What to expect from the Belmont Stakes?


For many American horse racing fans, there are not many races – if any – that are bigger than the Belmont Stakes. 

 Many from New York and the entire country, as well as a global audience, continue to tune in every year this particular race is held and watch one of the strongest fields each year compete as they look to win the prestigious race. 

 With the 2022 edition of the Belmont Stakes fast approaching, we thought we would preview the upcoming event and look to try and predict what to expect when the horses and jockeys descend on Elmont, New York. 

 So, without further ado, let’s get straight into it, although we can not promise that it will be as quick as the record time the race was once completed in… 

Key information about the Belmont Stakes 

Perhaps one of the best places to start is to explain what the Belmont Stakes actually is, and why it continues to remain one of the biggest races on the entire horse racing calendar. 

 The Belmont Stakes is the third and final leg of horse racing’s Triple Crown. The Triple Crown is made up of the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes and provides some of the most challenging tests that can be faced by jockeys and horses that each compete, as well as the trainers of those horses. 

 This final leg of the Triple Crown is run at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York, and is open to 3-year-old Thoroughbreds. The race is 1 and 1/2 miles long, thus making it the longest of the three Triple Crown races. 


The current record for the Belmont Stakes is 2:24, held by Secretariat who managed to achieve the time in 1973. Additionally, Secretariat also holds the record for winning the race with the widest margin which consisted of a total of 31 lengths. For those that are not familiar with horse racing distances, 31 lengths are equal to the distance of 31 horses. This was the space between Secretariat and second in the same race he broke the track record by almost three whole seconds. 

 The Belmont Stakes is often referred to as the “Test of the Champion” because it is the final and most challenging leg of the Triple Crown. It is also considered to be one of the most important races in horse racing, as it determines which horse is truly the best of their generation. 

When is the 2022 Belmont Stakes? 

Now that we know a little more about what the Belmont Stakes actually is, and why so many continue to look ahead to the race, perhaps it is time to highlight a little more about it. For instance, providing you with some of the key details about when the race is scheduled to take place. 

 This year’s Belmont Stakes will take place on Saturday, 11 June 2022, with this year’s edition being the 154th edition of the event. However, it will be the 111th time that the race will be held at Belmont Park. 

 As mentioned beforehand, this race will continue to attract plenty of interest from all around the world as punters will be looking to place wagers on the outcome of the race, although it may generate even more interest from New Yorkers following the new regulations regarding sports betting in the Big Apple. 

 Indeed, online sports betting has since become a legal activity that has gone live within the state, and we already know that there will be BetMGM New York sportsbook offers available for punters within the region able to utilize ahead of the upcoming race! 

 With New Yorkers now able to get really involved in the sports betting process for this upcoming Belmont Stakes, it really would not be a surprise if they were already looking at the odds that are available and if they were already conducting research as they think about the options that they have to them. 

Who are the favorites to win the 2022 Belmont Stakes? 

With this in mind, we thought we would take a look at which horses are considered to be the favorites to win this year’s 2022 Belmont Stakes and look to explain why they may have been touted as a candidate ahead of the upcoming race. 

 It should be noted that we are yet to see the confirmed runners for the upcoming event, with this information not actually released until a couple of days prior to the race start, however that has not neccessarily stopped people and sportsbooks from speculating who could be involved and providing odds on those options. 


When you take a look around, though, it seems Mo Donegal, We the People, and Rich Strike are widely considered to be contenders. Mo Donegal is one that has continued to grow in interest and traction over the last few weeks. This may be due to its strong finish at the Kentucky Derby, where he finished fifth, as well as the fact that he skipped the Preakness Stakes horse racing event. 

 However, We the People is another that will be favored as he recently won the 1⅛-mile Peter Pan at Belmont Park on May 13, thus potentially giving him confidence and clearly showing that he has the ability to stay the distance. 

 Lastly, Rich Strike is one horse that is also being favored by many, and this could be due to the fact that it has not raced for a little while, thus being well-rested following its incredible performance at the Derby where he won as an 80-1 long-shot. 

Final Thoughts 

Naturally, there will be a lot of interest surrounding the 2022 Belmont Stakes and you can guarantee it will be a race that is watched by a global audience when it takes place on Saturday, June 11. As we all know, trying to predict a winner is hard, but one thing we know that we can certainly expect when the day of the race arrives is that we will all be treated to an incredible spectacle of competitive horse racing!