What to Expect When New York Finally Allows Mobile Sports Betting

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New York is currently home to sports betting inside upstate casinos, but online sports betting has yet to arrive. However, this could soon be about to change and there is even a chance online sports betting will become available in New York ahead of the Super Bowl in 2022. 

Legislators have been working on bringing online sports betting to New York since April 2021 and progress is being made. According to several online sources, the gaming commission approved 10-year licensing for two groups to offer mobile sports betting and the betting revenue generated from this would be subjected to a 51% tax rate. That is one of the many things to expect when New York final allows mobile sports betting, and it is good news for those residing in the state. The 51% tax rate on mobile sports betting would be the highest in the country and that means more money for local services.  

In terms of the mobile sports betting brands, the one group that will receive licensing includes Bally Bet, BetMGM, DraftKings, and FanDuel. The second group includes Caesars Sportsbook WynnBET, PointsBet, and Rush Street Interactive.  

These are some of the biggest names in mobile sports betting in the United States and gamblers in New York are set to be spoilt for choice when they are officially launched. As things stand, many people choose to cross state lines and visit either Connecticut or New Jersey to enjoy legal mobile sports betting. All the money being gambled by people crossing the border is not coming back in tax to New York and that will be a major change when New York finally allows mobile sports betting. There is no doubt, with the wonderful choice of mobile sports betting apps, people will choose to the do their mobile sports betting in New York. 

As highlighted above, sports betting at land-based casinos is legal in New York and the introduction of mobile sports betting could have a significant impact on the numbers of people visiting the casinos to make a wager. Mobile sports betting in the US is rapidly taking over betting in retail sportsbooks or on desktop computers and the trend is set to continue in New York. Why would someone choose to travel to make a sports wager when it becomes possible to do it from anywhere in the state, within a few seconds of tapping a mobile phone screen? This is clearly unwelcome news for the casinos who have been making money from those who have chosen to use their services for sports betting. 

Furthermore, even when at home, it can take a minute for a desktop computer to start-up so why wait for that when it is possible to use a mobile device that is already to hand? Some gamblers use offshore sports books in New York, which can be unsafe and legalized mobile sports betting will hopefully put an end to that practice. 

The pattern of behavior of sports gamblers in New York is going to change considerably with the introduction of mobile sports betting. There will be no need to leave the state, travel to a land-based casino, or turn on a desktop computer. Mobile sports betting is taking off across the US and there is little to suggest it will not be the same in New York.