Skalp is opening a new scalp micropigmentation clinic in Albany

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Skalp – the leading provider of scalp micropigmentation (SMP) in the US – has announced they are opening a brand-new clinic in Albany, NYC. The clinic is located on Western Avenue in the heart of Guilderland, only a short drive away from Albany Airport.  

There is already a Skalp clinic on West 26th street on 6th Avenue, but it has proven to be such a success that a new facility was needed to cope with high demand. It means people living in Albany and arriving from out of town have easy access to the best hair loss treatment around today, with local airport routes taking only 15 minutes.  

What is scalp micropigmentation? 

Scalp micropigmentation isan amazing treatment that transforms your appearance without having to undergo any surgery. Fully trained practitioners carefully inject natural pigment into the 2nd dermal skin layer to replicate each hair follicle. The treatment is also known as a hair tattoo and is a long-lasting hair loss solution that, unlike hair transplants. And it won’t leave any scars or long-term effects on your skin. 


How will I look at after the treatment? 

SMP is the most realistic hair treatment around today. Once finished, most people can’t tell the difference between real hair and SMP. It’s perfect for receding hairlines, complete or near-complete hair loss, and for hiding scars, burns, and birthmarks.  

Is scalp micropigmentation permanent? 

Scalp micropigmentation is classed as a permanent cosmetic treatment. The color does fade slightly over time, although there are some easy-to-follow aftercare tips you can use to help you avoid premature fading. 

How much does it cost? 

Treatment costs vary depending on how much coverage you need. A full treatment includes 3 sessions and a 12-month guarantee. Costs range from $450 to $5,000 per session, although we recommend you arrange a free consultation to get an accurate quote based on your requirements.  

Why visit Skalp Albany NYC? 

Skalp is regarded as the leading provider of scalp micropigmentation in the US. The Albany clinic stands out from its competitors because: 

  • Of their professional approach 

They do not offer training classes to potential practitioners. The only way to receive training with Skalp is to open a franchise. Many online providers offer short, 3-day courses, which are not long enough to provide the right level of training. To become a SMP practitioner, it should take at least 6 months to learn to the right standard. All Skalp practitioners are fully insured. 

  • There is no hard sell 

Customers visiting the Albany clinic will never be put under pressure to use the service. Skalp has been around for over 10 years and has thousands of happy clients. At Albany, they do everything possible to make you feel relaxed and comfortable with the treatment. They’ll show you the facilities, introduce you to the practitioners and answer any questions you have.  

  • The practitioners have all used SMP

All Skalp practitioners have undergone SMP treatment, so they understand your concerns and can tell you what to expect. They are living proof of how natural and amazing the final results will look – and most people can never tell the difference! 

To find out more about this amazing hair loss treatment, get in touch with Skalp’s Albany clinic today. Call 646 8645784 or email [email protected] to book your free consultation today.