCs from one place and dropping them at another, Crazy Taxi had it all. 


However, the new Taxi Chaos seems to be failing at so many of the levels that were previously set by Crazy Taxi. The game does have the same concept of picking and dropping with improved graphics but the thrill is dead and I think they probably should have introduced some fun features as it gets boring after a few plays.  

Rust: Console Edition 

Now this one is a little different, Rust hasn’t got a new sequel or a remake but it is being released for consoles. For those who don’t know, Rust is an extremely competitive survival game that is notorious for being too punishing, especially for new players. 


You get to start from scratch, build your homes, gather up resources, make weapons and the best part is, each and every player in the game can either be your friend or a deadly hunter! However, the console version of the game seems to be backtracking a bit, as Rust’s console version will not include some of the recent updates and additions made to the PC game. So, if you are interested in playing the game just buy an old rust account for PC instead, it will be much cheaper and way more stable than the console version. 


Warhammer: Age of Sigmar 

The Warhammer series hasn’t been doing well for some time now and it continues to disappoint a lot of fans with the new Warhammer Age of Sigmar title. The game does a pretty good job at some of the roleplay features but when you spend some time exploring the game, you’d find a lot things the game actually lacks. 


And the worst part is playing the game with many other players at once, it can get quite buggy. But overall the game lacks the finish of a true roleplay game. 


There are many other games that seem to be creating a lot of hype around the community but when we really get into them, it’s just smoke and mirrors sometimes. Although, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are bad but they sure do lack some of the things that make these games what they are!