What Are The Different Types of Lawyers and Attorneys


Legal professions can be split up into different categories. There is a vast range of careers focused on law, whether it’s academia-related or jury. The most known profession is lawyers since it’s the first profession every person thinks of when law professions are mentioned.


According to Statista, there are approximately 1.34M lawyers in the United States alone. However, not all lawyers are the same. Among this broad spectrum, there are many categories of law businesses. In this article, we will be covering some of the different jobs for lawyers.


First, you might come across another term called “attorney,” which is used interchangeably with a lawyer. Both terms might seem to have the same meaning, but that’s not true. There’s a difference between an attorney and a lawyer. Education-wise, both studied law, but their jobs aren’t the same.


If we’re speaking in more law terms, there’s a difference between achieving the Juris Doctor degree, passing the bar exam, and practicing law in real life. So, before we get into the different types of laws and attorneys, it’s crucial to mention the differences between both. You first need to know that a lawyer isn’t necessarily an attorney, and however, an attorney can do the same job as a lawyer.


Secondly, the origins of the word “attorney” come from the French language and refer to someone who acts in favor of others. Having a law degree doesn’t necessarily mean that you can practice law in court – which is the case for lawyers – that’s why they’re not necessarily attorneys, but the other way around isn’t the same.


On the other hand, the career path of lawyers doesn’t include practicing law in court after passing the car exam and graduating from law school. They instead choose different career paths to practice law in places other than court. Other career paths for lawyers include legal advisors and consultants.


Different Types of Lawyers


  1. Tax Lawyer


Tax lawyers are lawyers who know their way around the United States tax system very well. Their job requires them to help individuals and businesses to understand the tax rules and stay in compliance with them. However, the United States tax system isn’t simple and changes a lot, so tax lawyers should be up-to-date with all the new rules and regulations.


  1. Car Accident Lawyers


If you go through a car accident, a car accident lawyer will help you with the legal process by gathering information from the accident, giving you legal advice, dealing with the insurance company, and helping you be compensated fairly for your losses.


Losses in car accidents aren’t only financial ones. If someone has been in a car accident, they might feel traumatized from it afterward. In addition, they might suffer from serious injuries, which might require them to spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on medical bills.


“After a car accident, recovering should be your number one priority. However, after the victim is feeling better, it’s important to seek support from a car accident lawyer to help with the legal processes,” says a San Diego car accident lawyer.


  1. Business Lawyer


Also referred to as “corporate lawyers,” these types of lawyers ensure that all business operations comply with the legal rules and regulations within the area where the business operates. A corporate/business lawyer’s job requires them to dig into everything from the business’s liabilities to their properties (whether physical or intellectual) and to investigate all of their legal documentation.


  1. Family lawyer


Family lawyers know their way around all laws concerned with relations within the family and the issues that arise. Unlike what people think, family lawyers aren’t only related to divorce issues; there are many other things that family lawyers handle, such as adoption, domestic violence, surrogacy, etc.


  1. Real Estate Planning Lawyer


These lawyers handle the planning of passing down assets. They ensure that all matters related to wills, property rights, and trusts are appropriately addressed. Estate planning lawyers who choose to pursue this path are experts in estate law and the issues and complexities that can arise while passing down assets. Generally, for an estate planning lawyer to do a great job, they need to ensure that their client’s wishes are pursued properly after their death.


  1. Intellectual Property Lawyer


Intellectual property lawyers, also known as IP lawyers, work with clients to help them secure their intellectual property, such as their patents, ideas, and inventions. They ensure that their intellectual capital is protected and work through disputes related to trademarks, copyrights, etc. Also, they help clients understand the laws related to intellectual property and how to get certain licenses to protect their intellectual property from getting copied or stolen. Also, they give advice on new rules and regulations that arise related to these matters.


  1. Contract Lawyer


Contract lawyers are specialized in helping clients in writing documents and contracts that are legally binding. Most of the time, their clients hire them for legal advice concerning contract negotiations, breaching of contract litigation, or contract disputes. They understand the ins and outs of contract laws and ensure that the draft written is legally binding and ensure that the clients understand the consequences of the contract.


  1. Internet Lawyers


Internet lawyers are also referred to as digital media lawyers – both terms are correct. These lawyers primarily handle disputes related to internet piracy and copyrights, helping in protecting children against predators on the internet and helping business owners or website owners to draft their terms and conditions page.


  1. Workman’s compensation lawyers


Workman’s compensation lawyers are crucial because there are many jobs that require employees to be exposed to different types of risks. These risks can lead to physical injuries or even the death of someone. Therefore, these lawyers deal with what happens after incidents happen in the work zone. They ensure that workers who have been injured get properly compensated. Even after one’s death, they help their families in attaining proper closure and monetary compensation for their loss.