Upickem Pro Football Season FAQ’s

This is a Gazette contest run by the advertising department. Please do not contact the sports department.



First game is Thursday September 9th. If you are new, you must register. You must pick every week with the same user name and email address (to be recognized by the game software) for the season to be eligible for the grand prize. If you have played before then you do not have to reregister, you can log in using your existing user name, email and password.



  • When Can I start signing up for Upickem Football?

The Gazette’s Upickem Football game is live and you can sign up or sign in using your existing upickem login if you have one.


  • What if I can’t login?

If you’ve played before you’ll need to check your credentials to make sure you are

entering them correctly.

If you are a new player you must sign up before you can play. Click the login drop down and click create account.

If you forgot your password, the Gazette cannot help you with login. You need to click  forgot password? link on the login page.



  •   What if I still can’t login?

Please visit the Help page at the bottom of the welcome page.



  • What if I still still can’t login?

Please contact [email protected]



  • What if I have done all of the above and still still still can’t login?

You can email [email protected] and explain what your issues are. We can try to help but need to know what the specific problem is.


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