The 4 Online Business Tools You Need To Know About

In 2021, just about every single business is running online. While a handful of brick-and-mortar establishments have survived without migrating online, no conscientious business owner should try to go this route. The reality is that the majority of people search for businesses on the internet, and it isn’t at all difficult to create an online presence. 


If you have been reluctant to build an online presence because you don’t know where to start, this article will help you. There are 4 basic business tools you need to know about. 


A Simple Website 


Your business absolutely needs a website. But it doesn’t necessarily need a complex website. Of course, if you offer a range of services that you want to highlight or make available online, you will need to spend time on a number of pages. If, on the other hand, you just want to tell the world about who your business is and what it does, you can create a relevant website in minutes. 


For your new website, make sure you find a catchy domain name. A domain name is in and of itself a part of your online marketing strategy. You can find many companies that offer a free domain name for starting your website on their platforms, most of them are also offering a template and hosting packages and by paying for that you get a 1-year domain for free. Then simply input the details you want it to display, and you will already have the basics. Website builders also offer templates for a marketplace of your own, in which you can display and sell your products. You should defiantly check Wix / Squarespace / Webflow offers before you start to build your website. 

A Free Logo 


While words ultimately sell your product or service, the first thing the human eye is drawn to is always visual. Your branding becomes immediately more powerful if you have an attractive logo. This logo should be eye-catching while connecting to the core purpose of your business. In other words, keep it clear and relevant rather than getting abstract. 


You can use the logo designer that Wix offers for free to create a beautiful logo, even if you have no design chops. You will use this logo for everything – from the icon next to your website name to your email signature. 


Get the opinion of an objective third party before settling on a design. They will be able to tell you if your message gets across. 


Social Media Pages 


Social media marketing is truly the most effective way of getting your brand out there in 2021. However, before you get to the marketing part, you need social media pages. Even if you do no marketing on your social media pages at all, the presence of social media accounts reassures potential customers that your business is real and that they have a way to get in touch. 


Facebook and Instagram are the most important social media pages for a business, but don’t neglect to create a Twitter account. While you are more likely to find and convert leads on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter gives your company a mouthpiece and is a great place to interact with your supporters. 


Social Media Marketing 


Over the past decade, there has been a lot of talk about privacy issues. Everyone on social media is giving away personal information every second. This is not only because of what we share but because apps track our activity across platforms. Recently, Apple added a feature to iOS that asks you if you want to give permission for any of your apps to do that. 


This has created a big problem for Facebook. They tried to get this update blocked, and are now begging users to grant it permissions to track their data. If you use social media marketing, you’ll understand why they are so perturbed. 


Social media marketing is incredibly complex. Because Facebook (and Google) have so much data on billions of people, they make it easy for companies to market to very specific demographics. You can choose people according to location, income, personal interests, education, and more. This is very useful as it allows you to spend your money in the right places. 


Apple’s latest update is going to make that harder for Facebook, but it doesn’t suddenly wipe out the endless data social media companies already have. As a business, you should consider making use of social media marketing in this way. It is one of the biggest tools available to your business in the modern day. 


Having an online presence in 2021 is crucial for any business. The good news is that you don’t need to start with much. As long as you have a functional website and social media accounts, you’ve already taken a big step. The breadth of social media marketing means that using your online presence to expand is easier than ever.