Sports Events to Be Held in Albany and Schenectady in the First Three Months of 2022

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When compared to 2021, 2022 appears to be much more eventful at least when we take a look at sports events that are scheduled for the upcoming months. The city of Schenectady will host quite a few winter sports events.

The same is true for Albany and other bigger cities in the state of New York. The first three months of 2022 are reserved for curling, the Jason Brown Memorial Championship, Winter Axe Throwing League, SuperBowl Party, NFF Combine, Capital Winter Classic, and many other awesome sports events.

With temperatures in Albany, Schenectady, and most other cities in the state dropping well below 18 °F, everyone is ready to enjoy some winter sports magic. Winter sports are also enjoyed by Canadians in different ways.

With many mobile casino games in Canada taking inspiration from ice hockey, skiing, and other winter sports, Canadians just like residents of New York have quite a few different options to make this winter unforgettable.
Many other interesting sports events, including wrestling, will be held at the beginning of 2022. Without further ado, let’s examine the most anticipated sports events scheduled in the first months of 2022. All of these will be held in the state of New York, Albany, and Schenectady.

January Sports Events

On the 15th of January, Albany will host the Jason Brown Free Throw Championship. The full name of the event is the Knights of Columbus Jason Brown Throw Championship and it will be held at The King Church at Sumter Avenue.

The Free Throw Championship will gather boys and girls between the ages of nine and fourteen. The registration of all participants will start at 5:30 local time while sports activities will start half an hour later.

All participants will be provided refreshments and certified for free. Like every other year, this year’s edition of the Jason Brown Free Throw Championship is sponsored by the Council of the Knights of Columbus.

Winners of the tournaments will compete in state and district competitions which will take place later this year. In March, the final match that will decide the national champion will be held at West Point Military Academy.
On the 18th of January, Albany will also host the Winter Axe Throwing League which is expected to gather quite a few fans of this unusual sports activity.

When discussing the most anticipated sports events to be held in January in New York, we have to mention the Survival Championship Wrestling tournament.
The Survival Championship Wrestling tournament will take place on the 22nd of January in Schenectady at Port Rotterdam Food Court located at Campbell Road.

As already announced, the event will gather some of the most successful professional wrestlers, including Scrap Iron, Dan Deman, Mike Skyros, Adena Steele, Courageous, Johnny Moran, The Crusher Bigelow, Robbie Ribs, Drake Evans, Jimmy Meaz, and the defending SCW champion Garret Holiday.

Sports Events Scheduled for February and March

February and March bring several exciting sports events with one of these being the Olympic Curling Open House tournament. Unlike other sports events mentioned here, the Olympic Curling House tournament will gather curling amateurs who want to boost their skills.

The tournament will take place at the Schenectady Curling Club starting from the 22nd of February. Everyone interested in taking free curling lessons with professionals must apply by the end of January.
The Immortal Championship Wrestling tournament will be held in Schenectady on the 19th of May. Prior to this event, the Immortal Championship Wrestling tournaments will be held in Saint Johnsville (12th of February). Albany will host the SuperBowl Party at the Italian American Community Center on the 13th of February.