How to write a news article for middle school

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Many of the top colleges and universities use good quality business and science news articles to help students see different types of writing styles. When tutors connect real-world jobs and class assignments, they prepare students for what’s ahead in both their academic and professional futures.  

Writing a recent news article can be tricky for students who are writing them for the first time because they can cover a wide range of subjects, however, they can enroll in an online course to improve their English writing skills. An online English course is the best course to improve writing skills because you will be taught the basics of good essay writing. With an expert writer from an essay service by CustomWritings, we will look at how a breaking news article or a newspaper article can be written. 


Academic writing expert Lauren Bradshaw said, “Before a student even begins to write a news article for teenagers, they need to know what they will talk about in their piece and that is where brainstorming comes in”. It is best to talk about events that will affect the local community or their school.  

Anything away from this is fine, but it will make readers less interested as most of them will be students and teachers. To be on the safe side, school or community events should be prioritized at all times before branding out and exploring other topics. Struggling with a topic, a student can reach out to writing service, fellow students, or tutors. 


Once a topic has been picked, it is important to do a background check on it to see if there’s information out there. Information can be collected via secondary sources like books, magazines, articles, journals, and reports, anything that has been published by other authors can be a major source of inspiration.  

If one isn’t happy with the secondary sources, data can also come from primary sources like interviews, surveys, and questionnaires. Any information that won’t make the final cut needs to be disposed of immediately because prioritizing quality is more important than quantity. 

Reach out to experts in the subject  

This point is slightly linked to the point above because interviewing experts is collecting primary data. If a student wants to talk about an upcoming music event at their school, the best person to talk to about this is the music teacher or some of the students who are taking part.  

If a student decides that they want to talk about a community event that’s about to take place, the people organizing the event need to be spoken to. Getting the information straight from the horse’s mouth will make the article when finished very intriguing and interesting for those reading it.  

Give the story a lead  

Every good story always has an amazing lead which makes the readers carry on reading till the end. Having a very horrible lead will not motivate anyone to digest the content in its entirety because it is boring, uninspiring, and not worth their time. 



Provide amazing supporting paragraphs  

When it comes to writing support paragraphs, a student needs to focus on the who, what, where, why, when, and how. They can learn how to implement those words in their content by enrolling in courses to improve professional writing skills. Asking questions in the article and backing them up with answers is an effective way to prove a point and also educate the reader on what has been uncovered on a topic.  

Edit the article  

The chances of making spelling and grammar mistakes while writing a draft are very high.  Students can have their classmates read their pieces because they will be able to see any overlooked errors. If turning to peers isn’t an option, one can also take their article to their tutor who will be able to see areas that need improving.  

This can be where more details need to be added, where quotes can be placed, and more. Handing in something full of mistakes can lead to marks being deducted and a student getting a low grade. A student should never miss this step if they want to get a high mark and if turning to fellow students and teachers isn’t an option, they are writing services out there.   

A student can reach out to them online, and they will be able to offer their technical expertise on the subject to help improve the article. There are so many fake writing services out there, and it is more important now than ever for a student to be alert at all times otherwise they’ll be a victim of fraud. To avoid being scammed, students must do a background check on the writing company they are dealing with. 

Check plagiarism  

When a news article is original, the person who has written the piece gets credit for being creative and enhancing their reputation. If one goes around stealing other people’s best work and repackaging it as their own without crediting the source, this is called plagiarism.  

If a student is caught doing this, they can either get expelled, get a low mark, or be told to do the assignment again. Students that want to see how original their work is can use websites like Grammarly that will provide a plagiarism report.  

Have a good title  

No new article should be submitted or published without a good title because this is the headline that will grab the reader’s attention. The title that a student picks has to match the content that they are about to provide, otherwise the article will lose its juice if it goes out of context. 

Submit or publish  

With an amazing title, everything carefully edited, an amazing story, and plagiarism checking done, it is time to submit or publish your piece. You have to make sure that you have your new article ready a few days before the due date. This gives you enough room to iron out any mistakes, polish it, and make sure it is perfect before publishing or submitting it. Leaving things till the last minute is not a good idea because if you spot any flaws, you’ll have little time to correct them. 

Final thoughts about writing a news article   

A lot of care needs to be taken when you are writing a news article because it is different from an essay or a research paper. You need to have a good story to tell NOT the one created by a fake news article generator. There are so many free courses to improve English writing skills available online, and you just have to pick the right one. Fabricated and plagiarized information can gain you a bad reputation as a writer which is the last thing you need. You need to make sure that everything you produce is original and engaging to the reader. Following the case study tips in this article, you will without a doubt produce a piece that will stand out and be high in quality.