What You Might NOT Know About Anthony Gucciardo


Anthony Gucciardo has been working in real estate since he was 21 years old and quickly distinguished himself in the industry by putting clients first and using a mix of innovative and traditional marketing techniques that result in quick sales at great prices. Customer Tiffanie Wood used Gucciatrdo as her real estate agent since he sold her first house in 2003. “He sold my home for a lot more than I bought it for,” Wood said. Since then, Gucciardo has sold homes for several of Wood’s family members and friends. “My mom’s condo was on the market for two hours, and it sold for $3,200 over the asking price,” she said. According to Gucciardo, word of mouth is one of the top ways that he builds his business, and excellent customer service is extremely important to him.

Gucciardo employs what Wood calls “little tricks of the trade.” For example, he hosts open houses just for brokers, inviting other realtors to tour a home to build familiarity with the listing. He also helps sellers make their homes as marketable as possible so that the houses are immediately appealing to buyers. These are just a couple of the techniques that he uses to effect quick and efficient sales.

He founded Gucciardo Real Estate Group in 2012. His company did over $95 million in sales in 2018. Even though he is hugely successful, this has never diminished his customer service. Wood said that many people have the misconception that because he has become a pretty big name, he will be too busy for them. This is not the case. For Gucciardo, communication and accessibility are key. “I always pride myself on returning calls and answering the phone as promptly as possible,” he said, noting that he views his business as a “16 hours a day, seven days a week operation.” Wood said that Gucciardo’s accessibility and attentiveness make him stand out from others in the field.

Gucciardo conducts his business keeping people’s lives at the forefront. One example of this is his commitment to helping seniors in the community. After seeing so many seniors reluctant to sell their homes and move, he came up with a plan that allows them to stay in their homes as long as possible. His company purchases the homes, takes care of any repairs as well as routine maintenance, snow removal, and lawn care. The seniors receive life-long leases that allow them to spend their final years in their own homes. Another way that Gucciardo assists seniors is by hosting free luncheon seminars for those who are getting ready to sell their homes, because he realizes it can be an overwhelming process for many. “If you’ve been in a house for 50 years, you don’t even know where to start,” he said. His seminars provide guidance.

For absent sellers, Gucciardo Real Estate Group offers a house watch service, where someone checks on the home every three business days. Cleaning, snow removal, and landscaping services are also available. He takes into account each client’s unique situation and seeks to provide what they need to make their transition easier.

Gucciardo also believes in going the extra mile for clients. In cases where there are unexpected expenses during the sale of a home such as mold remediation and clients funds are limited or tied up in other transactions, Gucciardo’s company will front the money and be reimbursed at closing, thus eliminating the stress of a tight financial situation.

His hard work and subsequent success in the real estate industry prompted New York Real Estate Productions to choose Gucciardo as one of the stars of its new television show “The Real Estate Commission.” He will be one of four agents who will train 12 cast members as real estate agents competing against each other.

To learn more about the Gucciardo Real Estate Group’s operations in six counties of the Capital District, visit www.anthonygucciardo.com.