Let Us Be Your Guide in 2021!

By Jenna Caputo

The New Year always brings with it a range of emotions along with a new sense of motivation. As we reflect on the past year, we have renewed hope with the possibilities that come with a fresh start. Our goals become very clear as we plan for the year ahead.

Usually New Year’s resolutions include healthy life changes to make us look and feel our best, as well as professional goals to advance our careers or to try something new. But a unique resolution possibility is an important one—making your final plans.

It has been an emotional roller coaster of a year, and no one wants to think that far ahead, but with the uncertainties of the pandemic surrounding us, this is a topic on most people’s minds. Creating a plan ahead of time, while you still have plenty of time to decide what you truly want, takes all of the stress out of it and offers both you and your family peace of mind. Not to mention, it is FREE!

Townley & Wheeler is here to help. We have created a comprehensive guide to help you feel comfortable and informed every step of the way. This useful information will assist with understanding the funeral planning process as you consider all your options, but we are always available to guide you each step of the way as well.

Kathleen Sanvidge, licensed funeral director and owner of Townley & Wheeler Funeral Home has cared for families and their loved ones for over three d

ecades as they go through one of life’s most difficult and painful travails. Feeling that this work was her calling, Kathleen earned her mortuary science degree at Hudson Valley Community College before serving her residency locally. After passing the National and State Board exams, she chose to remain in the community she so loves to burst into her life’s work. After taking over Townley & Wheeler in 2013, she has since not only enhanced the home and property, she has also overseen new amenities and technologies to advance their services for the community.

Funeral care is so much more than a business for Kathleen; it is her passion and life vocation. Viewing it as her personal ministry and corporal work of mercy, she opens her heart and home to all who could use a kind word and a guiding hand. She is a fierce advocate for her families, despite her kind and

gentle demeanor. Every day she pulls off seemingly impossible tasks for her families. “I take my job very seriously,” she says. “It is a huge responsibility. You don’t meet me, walk out the door, and then I forget you. I’m with your family 24/7. I’m constantly thinking about you round the clock, when you don’t even realize, taking care of all the details behind the scenes.

Always on the cutting edge of funeral care, Kathleen and her team quickly stepped up to the new challenges of the pandemic, now offering their patent-pending Unity Station™ to ease the worries of social distancing, as well as offering various options for alternative services, which include live streaming for public or private ceremonies as well as any other customized needs a family may want.

With her constant mission of trying to do good in the world, Kathleen wants everyone to experience the joy of taking the weight of planning arrangements along with that unsettled conversation in your mind off your shoulders (not your midriff!). As part of your new year plan, she suggests setting aside some time for a complimentary meeting or phone discussion with your chosen funeral professional. You never know what life (or death) has in store and that ease of mind is invaluable. There are never any strings to just talk and once you complete your plan, everything is “good to go!”