How to increase engagement with video content?

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With so much video content already published on social media and the Internet in general, catching audience attention became harder than ever. Small companies and startups are particularly affected by this phenomenon as their marketing budget is often extremely limited. Nevertheless, digital video marketing is and will remain the most popular strategy for better audience engagement. 

survey conducted on marketers in December 2021 showed that 86% of them will continue using video as a marketing tactic, and 92% will keep video content as a part of their promotional strategy in 2022.


Video marketing and audience engagement

For most marketing experts these numbers are not a surprise as video content is an irreplaceable tool when it comes to telling a story about a brand or product in a short, entertaining and engaging way. The statistics on video consumption estimated that in 2022 people will spend 100 minutes every day watching videos. Studies on preferences revealed that 48% of viewers appreciate the most videos about products and services they are interested in, while 43% prefer interactive videos with more control over the information they receive.

Judging by these and other research results, it seems that viewers value videos that help them with their decision-making process and contain useful recommendations, suggestions, and directions.

Another useful detail about audience engagement is that both adults and younger generations would like to see more companies taking their age and location into consideration when making video content. Based on this information, it’s safe to say that people are ready and eager to engage if the video content meets their needs and preferences.

The number that sums it all up, 94% of interviewed marketers said that video marketing is the main reason customers understand products and services better. While revealing how happy marketers are with the results they’re gaining from video marketing, it’s hard to find a more illustrative way to also describe how efficient it can be when it’s used in the right way.


Ways to increase audience engagement

After discovering why the next logical step is to learn how to boost engagement. For video content, the visual element is the most significant one, as the viewer receives most information from it. Instead of telling, companies can use video to show the story about their product or service and why it would be the right choice for the viewer. Engaging, in this case, means making the audience a part of the experience, preferably unique and different from any other they’ve seen before.

To use the most from the visual element video has to have a certain quality. Besides the fact that viewer is now already used to good-quality videos, it’s also known that if the quality of the video is high so is its online traffic. This can be achieved using Video Platform services and online video players designed to maximize video performances. As a result, the audience can fully enjoy and have a memorable experience.

Live interaction is another video marketing benefit that can increase engagement like no other technic can. Live streaming, social media live events, and webinars are perfect examples of how to deliver the right message, at the right moment in the most affordable way. These interactions are ideal if a company wants to deepen its connection with its customers. It’s also a practical way to answer questions and resolve problems. Sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes products announcements are for most people the most entertaining part of the new release that creates solid ground for future positive product experiences. Allowing access to live company events will make the audience feel special, valuable, and an important part of the brand’s story.